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Do you consider yourself an attractive person?

We probably all want to be considered attractive by those around us, and I’m positive that at some point in their lives, every single person wonders, “Am I appealing to the opposite gender?”

As much as we try to deny it, we all feel the need to be socially accepted, especially when it comes to romantic settings. This is just some basic rule about people. However, the fact remains that beauty comes in a wide variety of forms, shapes, and sizes. And remember, there are 2 primary kinds of love: the physical and the spiritual.

It’s true that you should strive for both outer and inner beauty (this doesn’t mean that you should agree with society’s beauty standards; I actually refer to taking care of yourself from the inside out), but do you know what’s even better?

As time passes, you can improve your physical and inner appearance by doing little acts of self-care each day. But how can you know if people around you actually find you attractive? Let’s find out!

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  1. Looking for someone willing to go to dinner and drinks and get together for some fun actives if instrested need someone to have daily talks and to be friends

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