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4 Ways to Deal With Manipulative People

couple manipulative
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Do you have a hard time imagining a scenario where you might be dealing with a manipulative person? Let’s see: it’s the end of a very hard week—the kind of week that felt like a year. The only thing you wish for is to get home and detach from everything. You get home, change your clothes, and try to decompress. Suddenly, your partner comes to you and asks if the dinner is ready, if you run those errands, if, if, infinitive if.

You mention that you had a bad week and that you only wish for a little bit of time to decompress. But your partner says he or she is much worse than you and that you should try to help them instead of yourself. Now, you’re probably thinking that this is all a bad joke, but truth be told, it’s not. You might be dealing with a manipulative person.

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