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Warning: NEVER Fall for These 7 Online Dating Lies

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Dating isn’t what it used to be, that’s for sure! And from my own experience, online daters lie pretty often to impress other people or to make fun of the most vulnerable ones. However, if you don’t want to get hurt and you’re looking for a serious relationship, keep an eye out for these 7 common lies.

What are the most common lies when it comes to online dating? 

Whenever it comes to online dating, you can never be sure with whom you’re talking, especially if that person doesn’t share any profile pictures or any other information regarding their personal life. On the other hand, sharing too much is not safe! Then how are we supposed to know what’s right and wrong? Well, let’s see!

A recent study revealed that more than 70% of the people who are active on dating websites are keen on lying to their interlocutors. The problem is that an increasing number of seniors fall into this “trap,” and instead of meeting a potential partner, they encounter strangers who want to take advantage of them.

If you want to avoid all of these online lies, keep reading because we have compiled a list of some of the most common ones that you may want to look out for the next time you login to your account and start chatting.

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1. Photographs

One of the first things people lie about on social media is their photos. Because of this “explosion” of AI, Photoshop, and other apps that allow you to make either small or big changes to your appearance, a lot of people edit their photographs as much as possible in order to look better. However, there are a lot of other users who don’t use their selfies. And that’s what’s misleading!

Before getting into a deep, meaningful conversation with somebody you just met online, remember two things: Check their profile picture and see how old it is, and then, after a couple more days, ask to see other pictures of themselves. If they refuse, it’s up to you if you want to continue talking with them or not. That applies in your case as well; be as honest as possible but also discreet. And share a clear, smiling picture of yourself. If you seek out a sincere person, be willing to give the same in return.

2. Age

Can you believe that almost one-third of men are lying about their age? It’s not entirely clear why they do it, but in most cases, this applies to senior men who tend to hide their real age because they’re afraid of rejection. It’s true that for a lot of women, the younger the man, the better, but telling lies about your age won’t bring you any potential dates.

If you’re looking to read more about this topic, this book is everything you need!

3. Location

Well, a lot of people tend to lie about or even hide their real hometown. And they may do it to entice you by implying that they live nearby so that you are ready for a quick date. Another reason people lie about their location is that they have something to hide and don’t want their family or neighbors to see them with someone on a nearby street. Some take real advantage of dating websites to exploit seniors or people who are not aware of these scams.

Of course, not everybody on the internet has bad intentions. Some people may live in a rural location, and the dating scene in that area is not that big, so they are happy to meet people from outside. But every time you start a conversation, ask as many questions as possible about what they like to do, what’s near their home, and which grocery store is their favorite. They are lying if their responses don’t make sense given the surroundings (or if their story changes afterwards).

4. Relationship status

Dang! This is another thing that more than 60% of the people who are active on dating websites lie about. A lot of them are faking their relationship status in order to get their hands on vulnerable people who are actually seeking a trustworthy partner. We don’t want to brag about this, but a big majority of this percentage are married men who are ready to cheat on their spouse.

These men are usually hiding from their significant other, and you will notice that all their posted pictures are obscure and taken in common locations, such as bathrooms, near buildings, or on a beach, and that they often lie about their true location.

To avoid getting involved with someone who is already in another relationship but is lying about it, ask them from the very beginning if they are single or not. In case you’re still suspicious about this because they tried to dodge the question, ask other things that might help you determine if they lie or not. And if they initially shared something, try to remember the details and see if they stick to it or change it along the way.

lies, online
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5. Physique

There is no secret that most of us are telling “white lies” about the way we look. A few centimeters removed from the hips and a few more added to the bust may make your body appear slimmer. And that’s what most women want: to look and feel better. But wait! Not only women lie about their appearance, because according to statistics, more than 40% of the men who have a dating account lie about the way they look. Athletic and toned, tall, and with a pair of nice hands, this is what women want to hear and see in a man.

But let me tell you a secret: weight fluctuates, and it’s ok to gain or lose some. Nobody is perfect, and the more you’re aware of this, the more people you’re going to attract. We are all looking for honesty rather than perfection. Choose pictures that match the way you look now and stick to that since this is how you’re going to be on a first date.

6. Finances

Dating users understand that money talks in these difficult economic times. Consequently, some people who use online dating may let a falsehood about their financial situation speak for itself. When questioned, they will overstate their salaries or give a more alluring job title. Check everything out by asking them about their favorite aspects of work or the projects they’re most proud of.

It’s very important to ask your potential date questions about their personal life if you want to fully trust them. And if they don’t want to answer, or even worse, delete you after you ask them something normal, then it’s their loss. That means it wasn’t a suitable partner for you anyway!

7. Hobbies and interests

A lot of people tend to lie about their interests and hobbies because they want to look awesome and approachable to their potential partners. But lying about what you like isn’t a valid option. Of course, you might get to go on a date with the person you wanted to impress, but what if they ask you about what you lied about? How is that going to work? Instead of lying about yourself, try and be honest as much as possible!

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