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10 Surprising Things That Make ANY Man Jealous

Sometimes, Men Need to Get Jealous to Realize Things.

If you feel that your partner doesn’t pay enough attention to you and would rather have fun with the boys, something has to change. If you feel that he takes you for granted, you have to remind him that you’re more than a toy.

How can you do that? By arousing a bit of jealousy in him. You only need a bit of creativity to inject just enough doubt into him and make things a bit more interesting between you. Psychologists would argue that a lack of trust in one’s partner is one of the most common signs of jealousy.

Well, no matter how confident your partner might be, here are 10 moves you can try to provoke a jealous reaction from him!

jealous man
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Remember good times with your ex

Honestly, it doesn’t matter if you are devoted to him now and he is awfully aware of that. Reminiscing about positive memories you had with your ex is definitely one of the easiest ways to get a guy jealous. Men are extremely territorial beings, so hearing you talk about a guy you previously dated could make him second-guess his entire position in your life.

You don’t even have to talk about something in particular, nor too racy or intimate. Just the occasional memory of how cool that one date with your ex was is enough to get his blood boiling, trust me. Who wouldn’t be annoyed at the thought of it?

Hug a guy friend in front of him

Physical touch is another no-brainer when it comes to making your partner jealous. Even the most harmless of touches, whether it’s a hug, a playful tap, or a friendly kiss on the cheek will be enough to drive him mad with jealousy.

So the next time you want to hang out with your friends or meet another couple for lunch, make sure you laugh a little louder and let your eyes linger a bit. It won’t be too long until your partner decides to ask you about your “feelings” for someone else.

Be friendly with his friends

When it comes to his own pack, a guy can be super territorial. You want to show him what you’re worth by giving him extra attention to one of his crew and also watch as he wildly fires off questions wondering what’s going on.

But first, we need to warn you: many couples out there ended up breaking up because one of the partners overdid this. So, if you want the advice of an expert on how to be more friendly with your friends without crossing a line, it would be best to keep a friendly attitude but also make sure you are respectful. I know it doesn’t sound easy, but it’s worth it!

Take the time to return calls or texts

If you’re usually the one in the relationship who drops everything just to return his texts or calls, then you might want to spend a couple of days taking your time texting or even calling him back. Better yet, just don’t reply until he sends another message.

This will also get him thinking about what’s keeping you busy. Sooner or later, your man will come to realize that your attention isn’t always just for him, and there are many other things you could do with your time than spend it with him. This should definitely make him more grateful for the attention he has received from you so far.

Go out with the girls

If your man is convinced that he’s the only one you would rather spend your time with, he better rethink it. By keeping him on his toes and reminding him that you also have an active social circle, you will prove your point.

Make sure you plan a date with the girls and go somewhere and have fun. As a bonus, make sure you send him a photo of you all dolled up and ready to have some fun. This will instantly remind him that you had a life before him, and are still super capable of creating one after him, too.

Gush about your celebrity crush

Celebrities are rather unattainable, so this one would be pretty harmless. Even if it doesn’t mean that you could jump in the arms of DiCaprio anytime soon, that won’t stop your boyfriend from feeling a little bit jealous.

The psychology behind this is pretty simple: hearing their girl talk about actor McDreamy, and how talented and hot he is will make any guy think twice about his own looks. After all, who knows? This might lead to the beginning of a new era: your partner might start dressing better and taking care of you as he should have from the very beginning. Men, right?

jealous man
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“Accidentally” touched another man

This might be a little sneaky, but it can also be very effective. If you are sitting with your male friends and your man, you could always “accidentally” touch another man and start laughing at his jokes more than you would in any other circumstances.

However, you don’t want to be too obvious when doing so. It might come off as creepy, so you want to make sure you can do it in a way that looks completely natural. Look, guys are particularly sensitive when it comes to these things. When someone touches their woman, they really can’t help but get ultra-protective about it.

Skip a few date nights

One reason why he’s gotten all complacent is due to the fact that you’re way too available for him. No matter the time or day, he knows all too well that he can completely rely on you to come over and have a little bit of fun.

Skipping a couple of date nights and telling him you’re working late or out with a couple of friends should stand as a sobering reminder that no one should take your time for granted. If you can, keep this little game up for just a couple of days until he is ready to move or even text or call you.

Strike a pose with some guys

Social media is definitely one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal. It’s a wonderful way to get your message across without automatically getting in touch with your recipient. So the next time you’re out with a guy friend, make sure you post a selfie of the two of you hanging out.

It doesn’t even matter how hot the guy is or how harmless your partnership is. The simple fact of seeing a photo of you with someone else might make him re-evaluate if he is still in the picture. Besides, bonus points if the guy you are hanging out with looks like someone straight out of a catalog.

Say someone asked you out

Let’s be honest: when things haven’t been working for a while, there’s nothing wrong with a little lie every now and then. In fact, even the most emotionally secure and confident boyfriend could be bound to feel a bit neglected, especially if you talk about someone who asked you out.

What’s even more gutting is showing not-so-subtle hints of linking the attention. This little but effective trick is guaranteed to make your man roll up his sleeves and step up his game. In fact, maybe the next time he wants to choose his console over you, he will remember this little stunt you pulled. Also, you might want to “gift” your husband this book. Trust me, it might help!

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