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6 Ways to Tell You Have a Faithful Partner

Do you have a faithful partner?

A 2021 survey on infidelity that was conducted in the United States tells us that 20% of the respondents admitted that they had cheated on their partners, previous or current. Considering this, you might want to know if your partner is cheating or not. Here are a few signs that can tell you that you have a faithful partner who will never cheat on you.

Most of the time, we tend to focus on the bad things. We ask ourselves: What are the signs someone is cheating on us? What can we do about it? Today we want to look at the bright side and see some clear signs that you have a faithful partner who loves you and will never betray you.

Let’s stop looking for red flags this time, and let’s just flip it around. Read on and see what the green flags are that tell you your partner is not prone to cheating.

faithful partner
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1. They have been cheated on in the past or have had to deal with infidelity

When something unpleasant happens to you, chances are that you are more aware of how it feels, and you will never want to inflict pain on your partner. This applies to most things, but since today we talk about cheating, we will focus on that.

Also, if your partner has seen how infidelity impacts the lives of loved ones while they were young, for example, their parents, you will probably have a faithful partner because it is not unusual for people who have had to deal with infidelity to swear they will never cheat.

People’s personal experiences shape their values, and as a result, the way infidelity was present in the life of your loved one can give you some clues about how they may perceive it in the present.

2. They are not hiding their gadgets

This is not something new; when people are cheating on their partners, they tend to hide their phones or other gadgets because they don’t want their loved ones to see the evidence. They are probably talking with their secret lover through messages, and if they leave their phones unattended, there is a chance that their cover will be blown.

Because they will try to protect themselves, it is not uncommon for cheaters to use excessive passwords, encrypted apps, fingerprint technology, or other security measures that might seem a little bit too much. When the devices are extra protected, they will feel more comfortable.

On the other hand, if you have a partner who doesn’t want to hide anything from you and doesn’t care at all if you can see who they are talking to on their phone, you can be almost sure that you have a faithful partner.

3. They don’t mind displaying the relationship

This one is a big one. Do you feel like your partner is hiding your relationship from the eyes of the world? Do you feel like they are against posting pictures on social media or are actively avoiding going out with you?

When one of the partners exhibits this type of behavior and is not comfortable with public affection, this might be a sign that they are hiding something.

One indicator that you have a faithful partner is their openness about your relationship. How eager are they to show the world that you two are together?  If they don’t mind holding your hand in public or posting couple photos on social media, this is a great sign. They are comfortable with the relationship, and it is clear that they are not trying to hide anything.

4. There is a lot of emotional intimacy between the two of you

When thinking about relationships and how they work, there is a high chance that in a healthy and loving relationship, none of the partners will cheat. Generally, people cheat when they feel unsatisfied with their partner and relationships, and they try to find something better in other places.

Look at your relationship. If you and your partner get along together and you feel that the emotional intimacy is there, this may be a clear sign that you have a faithful partner. Being comfortable and secure in a relationship and solving conflicts and arguments in a way that benefits everyone involved are all indicators that the relationship is great.

When your partner feels accepted and can tell you their deepest fears without feeling judged, they might not have any reason to cheat on you. People are longing to be part of a loving and understanding relationship in which they can be vulnerable. If this is your relationship, then you can be sure that you have a faithful partner.

5. Sometimes, personality makes the difference

This is something that psychologists tell us, not us. Personality traits can be a predictor of the cheating potential of our partners. There are some traits that can tell you that you have a faithful partner, and there are also traits that can tell you if your loved one is more likely to cheat on you.

If your partner is empathic, has a secure attachment style, is good with self-control, and has high self-esteem, these are all good signs of a faithful partner. People who have these traits are generally reliable and responsible.

Also, they have higher emotional intelligence, which can explain why you always feel that your partner is connected to your emotional state. If you sometimes feel like they can sense when something is wrong with you, it might be all due to their personality.

But always remember that these traits, even if they tend to predict a lower chance of infidelity, are not 100% foolproof. Yes, generally, those who have these traits won’t cheat, but you can just rely on this alone.

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6. They are invested in the relationship

When you are in a healthy relationship, you feel connected to your partner, and you spend quality time with each other. Therapists and other experts say that this is one of the main signs that a relationship is working, and it is also a sign that you have a faithful partner.

If your loved one is invested in your connection and gives you their time and effort, you are actively building a stronger bond that will probably last for years to come. It is important to have space for shared experiences and to be there for your partner to live in the present moment.

Take a step back and try to think about this: do you and your partner have the same beliefs and values? Many times, this is the secret of a long-lasting relationship, and people ignore the importance of it.

When there is a lack of communication and mutual understanding and no sense of unity, people try to find ways to fulfill their desires outside of marriage. But if you know that you have a stable and healthy relationship, there is no need to think about infidelity.

If you want to learn more about infidelity and how it affects the person who is cheated on, this book might give you some insight: Cheating in a Nutshell: What Infidelity Does to the Victim (Asked, Answered, and Explained)

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