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8 Things Women Develop When They Are Cheating

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6. She becomes more independent

No. 6 on our list of the things cheating women develop is more independence. Part of trying to distance herself from you and having a romance with her new fling is that she wants to be more independent.

The sooner she starts doing this, the less of a burden it will be for her when the time comes to tell you she wants to call it quits (if and when she decides to do it). Basically, she’s paving the way to end what you two have together.

According to experts, it’s interesting to analyze the things cheating women develop, as some of them can be very subtle. For instance, they may start to drop their vocabulary from “we” to phrases that favor “I.” However, couple therapists recommend paying attention to whether she stops speaking with you about her future plans or not.

In other words, if your partner starts acting in a manner that suggests she no longer needs you to hold her hand, she may be having an affair. The reason she does this is because she doesn’t have the guts to tell you that it’s over and that she wants to maybe start over with someone new.

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