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Unhappy in Love: 9 Signs Your Partner Might Be Faking Happiness

Have you ever wondered whether your partner might be faking happiness?

We’ve talked about relationships several times on this website, and what we can all agree on is that a relationship won’t stay the same forever. Whether it’s kids, different jobs, personal growth, family, or simply growing out of a relationship, couples will change, and that’s normal. What’s important is how you let those changes affect you and interfere with your personal life.

Sometimes, one of the hardest parts of a relationship is being honest. Have you ever felt that something was off in your relationship, even though everything seemed perfect on the surface? Sometimes, your partner might be faking happiness. They’ll put on a brave face to mask their true feelings.

While it’s normal to experience some ups and downs, recognizing the signs of unhappiness can help you address underlying issues and foster a healthier, more honest connection. From changes in communication to weird body language, these subtle signs that your partner might be faking happiness can reveal the truth behind the facade.

If you want to strengthen your relationship, this article will show you the signs that something’s going on. Your partner might be faking happiness, but here’s how you can find out:

your partner might be faking happiness
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1. Changes in communication

Communication is key to any healthy relationship, whether it’s romantic, friendship, family, or work-related. If your significant other used to be open and willing to express their feelings, and now they’re evasive, reserved, and always quiet, you have the right to be suspicious.

Of course, they might be going through a tough period that drains their energy, but try to be supportive and help them open up. If you try your best to make them feel comfortable and appreciated, and they continue holding back or giving superficial responses, your partner might be faking happiness. An open and honest discussion will do both of you a service, so don’t postpone it.

2. Anger and withdrawal

I’ve never understood how important mental health is for an individual and the relationship they’re engaged in until I noticed my husband lost his job and was diagnosed with ADD. He was so upset and so caught up in his head that he was always angry and didn’t want to share his feelings with me.

We still held hands, laughed, and kissed, especially when you were with our girls, but I could tell he wasn’t content. It took us a lot of time to get back on track, and we needed counseling to understand what was going on.

If you’re worried that your partner might be faking happiness, pay attention to their behavior, especially around you. When someone only pretends to feel good, they might display signs of irritability or withdrawal. They might easily become annoyed by small things or prefer to spend more time alone.

Experts say this behavior can be a coping mechanism to avoid confronting their true feelings, and they need time to approach the situation. If you notice that your significant other is more distant or prone to outbursts, try to open up a conversation, but be patient and understanding, and don’t put the blame on them because they might shut you out.

your partner might be faking happiness
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3. Intimacy is not the same

It’s true that the spark and infatuation can fade over time, especially if you’re always together or if you’ve lately had some bumps. You might notice that they could be less affectionate, won’t initiate any bedroom time, and seem disconnected during physical interactions.

These changes can be tough for you, and there’s never a good time to notice that your partner might be faking happiness. Your SO might be going through a difficult emotional period, so an honest discussion might be helpful.

4. Increased criticism

Another sign your partner might be faking happiness is increased criticism. When your partner suddenly starts noticing minor quirks they didn’t seem to mind before and begins criticizing you or blaming you when things go wrong, it’s a red flag.

Experts suggest that this behavior could be a way for them to distract themselves from their own unhappiness. It might also indicate they’re unsure about the relationship and are using your flaws as a reason to question things.

…Do you suspect that your partner might be faking happiness? Keep reading to discover more red flags!

5. Physical symptoms

Your partner might assure you they’re fine, but you can tell something’s off. You notice how stressed and anxious they are, and you hear them complaining about headaches, fatigue, changes in appetite, and sleepless nights.

They might try to keep the bad things hidden because they don’t want you to worry, but these signs can be manifestations of underlying emotional distress. Your partner might be faking happiness for your sake, so pay attention to them and try to bring up the conversation in a gentle and supportive way.

6. Lack of interest in common activities

Your partner used to enjoy spending time with you and doing activities together, but now things have changed.

They can either go through an activity without being interested or engaged in it, or they can simply say no and come up with excuses. In this case, they might prefer to spend more time alone or with people outside the relationship.

This could be a red flag indicating your partner might be faking happiness. You surely don’t want to spend your time with someone who only pretends to be enjoying your company, so address this topic ASAP.

your partner might be faking happiness
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7. They avoid conflict

Fights are normal in a relationship, especially if they help the partner learn something about one another and make better decisions the next time. However, if your SO always avoids conflicts, even if it can be beneficial for both of you in the long run, it’s a sign something’s off.

Your partner might be faking happiness, and they prefer to pretend that everything’s alright rather than address underlying issues. Unfortunately, this can lead to unresolved tension and resentment, and it will make you unhappy as well.

8. You don’t have goals together

When you’re content with someone, you probably can’t get enough of them. You want to support them, show them how invested you are in the relationship, make plans together, and find solutions to problems.

If your partner shows little interest or enthusiasm when discussing relationship plans, career goals, or personal aspirations, they might not be interested in long-term commitments.

9. They seek validation

We all seek validation from time to time, and it’s normal, though not healthy, according to experts. Some people believe we should be so confident and content with ourselves that we don’t care about other people’s opinions.

If your significant other is always seeking validation or reassurance from you or people who know your relationship, it could be a sign of doubt or insecurity. They might be faking happiness but have no idea how to deal with this feeling, so they prefer to ignore their instincts and trust others.

This is a delicate situation, and it requires time, energy, patience, a lot of honest discussions, as well as the willingness to work for the same goal, aka the relationship.

If you have troubles in your relationship or you simply want to improve it and strengthen your bond, there are many tools you can use. One of my favorites is this insightful book. It’s easy to read, has lots of practical advice, and can help you understand your situation better. Check it out!

Do you know any other signs your partner might be faking happiness? Let us know in the comments below! If you enjoyed reading this article and you’d like to check out something else from Detangle Love, here’s a good post for you: When Should You Break Up With Someone? 6 Signs

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