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8 Most Attractive Body Parts, According to Men in Love

most attractive body parts
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We talked to men in love and they told us what they consider to be the most attractive body parts!

I was recently out with my husband and our beloved friends, and as you probably know when many people are at a round table, one thing leads to another. It’s safe to say that we somehow started to talk about certain things regarding relationships and different things men and women like and want from a partner.

If I were to ask my 17-year-old niece what are the most attractive body parts according to men, she might say that she knows from *trusted sources* that boys like girls’ eyes, hair, b**ties, b**bies, and their overall face. And yes, personality is important too.

Well, well, well, when you put a bunch of 50-year-old dudes at a table with some bottles of wine at their disposal, the conversation can get pretty spicy, and we judged what my niece said. Men don’t care about your specific woman’s features, and some of the things they’re interested in are pretty uncommon, at least in my opinion.

Do you want to see which are the most attractive body parts, according to men in love? Then click on the next page, and let’s begin, because you wouldn’t expect to read these things!

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