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6 Love Is Blind-Inspired Make-Or-Break Convos to Have with Your SO

6 Love Is Blind-Inspired Topics to Discuss at Your Next Romantic Dinner

As you probably noticed by now, every year, “Love is Blind” glues millions of Americans to their couches. When you think about it, the show brings the perfect balance of romance, heartbreak, drama, and intense cliffhangers, keeping us hooked since 2020.

However, probably the most notable thing the show brought was all the valuable lessons on what it takes to cultivate and keep a healthy relationship. My spouse and I started watching the show right after moving in together, and the conversations that emerged between us helped us build a stronger foundation upon which we managed to build our relationship.

Since season six has come to an intense and dramatic ending, there are many other conversations that need to be carried on, mostly related to trust, exes, money, kids, politics, and, of course, the big elephant in the room, future plans. Whether you’re into the show or not, here are seven Love is Blind-inspired topics you might want to discuss with your partner.

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Do we have to share our locations to feel secure?

If you watched the show, then you already know that season six was very spicy. After he lied to Laura about his whereabouts the night he and Sarah Ann “spent time in the parking lot” just to “discuss,”  Jeramey’s super shady actions forced couples all over the world to face a rather serious reality nowadays in the digital age: just because you share your location with each other doesn’t mean you’re being honest.

Jeramey “allegedly” left his phone in the car to make Laure think he never left the bar, but his Apple Watch shared his true location. This made it quite clear that he went to his ex’s house. As location sharing can be an efficient tool for safety purposes, using it just to see where your partner is at all times begs the following question: Do you actually trust each other? Moreover, is there any reason to suspect you’d be anywhere else than where you said you would?

It’s essential to discuss the purpose of having each other’s locations and what your reasons are for agreeing or not doing so. For example, if you feel the need to know your partner’s whereabouts all the time, that’s probably a red flag, and it shows that you two don’t really trust each other. Trust me, sharing your location won’t fix the underlying issue.

What are your relationships with your ex?

Besides location sharing, there’s another difficult question that creates a lot of conflict in the show. “Who are you with?” I think it’s fair to say that Chelsea simply couldn’t ignore the way Jimmy kept his relationship with other female friends (one of whom he actually hooked up with), which made her feel insecure and ultimately led to the demise of their relationship.

If you have a similar situation in your current relationship or marriage where your significant other keeps a relationship that makes you feel very uncomfortable, tensions and insecurities are probably an issue for you as well.

However, as much as it’s important to prioritize discussing boundaries with exes and friends, trust is another essential factor. If you need your partner to cut some people out of their lives to feel better, the problem might be in the relationship, not outside of it.

How do our individual finances affect our future?

Whether you have student loans, credit card debt, bad credit, or a trust fund, it’s essential to discuss how these things might affect your future together (and if there’s any chance for it to happen). For example, let’s take the case of Stacy and Izzy: Stacy couldn’t move past the fact that Izzy had bad credit (to be fair, it hadn’t been brought up before the wedding).

As many argued that she was quite shallow for caring too much about their financial security rather than love, many people agreed that the financial aspect of a marriage should definitely be tackled and discussed as a team.

How do you handle conflict?

We all know couples that naturally push each other’s buttons. But it’s worth mentioning that there’s a big difference between being compatible and being capable of working through conflict together.

For example, let’s take Jackie and Marshall’s relationship in season four: they might have been highly compatible, but there was little willingness to carry a fair fight and protect each other’s feelings. There’s been a lot of name-calling, verbal attacks, and an overall unwillingness to communicate.

All these are red flags—as red as they get, for that matter—so no wonder the relationship ended so prematurely. The more we learn about our partner’s love language, the more we need to prioritize handling disagreements as well.

Even if you’re the type of person who can discuss any issue right away, if your partner prefers taking some time alone to think, you’d better wait before addressing any serious topic. My partner learned it the hard way: I hate being approached when dealing with major stress. At the same time, I’ve learned that sometimes he needs a push to take care of things that otherwise would be swept under the rug.

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Do you feel heard, seen, considered, and valued when making decisions?

Some people are trailblazers, and others are loyal followers. And I think we should normalize this. Not everyone needs to lead. Take Chelsea and Kwame’s relationship in season four, when Chelsea took the lead on decision-making.

It led to a major conflict between the two, especially when they discussed what the future holds for each of them. Kwame was unenthusiastic about relocating to Seattle to live with Chelsea, even if her entire life was basically there.

It’s true that he had a few ties to his current home in Portland, but nevertheless, Kwame’s visible reluctance was deeply rooted in the fact that his partner didn’t seem to care what he felt about relocating. It’s true that Chelsea’s plans made logical sense, but still, Kwame was ignored, and that can be quite frustrating for anyone out there.

Being in a partnership also means being on a team, and part of being a good team player means considering each other’s thoughts, feelings, and opinions. We can’t simply assume that our partners will agree with anything we decide. Some of us might not be good when it comes to making decisions, and that’s when the other one needs to lead the way. For both.

Are you on the same page on serious topics?

Even if you know your partner’s favorite color, their lucky number, and the name of their childhood pet, you still need to know where they stand on certain life issues that really matter. Remember Nancy and Bertise in season three? It was all fun and games until they started discussing serious issues like genetic testing, abortion, and financial plans.

Given that a large portion of Nancy’s income came from a robust portfolio and investment properties, her career revolves around working with children with special needs, which strengthens her beliefs on serious topics like abortion, politics, and a woman’s right to her body’s autonomy.

We can all agree that she and Bartise weren’t on the same page in any of those matters, which ultimately led to the downfall of their relationship. Even if two people can agree to disagree on serious topics and still make the partnership work, some opinions are an essential part of a person’s belief system.

When it comes to serious matters, like politics, having kids, and your future location, it’s just better to make sure you’re both on the same page sooner than later. If you’re looking for other love-inspired series to binge-watch, we recommend “Married at First Sight.

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