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11 Amazing Plants to Attract True Love in Your Life

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I believe plants can help us attract what we feel might be missing in our lives. That’s why, on anniversaries, my best friends and I gift each other plants and flowers. On every birthday, we call each other and ask, “What’s missing? What do you need?”. My best friend always answers the same thing: “Wealth and abundance, honey.” Ok, no problem! Last year, I came to the party with her sixth bamboo.

So, do you want to attract love into your life? Whether it means that you’re ready for a new romantic partner, or a supportive friendship instead, when we call love into our lives, at some point, it has to come! When it comes to this kind of love, you could be either working with crystals (rose quartz) to heal the old wounds that might still haunt you or…you could work with PLANTS!

Exactly: some plants carry their vibrations of love, and faithfulness, but also affection, and they will help you in your love-manifesting rituals! So let’s dive into some of the most healing and wonderful herbs that symbolize love, and how you should use them to attract the next big love in your life:

spearmint plant
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According to Greek mythology, the spearmint plant was once a nymph called Menthe. Menthe was Hades’ mistress, and Persephone, Hades’ wife, after discovering her husband’s infidelity, decided to turn Menthe into a plant. From that moment, spearmint was forever associated with love and wisdom.

If you want to use spearmint, simply chew some leaves before going out. Or, you could place dried spearmint everywhere in the house, so you can attract wise, stable relationships. All you have to remember is that you need to charge the spearmint with some positive vibes and intention before using it.


Patchouli is considered to be a well-known aphrodisiac, so it can definitely help you with your love life! You could try wearing patchouli essential oil as your new perfume. Or, as an alternative, you could try using dried patchouli. How do you do that?

Well, you place a bowl full of dried patchouli in your bedroom or even bathe in dried patchouli leaves. And if it’s cleaning day, you can boil some dried patchouli, place the strained water in your mop bucket, and use it to mop the house. This way, you’ll have a spiritually-refreshed home, and brand new loving, earthy vibes.


Did you know that when the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, was born, she was fully dressed in drapes of rosemary? This beloved herb is meant to protect you from any hurt and heartbreak in your romantic relationships.

If you have been betrayed in the past, as we all have, you could try hanging rosemary over your bed, to avoid any future heartbreaks. Or, as an alternative, you could keep potted rosemary in your bedroom, or close to the entrance of your house, to remove those love blocks and to manifest the ideal partner in your life. So next time you stock on this wonderful herb, consider it for more than just cooking!


Some believe that basil can prevent infidelity, while others say that it enhances the flames of devotion. In any of these two cases, if you want to try a strong love spell, you need to use dried basil leaves. How it’s done? Well, start by writing down some attributes of an ideal partner, such as “devoted”, “honest”, or “beautiful” on a dried basil leaf.

Then, choose a safe place, and burn the leaf. Besides, you could use it in an “attraction bath” by simply adding dried basil to your bathwater! Not only you will build a very strong energy aura around you, that will protect you from heartbreak, but your home will smell superb!

Photo by Subbotina Anna from Shutterstock


Lavender is an extremely powerful plant that Cleopatra used to attract her lovers. So if you want to have Cleopatra’s success in your love life, you should try wearing lavender-scented perfumes! If you don’t want to buy a new perfume, you could add some lavender to your next attraction bath.

This way, you’ll increase your confidence in finding the ideal partner for you! Or, the easiest thing would be to burn or smudge a little bit of lavender, which will also attract eternal love in your life. Lavender is known to be extremely efficient for relaxation, too, so if you had a hectic week, lavender is the ideal herb for you!

Bay leaves

Bay leaves attract fidelity in your life, and might help you find the ideal lifelong partner. Don’t know how to use it? It’s super simple: carry some bay leaves with you, or add them to your next attraction bath. This way, your chances of finding a faithful partner will drastically increase!

These leaves full of flavor also have the power to act as intention carriers. You might wonder…how does it work for attracting love in your life? Well, you can write the ideal attributes of the perfect lover on a dried bay leaf. Then, take the leaves and burn the somewhere where it’s safe. This way, you’ll release your intention to the Universe.


Witches and spellcasters alike simply love using thyme for their attraction, affection, and loyalty spells. Even more, thyme is known to attract not only romantic affection but also great friendships. If you’re feeling lonely and you wish to meet someone very special in your life, whether we’re talking about a friend or a lover, you should consider wearing a sprig of thyme, or add dried thyme to your bath, and even hang dried thyme in a corner of your home. This way, you’ll attract abundance, love, happiness, and positivity into your life, and you will be ready for a brand new chapter.


Fennel is considered to bring a boost of courage, so this particular plant might help you regain the confidence needed to attract what you desire in your own life. For courage in your pursuit of a future partner, you could try burning dried fennel on a charcoal puck during the next love spell. Or, as an alternative, you could even plant fennel in your home, for a longer-lasting and efficient love attraction ritual.

dill plant
Photo by vveronka from Shutterstock

Dill seeds

Dill seeds are very efficient when it comes to both protection and luck. I know what you might be wondering: how can THAT attract love into your life? Well, if your soul is efficiently protected from betrayal, it will also increase the chances of you stumbling upon your soulmate or your next best friend!

Simply take some dill seeds and sprinkle them in all the corners of your home. This efficient ritual will fill your home with a lucky protective vibe. If you want to try something more complex, it’s worth mentioning that dill could also be efficiently used in rituals and spells involving love.

Coriander seeds

If you’re currently going through a rough patch with your significant other, you could use some coriander. Coriander is known to help people reconcile with their differences and joyfully continue their relationships. If you find yourself constantly arguing with your beloved partner in a certain room, whether it’s the living room or the kitchen, consider placing some dried coriander in that room.


It’s a known fact that cinnamon is directly associated with the fire element. That’s why cinnamon works incredibly well in any love attraction spell you might want to try because it adds that desired element that represents passion.

All you have to do is smudge your entire home with a cinnamon stick. This way, you’ll attract a passionate vibration. Or, if you don’t want to try a new ritual with a lot of fuss, simply place a bowl of cinnamon in your bedroom.

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