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Ooops! Women Often Lie About These 9 Things


Lies are a part of our lives. No matter how weird this may sound, everybody lies, no matter the genre. And lying is something common in every relationship, but it depends on you how much you want to do that and on what level. White lies never killed anyone, and especially at the beginning of the relationship, it is OK to “pour” a lie here and there and keep the mystery alive.

From a woman to another woman, let’s be honest: we all lie!

What are the most frequent lies women tell? 

You probably thought that only men lied! Well, let me tell you a secret: women lie too! In fact, in the world of relationships, everybody tells at least one lie. While some of them are purely innocent, others can’t go unnoticed and, in most cases, can even ruin the connection. From lying about their age to hiding their relationship status, some women master the skills of lying on a higher level than any man. And a lot of them got away with it without being caught.

Let’s discover together what the worst and most common lies are that women tell others and expect them to believe. But maybe there is also an explanation behind every little lie…

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1. Age

One of the most common lies is about how old they are. And we all know why they do that. Some may be ashamed of their age because they are older than the man, which is embarrassing for them, while others may lie about it because they believe men prefer younger women. What do you think? Can a woman truly hide her real age? Or does the man end up catching her lying and becoming upset?

2. “I don’t care about your ex, she’s in the past”

Hmm. You most likely heard a lot about this in your relationship until everything became clear and she realized you no longer cared about your ex-girlfriend. Well, this well-meaning pretense that she doesn’t really care about her is among the worst lies women can tell their partners.

In fact, she has already noticed that you keep your ex-partners on your social media friend list, and it bugs her, which will lead to jealousy and more future arguments about the issue. Most women use this phrase to look mature and well aware of the fact that everybody has a past, but in reality, she doesn’t believe you when you tell her there are no reasons to worry about an ex.

3. The number of her ex intimate partners

Now, this is a very common thing women prefer to skip when revealing stuff from their past because, to be honest, nobody has to know with how many men you had intimate moments. It might sound like we’re defending women, but men lie about this thing too! However, most women who lie about the number of intimate partners they have have done so to appear innocent and pure. It’s a fact that men who know a woman has had a lot of intimate experiences won’t want a serious relationship with her.

What are other lies women tell their partners? Keep reading because the list isn’t over yet!

4. “I am not the jealous type”

It’s crystal clear that any woman who uses this phrase definitely lies to the man. In most cases, they also use lies like, “I saw how you looked at her; good thing I am not jealous because otherwise we would have had a problem,” which means she got upset and felt insecure, but she also wants to prove that she is mature enough to realize that was nothing but a “look and see” kind of thing and the man will never act towards anything else.

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5. “We are just friends, we’re not interested in each other”

This one stands among the most common lies women tell their partners. Of course everybody is allowed to have friends from both genders, but when the flirting is “in your face,” nobody will believe you are only “buddying” with each other. Phrases like “you look amazing in that picture” or “I miss you!” are clearly signs that men want something more than just a regular friendship. Why do women accept this kind of behavior? Well, mostly because they feel validated and appreciated. And honestly, who doesn’t like that? Believe it or not, a lot of women keep other men as “backup” in case something happens in their current relationship, you know, a “shoulder to cry on.”

However, if you feel this happening in your relationship too, it’s time to have a serious conversation with your partner. You may find out what’s happening and how you can fix the issues. If none of these options work, you may be able to end the relationship.

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6. “I don’t flirt with other guys”

Women who tell this lie to their partners are not really aware of what flirting means. People tend to have different opinions about what flirting is about. Some of them think that even small talk with compliments and such is flirting if you’re in a relationship. In most cases, women are really perceptive and they notice when a man is interested in them, and that’s the major point when they leave the door open for more or they simply respond that they are not interested in more than just a casual discussion because they’re already in a relationship.

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7. “I am fine”

This one probably stands pretty high on the list of lies that women tell, and it’s often translated as “I am far from being fine.” “I am actually super upset about the argument we’ve had, and I will be like this for a while.” And if that happened to you before, you probably believed it and politely ended the conversation. This is just the worst thing you can do. Instead of saying, “Ok, thanks for clearing things up,” throw a line she will never expect: “Ok, I don’t feel like things are really good between us; let’s talk about it.”

8. “Sure, just go out and have fun with your boys!”

This lie that women frequently tell translates as: “Yeah, sure, you go out and have fun while I will be staying at home moping or taking care of the household.” Whether you believe this or not, most women want their partner to be caring and include her in his daily plans. And if those plans include going out with his friends on a Friday night, she probably wants to go out with you too.

If the relationship is just beginning, she probably wants to make sure you won’t flirt with or cheat on her with other women when you get a little tipsy. You can explain to her that there is nothing wrong with going out and having fun with your friends separately, and if she wants to join you from time to time, that’s perfectly fine too.

9. “I will be there in less than 10 minutes”

This lie is more of a white one, and it sounds a bit funny to me. “I will definitely be ready in five” means that I will actually be there in 20 or more minutes. We all know that women take more time to prepare their outfits for a date, even if it’s just a casual one, because they want to look and feel great. If you know that she is always a bit late to the party, take your time and make yourself comfortable. After all, you don’t want to go out with someone who appears sloppy and messy! When she pops up, make sure you compliment her instead of arguing about being late.


Despite the fact that these lies might be annoying or upsetting for most men, there is one good thing about them: your woman clearly has a serious interest in you! Because she may feel insecure or not good enough for you, she might sneak a lie here and there to make things right. And as long as it isn’t a bad one, even if you realize that she wasn’t completely honest with you, you can smile and move on smoothly.

However, and this is applicable both ways, if you want a good relationship, you must work for it and not take it for granted or get your way through a shortcut.

What do you think about these lies? Do you agree with them? Tell us in the comments.

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