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8 Taboo Relationship Practices That Can Actually Benefit Your Union

Can these taboo relationship practices save you?

In relationships, we often stick to the familiar, the tried-and-tested standards that society considers acceptable. But what if we told you that breaking away from those conventions can strengthen your bond sometimes?

Detangle Love is taking a journey through the intriguing realm of taboo relationship practices…the daring strategies that could be the secret ingredients for a happier, more fulfilling partnership. We’ll explore the uncharted territory many shy away from.

So, buckle up and prepare to challenge your preconceptions about being in a committed relationship. It’s time to explore 8 taboo relationship practices and discover how embracing the unconventional could bring surprising benefits for you and your significant other!

Taboo Relationship Practice
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Taboo relationship practice: Keeping secrets

It can be considered taboo to keep secrets from your significant other. After all, you’re partners and best friends, and therefore have to tell each other everything, right? If you don’t want to, it’s perfectly OK to keep a couple of things secret.

There’s this belief that to have a strong romantic relationship, we need to be an open-book with our partner. But psychologists don’t think that’s the case. It might sound counterintuitive, but there are secrets you SHOULD keep from your partner.

If you don’t want to share something private about your past, then don’t. Suppose you’re mulling over an issue and aren’t ready to communicate.

It’s all about deciding what’s suitable for your relationship with your gut. Doing so will create the sort of relationship that’s right for you.

Taboo relationship practice: Going on vacation separately

It may seem entirely taboo to go on a vacation without your significant other, and maybe even odd to some if you spend the weekend apart. But having a few moments away from each other every once in a while can improve your relationship in a meaningful way.

If you’re in a committed, trusting relationship, this taboo relationship practice can bring more to your relationship than you might expect. This includes new conversations, how much they appreciate you and all you do, time to miss each other, and so on.

Even though you certainly might want to do things together and create bonds to last a lifetime, you shouldn’t be afraid to go alone periodically if that’s what you both want to do.

Taboo relationship practice: Sleeping in separate beds

It’s a popular opinion that to have a healthy connection, you MUST spend the night spooning your partner in bed, especially if you live together. But the world is slowly discovering that that’s actually false.

If you’re the type of person who needs some space at night to roll around and sleep like a starfish, that’s ok. Or you might be bleary-eyed from being kept awake all night by a snoring partner, and that’s not great for your health. So it makes perfect sense to sleep separately.

Many couples are having what’s jokingly called a “sleep divorce,” where they sleep separately. For these people, having that private space enhances their relationship and quality of sleep. So, if this works for you and your spouse, grab your pillows and go.

And you shouldn’t feel guilty about it. Sleeping in separate beds or bedrooms is only a concern due to something negative.

If you’re sleeping in separate bedrooms because you don’t want to be intimate with your loved one, for instance, then you have a problem, says a clinical psychologist.

But what if it’s mutually agreeable? Does sleeping separately make you both satisfied? If it’s strengthening your bond, then it’s NOT taboo.

Taboo relationship practice: Being in a long-distance relationship

Contrary to popular belief, long-distance relationships are a good thing sometimes. A successful relationship that’s long-distance is more than achievable and, at times, can be beneficial, according to a dating expert.

When you lack the sense of touch and are only left to hear and see each other through a screen, you’re forced to express yourself with words, strengthening your communication skills and becoming more articulate about things, including your love for one another.

The long-distance part of the deal might only be for a while once you choose to or can live closer together. But the benefits of that distance will undoubtedly be long-lasting. There are some standard-issue “rules” that, when applied to a relationship, can help make it healthier.

This includes things like spending quality time together, eating dinner together, and so on. But if something isn’t working for you and your mate, don’t be afraid to toss the rules out the window. Sometimes, things that seem “taboo” could be just what your relationship needs.

Taboo Relationship Practice
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Taboo relationship practice: Talking about your past

For many couples, talking about their love lives before they were together is off the table. They find this subject too uncomfortable or worry it would threaten their current mate.

But discussing past relationships shouldn’t be taboo, says therapist and owner of Therapy Charlotte in North Carolina. Let’s be honest… we all have pasts. And those experiences are what shaped the person we are today.

When couples allow jealousy, fear, or other insecurities to block out rich portions of their relationship histories, they might miss an opportunity to gain insight into the other person’s evolution: triggers, conflict style, and character.

Plus, how your partner speaks about their past relationships can offer clues about the kind of person they turned out to be. If there’s no responsibility or accountability, then there hasn’t been any growth, and the pattern is likely to repeat!

Taboo relationship practice: Ignoring each other throughout the day

Do people think it’s strange that you don’t text your partner in the middle of the day to check in? Does your family think it’s odd that you go on business trips and don’t call your partner while you’re gone?

If having little to no contact with your significant other while you’re apart is working for your relationship, don’t let anyone make you feel rotten about it. The concept of frequently texting another person throughout each day can be romantic.

But, constant access to your spouse can have downsides in reality. You don’t always need instant access to each other. If you’re busy with a hobby or work, you don’t need to continually text your partner.

It can be more meaningful to enjoy something in the present moment and tell your companion about it later when you’re face to face.

Taboo relationship practice: Flirting with others

Entertaining some flirty banter with someone other than your partner is usually seen as a sign that you may be unhappy or unfaithful in your current relationship.

Nevertheless, when done without the intent to cheat, flirting with others can potentially spice up your relationship, according to relationship experts. When we flirt, we rediscover our confidence and sensual side.

And we can carry those positive feelings back into our relationship. If you’re in a monogamous relationship, just ensure the flirting doesn’t cross a certain line into territory inconsistent with the fidelity of the relationship you’re in.

Taboo Relationship Practice
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Taboo relationship practice: Socializing separately

If your partner goes to a social event without you by their side or vice versa, some eyebrows may collectively raise. But do you really care? Even though many people think couples should go everywhere together, it’s healthy to do things separately every once in a while.

Many always feel the need to do couples activities. But, this taboo relationship practice can benefit a relationship since it allows you to pursue interests that your partner may not be into.

Plus, some independence is reasonable in a relationship. And when you reconnect, you can sit with a bottle of wine and catch up with each other!

Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us regarding these taboo relationship practices in the comments section below. And if you like this post, we highly recommend also reading about the 9 High Divorce Rate States You Might Want to Avoid

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