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Want to Learn How to Seduce Men? Try These 6 Things!

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Do you know what your partner wants to hear from you?

In every strong and healthy romantic connection is essential to be able to make your partner feel wanted, loved, and cherished. But how do you do that?

Here are some tips that I learned while married to my husband. I find them the most effective to this day. Read on and find out what to say to your partner if you want them to know that you appreciate them.

Relationships depend on effective communication. A successful and solid romantic relationship is based on our ability to communicate our needs, wants, and feelings to our partner. It’s very important to keep in mind that male and female styles and emotional needs are sometimes kind of different, and we should know how to handle this.

Men may not always openly communicate their emotions, but they nevertheless yearn for emotional validation and connection from their partners. As a result, it’s essential for us to understand what makes our partners feel loved and appreciated.

Now, we’ll take a look at some things that men enjoy hearing from their partners. These expressions and words may appear insignificant, yet they have a major impact on the relationship.

Knowing what to say to your partner can make your bond deeper and enhance your communication skills. These two elements are both vital if you want to have a long-lasting, happy relationship. So, these suggestions can help you become closer, whether you’re in a new relationship or have been together for a while.

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17 Responses

  1. You are wrong! What women age group are you talking about!!
    This generation is fast and furious!
    Women need to fall back.
    Men know their roles!
    This society is relentless!
    People are not what they use to be.
    This country has no moral compass.
    Sad but true!

  2. I tried the quote from “Bridget Jones” when she tells (Colin Firth) Mark Darcy ” you have an absolutely gorgeous body” on new friend…
    when he sent me a text of himself from a photo shoot showing his chest and arms. omg All my return texts stared with “Hello Beautiful”…..sparks flew the first time we met.

    try this:)

  3. Did this really work? I like self confidents in men. I always thought this was a woman’s problem do I look good in this kind of thing?

  4. Careful with this one! It can go south quick ! I have sons I was a scout leader. I listen to kids. A lot of them thought women talk too much they preferred doers. Work, and play partner.

  5. Very important! I also learn from my sons and their friends they don’t like clingy women. It drives them crazy . Back off is important.

  6. Here’s another quote I use.
    Woody Alan’s ” play it again Sam”
    Wants to say something to Diane Keaton but shy. Humphrey Bogart whispers in his ear. “I have met a lot of women, but you are really something ”
    I’ve used this line on men I like….trust me .it’s works. Say it to your someone special.
    Also my someone special sent me a text while back about a situation that gave him a Headache. My response was ” how could anyone give you a Headache when you are so nice”
    Response back ” hello Beautiful ”
    Is there is romance on the big screen, you can also create the same.
    I find that guys love to be complimented.
    Give them a sample of cologne. Then say .”could I smell your neck ?”
    “You smell so fantastic ” next time they will then walk up to you and say “smell my neck” trust me.
    I know guys that I think might be cooling it …. then the text comes asking to see Me again.
    Gotta be irresistible! Works both ways.
    I should start a blog for now I like this site

  7. While I agree on the whole, women today (2023) also have strengths, some physical. I wouldn’t ever want a woman to devalue herself simply to give praise to her spouse. Frankly, I never hear my husband (or my late husband for that matter) praise me on how well I maintain our household, for example.

  8. i was married 34 years then got a divorce. I was very comunicative to my ex bout what i wanted and i also did those things to him as well. got nice cards but had to pull it out of him to say He loved me or I looked nice etc. yet a man wants to hear those things, well you get back what you give out. so if a man is reading this please put in the effort. thank you

    1. Isn’t that the truth! Been married 25 years, sometimes I just think he is insecure, he thinks that being generous is his way of being loving. But we don’t cuddle, no kissing, no affection at all, no sex but that is his medical issue. I guess it’s what it is!, he really likes when I compliment doesn’t that work both ways?

  9. Men don’t look any more at me, at least not like they use too. I wouldn’t say I am ugly but I am no Nicole Kidman either. A lot of men do look for women who look like those in Hollywood but I am not one of those women. Take me as I am for, I may not be a Hollywood Starlite but I do have a beautiful heart. Chances of me finding a man period is highly unlikely. There is one I would very much like to get to know but he is WAY out of reach. I have left my love life along with everything else in my Lord Jesus Christ hands. If it is his will then it’ll happen and if not then I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

  10. I don’t know if there is a one size fits all secret formula for relationships, I do know that what has worked for me is to be humble, forgiving and gracious. We all have faults, imperfections, and needs. The policy of happy wife happy life isn’t always the best route if a man is acting out in ways that are not genuine only because he doesn’t want to upset his wife, or vice versa.
    Happy spouse – Happy house is a better design where 2 people are honest with themselves first, and are adamant about being each otjers hero/shero. Winning an argument doesn’t help either side, especially when one leaves the argument feeling less than, telling your partner that you love them but you don’t isn’t fair to them, telling an overweight spouse that they are not overweight doesn’t position them for healthy living, complimenting poor grooming doesn’t place you both in a place of comfort and acceptance, love bombing just to say the word love to your partner without the heartfelt feeling love commands create bitterness over time.
    People who are in a situationship, relationship, or just hanging out in my opinion are better served truing up the relationship and level setting just where they both stand in the relationship. Otherwise you are really in a settleship. That is no place for anyone. You will me miserable living with regret.

  11. SIGHHHHH—Here we go AGAIN—“relationship”—It really bugs me when you make a THING out of how people treat each other!

    OHHHH—You heathen women with your low testosterone men!! “Oh—you screwed the lid off the peanut butter jar, you macho he-man, you!”

    “Pride and seduction” just a part of every day life for you heathens. Never mind that “pride” is the deadliest of the 7 deadly sins—because it leads to other deadly sins. Never mind that “seduction” is the act of luring somebody into an act of fornication or adultery…and the constant flattery! What weak men you heathen women choose (or victimize)!!

    I know my abilities and limits. I know I am an ugly buck. I look ragged and unkempt and rumpled. Come around ME with that cheap flattery crap and I have you pegged as a phony! TALK is so friggen CHEAP!! Show me what you can accomplish! Show me results of your actions! FORGET THE SENSELESS BLAB ALREADY!

    What sad, sorry, depressing, hopeless lives you “something for nothing” heathens live! No joy, no hope, no purpose—WAKE UP! Your Creator LOVES YOU for cryin out loud! Although you disappoint Him so—

    Learn to cast your sins aside and enjoy your remaining moments here on Earth! Here—Let me help you—“Oh Heavenly Father, in the name of our Loving Savior, Jesus Christ, please shield us from all wickedness and evil (including, but not limited to the following)—
    * Predators
    * Parasites
    * Propagandists
    * Opportunists
    * Greedsters
    * Manipulators
    * Drug Crazed
    * Criminally Insane
    * Miscreants
    * Sex Maniacs

    This timely missive is yet another free gift from your favorite Sage, Feral Tomm. YOU ARE WELCOME!

  12. I do all of the above. I am not sure how much it means to my Life Partner. But, at least I try. I also tell him that he is a good provider (which he definitely) is. I believe in giving praise often, because I enjoy telling people how much they mean to me.

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