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How to Make Intimacy More Fun in Retirement (8 Tips)

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Are you ready to spice things up a little bit in the bedroom? If so, you’re going to love this article! If you want more excitement, intimacy, and satisfaction in your marriage, these eight natural and expert-approved tips will help. And if you want a personal insight, I can honestly say I tried them all, and they did wonders for me and my partner!

Do you want more intimacy in your married life?

Intimacy is a great way to connect with your spouse while also letting off some steam. But if you’ve noticed that, recently, your bedroom life is not exactly how you want it to be, you’re lucky because we’re here to give you all the tips that you need to bring back the spark.

This problem is more common than you might think, and relationship experts say that many couples come to therapy due to the fact that they no longer make time for each other. Whether it’s stress, too much work, depression, some health issues, or any other difficulties in your life, these things happen, and there’s nothing wrong with us. You can bring your partner back to you by following this guideline. Get ready for a steamy and passionate night!

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1. Spend some time together everyday

Of course, if the time doesn’t allow you to spend hours with your spouse, you can assign at least 30 minutes a day for yourselves. In fact, this might be the estimated amount of time to bond with each other, even if it seems short. Keep all the screens and distractions away from you and focus on being more emotionally intimate.

You can either go for a walk or simply have a nice dinner and talk about your feelings. But just don’t forget to make this a daily habit! You will see improvements in your love life in a matter of weeks. Even if you may not be in the mood for passionate intimacy all the time, a simple “How are you feeling?” or “How was your day?” might be more than enough to show support to your spouse and make them feel listened to.

2. Consider scheduling intimate time together

Many things can happen in our lives that can cause us to become distracted from our partner and their needs. We can get overwhelmed, and because of that, we tend to neglect each other’s needs. But we should always remember that intimacy is basically the first thing that must happen in a couple. It may be difficult to think about that when you’re stressed about high bills or other job-related issues. But believe it or not, postponing intimacy can be very harmful for your marriage. Instead of focusing on negative thoughts, let them stay away from you, at least for a couple of hours.

Enjoy each other and the time you have at home with your spouse, and try to stay intimately connected as much as possible. You can plan ahead for an intimate time, and after a long and tiring day, it might be the best thing that can help you relax and distress. Consider new things you’ve both wanted to try! And if you want to relax properly and create a nice passionate environment, this candle is my go-to recommendation. I use it every night after a tiring day.

3. Small gestures improve intimacy

Small gestures, especially in a couple, are always appreciated. It’s either a favor or a love note stuck to the fridge to make each other’s mornings amazing. Or, if you know that your spouse loves flowers, surprise her with a bouquet of her favorite flowers for no specific reason. Leave them in the kitchen or next to her pillow so she can see them when she wakes up.

You won’t believe how much these things matter and how loved and appreciated a person can feel after receiving them. They are the keys to success when it comes to intimacy. When was the last time you surprised your spouse with something sweet and romantic?

4. “be present”

I definitely love this phrase! This is one of the most romantic and awesome things a couple can do for each other. “Be present” means that you must do at least one thing together every day. This thing can be going to the cinema for a movie night, going for a walk, playing a board game, or even working out together!

All of these and many other activities can make two people connect very easily. Because, guess what? You are going to work like a team! And what do team members do for each other? Helping win! The only difference this time is that the prize is going to consist of a more passionate and intimate life.

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5. Dress up for your partner

This will spice things up more than you think! Whether you choose to wear your favorite perfume or your most romantic lingerie, both will delight your partner. From time to time, it’s nice to put in a tad more effort to bring the sparkle back into your intimate life. If one of you gets home earlier, you can wait for the other with a romantic dinner that will open the way to the next step in the bedroom.

If you’re ready to step up to some awesome intimacy moments, you can also dress up like your favorite characters from a movie or a comic book. It’s always fun to try new things, such as role-playing. We will guarantee that getting out of your routine will also lead to better intimate moments.

6. Try new things!

Have you ever tried to get out of your comfort zone and start doing new things? Believe it or not, this might improve your intimacy in the blink of an eye. Think outside the box and embrace variety. Don’t be afraid to take control! Make your partner want you even more by showing what your desires are in the first place.

By doing this, you make things open up, and even a shy person will start expressing their feelings in a more passionate way. Change the dynamics of things and get out of the routine. You may be surprised, but there might be things you don’t know about each other… Let your imagination run free and start exploring things together.

7. Make a list of things you’re eager to do together

It can be an amazing overseas vacation or saving up to buy a new car. Anything that can bring you both happiness and the feeling of achievement can help you build intimacy. Because it’s something that you both dream about having together, discovering that your vision is mutual can do wonders for your marriage. Be more open about things and discuss everything with your partner.

What is the thing that you both look forward to happening? Tell us in the comments.

8. Be aware that intimacy can change over the years

At the risk of sounding harsh, as we age, our bodies start changing. And by changing, we mean having different needs and preferences. That’s why it’s crucial to check in with your spouse about their expectations. If you’ve been married for more than ten years, you might think that you are already certain of what your partner needs, but let me tell you a secret: people can change over the years, and that’s ok.

Now, we’re going back to the first issue of the article, which leads to communication. We can’t get enough of stressing how important and beneficial communication is for a marriage or a relationship. Open yourself up to your spouse and tell them what you want. You may want something new, and you would be surprised to discover that the feeling is mutual!

Bottom line

What’s the road to awesome intimacy? After all, everything depends on you as a couple. How much do you want this marriage to succeed, and how open are you to new experiences? It’s ok to be shy in the beginning; some people may take a while to open up. It’s important to understand each other’s needs and how to communicate about them.

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