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9 Types of Cheating You Should NEVER Forgive

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4. Micro cheating

If you have found out or seen your partner flirting with another person as if it doesn’t mean anything, then you should start questioning things.

There are certain types of people who believe that flirting is not important because nothing serious happens from it, but for others, it can be disturbing because it gives the impression that the person is available.

If your partner doesn’t present themselves as being in a relationship and gives the impression that they are single, it means they are looking for someone else and do not want to openly display their relationship with you.

It is true that some people are very charismatic, and often their intentions can be misunderstood, but when approached, they make their intentions clear.

If you want to find out more about cheating, then you should read the book Cheating in a Nutshell: What Infidelity Does to The Victim

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