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Shh… 6 Things Women Over 50 Want From a Man

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Here we go again, talking about relationships. This is one of my favorite topics ever if I’m being honest. I just love the idea of love, and I want people to be happy and be with someone they appreciate and respect.

What are women looking for in men?

As fun as it is to be part of something special, we all have to admit that the things you liked when you were 20 years old are probably not the same as now. The older you get, the more you actually grow, which means that your mind is becoming more and more mature each day, and of course, your relationship tastes keep changing.

Me and my girlfriends have a tradition that we religiously respect. We know that life is busy; we have children and grandchildren to take care of, and we have to go to work or run errands, and so many other things on a daily basis that we sometimes forget about checking in with one another. But here’s the thing: we made a pact to get together once a week, whether it’s for drinks, a coffee, a brunch, or a girls’ night out. We deserve it, right?

We talk about a lot of things, including the men in our lives. We’re all married, and our relationships are quite different from one another, but one thing I noticed is that all of us are looking for the same things in a man.

So what does a 50-year-old woman or more want from a man? I have all the tea for you (based on my experience, my friends’, and other people I’ve interacted with), and I’m ready to spill it! Make sure to stick with me until the end of this article to learn everything you need to know!

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1. Independence

Let’s start from the beginning so we can set things straight: a 50+ year-old woman is not one who’s willing to play games or be played by men who don’t know what they want.

If you compare a teenager with a mature woman, you’ll discover that they’re more likely to be complete opposites. The younger ones might feel like they need a bad boy to add a bit of fun and danger into their lives, and they won’t mind if their men get a little possessive at times. Sometimes, they take this type of behavior as a sign of love, which is totally wrong if you ask me.

But when it comes to a mature woman who’s been through a lot of things during her life, men will have to work hard to enter their hearts. Just think of this: a female who’s over the age of 50 probably has had quite a few flings and some serious relationships, and she already knows what she’s looking for in her potential partner.

She already has a life that she’s proud of; she’s very confident and knows her worth, and she’s not willing to completely change her life just because she fell in love. A grown woman knows that when it comes to a couple, both of them have to make adjustments based on their relationship’s health.

Each one of the partners has their own background and life experience, and they both crave independence. They don’t need to be assured of someone’s love each minute, and they also don’t want to spend all of their time together. Here’s the deal, dear single men out there: women want your love, but they also want independence!

2. Honesty

Is there something more romantic than honesty? Probably yes, but this is surely one of the top 3. All women love men who are honest with them and who are willing to tell them the raw truth, although at first it might seem harsh.

Nobody wants to be with someone who’s always lying and coming up with excuses, or worse, someone who cheats and keeps doing it. A relationship based on honesty is one that is going to pass the test of time.

I don’t think that women are the only ones who want their partners to be sincere and genuine. Men also enjoy it when their SOs are nice to them, are honest with them, and don’t lie to them to cover up something.

If you feel like you need more info on how to get along with your beloved partner and find sincere and easy ways to open up with one another and start something meaningful, this book is going to be your best friend.

One of my girlfriends, who was on the verge of getting a divorce, found it and told me that after a few months of intensive work, she and her spouse managed to understand each other and worked to make things good again. Maybe it will help you too!

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3. Friends

Women want their men to also be their friends, not just their lovers! Let’s think about a romantic relationship for a few seconds. When you’re in love with someone, whether it’s a man or a woman, you want them to know you exactly how you are without judging you for the things you do.

You probably want to tell them everything about how your day went or how you managed to do all the things you had planned. If someone has made you happy or angry, you want to share that with your SO and allow them to be part of your day. That’s friendship.

Women want to be friends with the men they’re in love with because it helps the relationship become stronger, more beautiful, happier, and overall more meaningful.

4. Romance, romance, romance!

And then some more of the same. A woman who’s mature and grown knows her worth and is not afraid to ask for the best. As you probably know, everyone wants to feel excited about their relationship, and sometimes women want men to sweep them off their feet.

However, don’t think that they require grand gestures to be happy, because that’s not true. They want to know that their men appreciate and care about them. And little gestures that prove the love and the purity of the connection are also appreciated, such as compliments, notes, little acts of service (like cooking dinner or doing the dishes), flowers, and everything nice and romantic that you can think of.

But here’s the thing: mature women don’t care about material things and prefer more sincere things, such as paying them a compliment, assisting them with something, running an errand for them, and, of course, spontaneity is also highly appreciated, so don’t neglect it.

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5. Intimacy

Just because you’re not 20 years old anymore doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a fun and steamy night with the person you love the most. There’s a popular stereotype that men think about intimacy a lot more often than women, but if you ask me, something like this is simply fake.

Intimacy is something that every couple experiences, regardless of age, gender, nationality, or any other criteria. Some people say that once you get older, you start thinking less about those fun times in the bedroom. That might be true for some, but just because you don’t have the same passion as you did a few years ago doesn’t mean that you have to quit it.

Mature women want men who don’t shy away from a steamy and romantic night together. That’s because they crave attention, a romantic connection, passion, love, and all those good feelings. Of course, talk to your partner, tell them what you like, and get ready for something amazing!

6. Encouragement

I can’t stress this enough and I think that it’s one of the most important things in a relationship. If you’re not already bored with all these little stories I tell you about my husband, I’ll share with you one more: the thing that made me fall in love with him was his sense of encouragement.

Each time I felt like I couldn’t continue with someone, either because I was too tired or simply because I didn’t see the point and I wanted to give up, he was there to tell me that I’m almost at the finish line and when I feel like I can’t go further anymore, I actually can.

I guarantee you that I’m not the only one who feels this way. Women want their men to be there for them and to encourage them when they feel weak. We’d be lying if we said we always live in a rainbow and that everything is always beautiful – we all know that it’s not like that.

We all go through tough times, and as strong as women might seem, they always need their beloved men to cheer them on and tell them that they’re brave and that they can do more than that. I know it sounds way too cheesy, but these are the facts, and I had to tell you about them.

So there you have it, my dear readers: all the things women over 50 want from a relationship! Good luck on your next date, and don’t forget to have fun!

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