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These Happy Senior Couples Shared Their Secrets!

Learn what makes a happy senior couple from some of our happiest senior partners!

If you want to be one of the happy senior couples around, then you should probably change your approach to dating in retirement. In the end, nothing much changes when it comes to the intimidating factor of dates, and if you do not give it a chance, then you may not be able to achieve that happy ever after (at least once, if not again).

Managing to start another romantic connection can be hard as a senior. Be it because you have to find another life partner, you are getting over the loss of love, or just because you are now opening yourself to the possibility of a love life again, it is extremely intimidating no matter what. A lot of seniors are also reporting that they feel just like they did when they were younger.

Love does not have an age limit, and you should not listen to those who have been jaded by life and have given up on the fact that they can be happy again or that they can improve their love life!

If you are ready to rekindle your love life and find yourself a partner with whom to share your golden years, we got you covered! We have gathered some true stories of happy senior couples and what they believe is the reason behind their successful love lives.

While it is not 100% foolproof, these tips for a happy senior couple’s life and how you can find a new beginning with someone you love are definitely worth listening to and applying to your own life!

here’s no time like the present to take control over your love life and tell someone special how you feel about them. There is nothing to lose if you do so, and you can easily take advantage of these great tips we have here! Are you ready to be another success story of a happy senior couple?

Do you have any other advice for others who would like to start their love stories? Let us know in the comments down below!

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Be open to something new, both in mind and spirit!

The sad reality at times is that a lot of the older people who are entering the dating game are actually widowers, who have lost their husbands or wives, their life partners. In reality, when our first couple met, she was really interested in the man, but she could easily pinpoint the fact that he was mourning his recently departed wife.

It is a hard thing to come to terms with, and it is even harder to be able to put yourself out there after such a big loss.

Our older woman had been able to tell he was in pain since she had also been through it with her own husband a few years ago. She decided not to make her interest known, but they still decided to go out together to grab a bite. Since they are both in their 90s, there is not that much time left to lose.

Despite this, since both of them were open in mind and spirit, despite their own personal grief, the outing turned into a date, and they discovered that they had a lot in common—that they clicked.

The moral of their story, as they have been together ever since is not that you should put aside your own grief or forget your late spouse. But rather, if you keep an open mind, despite your grief, you may be able to find another life partner.

This does not mean that you are replacing the person you lost or that you no longer love them. But you are opening yourself to being loved again and loving again—someone different than the person you had who can complete you again.

Sometimes it can be hard to let yourself be open after losing your spouse. However, despite such tremendous grief, there is still life, and you should not let yourself fall off either. If you find it difficult to live your life after such a loss, it would be good to read about it to discover some coping mechanisms. This book has helped some of us with dealing with grief, so it may be a good aid to you too!

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Do not give up on your independence!

It may happen that you move to a retirement community and are not looking for a new relationship. However, you can never know what life will have in store for you, and if you are open, you can sometimes find another life partner at the most unexpected time.

Despite this, you should make sure that you keep your independence, no matter how well you match with your new lover. This means that while you may be spending all your time with them, or if people describe you as joined to the hip, you should still have your own space and home!

This may seem weird to some if you love to be inseparable from your partner, but in old age, it may be good for both of you to have your own spaces. You may already have your own routine and your own idiosyncracies when compared to the other person, and when you have lived such a full life, it is hard to change these habits.

If you maintain your independence like our happy senior couple did, then you avoid any sort of fight about habits and cohabitation, and you can easily maintain your relationship well into your golden years.

Be the king or queen of your castle and have a fulfilled love life!

happy senior couple
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Do give activities a try!

The best advice a happy senior couple gave is probably this one: put yourself out there! If you are ready to meet a new lover and make a new connection, then you should try to meet people, as you never know when you can meet them.

This means that you should do activities and join clubs, go meet people outside of your circle, and try to do all that you can and that interests you. That way, you can easily meet new people who will be interested in at least the same activity as you, and you can be sure to strike up a conversation with them.

Then, if you find yourself having a connection, keep your mind and heart open and see if you can grab a coffee together, go on a movie or dinner date, and maybe even go join other activities together!

Dating is easier when you are younger, as you are more easily thrust into social situations and go out more, so as a senior, if you want to become a happy senior couple with someone, you need to make sure that you put yourself in situations where you can meet people.

Put yourself out there, get involved in your local community, say yes to social events, and have a hand in creating your own luck!

Being open to new experiences and meeting new people is always something you should be open to! However, you should never ignore your gut feelings and make sure that you are not being taken advantage of.

Pathological liars are some of the people that we have the hardest time pinpointing, and since we do not want you to have problems in your love life, we have gathered some of the easiest ways in which you can pinpoint these liars even in your own relationships here!

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  1. I am an attractive, well kept 93 year old woman. I had been married to my college sweetheart for 71 years when I lost him 2 years ago. A few months ago I met a man, who is nothing like the hunk I married at 19. But, he is sweet, kind, intelligent, considerate, respectful and he thinks I am perfect.
    I really didn’t want to fall in love again, but I have. It has given my life new meaning. We say our lives are like books with many chapters and we will write the last chapter together.

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