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8 Dating Strategies for Senior Introverts

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I know that dating can be hard. And I’ve recently talked to a friend who found it even more difficult because, as a senior introvert, he feels like it’s too late at this point in his life to meet someone new. This got me thinking a bit more about the subject. So I came up with a few tips to help him break out of his shell. They might do wonders for YOU as well!

Is dating difficult because you’re a senior introvert?

Introverts have a lot of beautiful strengths, but interacting with people is probably not one of them. If you’re a single senior introvert, your idea of a fun evening will likely include cuddling with your canine and binge-watching something on Netflix.

And don’t get us wrong…There’s nothing wrong with that! But, when you wish for companionship and romance, you must get used to leaving your comfort zone every now and then. You can still be your authentic senior introverted self while regularly interacting with new people.

And while being socially awkward comes with introversion, a date should be fun. So with a bit of work and some dating tips from us, you’ll have a dating life like never before.

Who knows, you might even find true love at this stage in your life! Check out our 8 dating strategies for dating as a senior introvert.

Senior Introvert
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Carry Something With You At All Times As A Conversation Starter

Whenever you go out, make it easier for others to approach you and break the ice by always holding something in your hand. If you make it easy for extroverts to approach you, they usually will.

As a matter of fact, if you’re carrying just the right thing, a fellow senior introvert might ask you about it if it’s a common interest. A good example would be if you’re holding a book with a clear font title and a large print on the cover.

Ideally, select a book with a fun, inviting photo and title that attracts attention and responses. Maybe something that’s a big hit with everyone nowadays.

Always Be Yourself

Remember what Dr. Suess said: “There is no one alive who is Youer than You!” Unfortunately, this is a mistake many senior introverts make, whether for a first date or any other big event. We all want to make a big impression when we have something special coming up.

Yet, our first inclination is usually to act differently or buy new things, thinking that who we are isn’t good enough. It’s always good to want to clean yourself up a bit.

But be careful not to swing too far the other way, or you’ll end up presenting yourself as someone you’re not altogether. And don’t forget that you don’t have to hide being an introvert.

Whether someone is a senior introvert or not, opening up about yourself at the right time can be very charming and shows the person you’re talking to that you’re a genuine person.

It Can Be Easier To Meet New People On A Senior Dating Site

If you wish to put yourself out there in a more efficient way as a senior introvert, you might want to consider taking advantage of senior dating sites and apps. This way, you can skip the awkward phase of breaking the ice with a complete stranger at a bar.

Dating sites and apps act as shortcuts to finding interested and available senior singles that are like-minded. Just be sure to post some fantastic photos that are only focused on you. Group shots are a big no-no. And remember to show off your smile to attract a senior mate.

A good profile should also contain personal information, including a few of your hobbies. But don’t just mention your hobbies in generalized terms. Give specifics your prospective date can ask you about during your pre-first date messaging session.

…Here are a few more good tips to help guide you through the online dating process!

Senior Introvert
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Do You Have A Dog? Let Him Be Your Wingman!

Who doesn’t love dogs? Take a second to think about it. Whenever you’re out, walking your dog around your neighborhood, or taking them to a dog park, people seem to just swarm towards you. Everyone admires your dog, and they ask you questions.

In those moments, breaking the ice as a senior introvert isn’t even an issue. So walking around with your dog is a terrific way to interact with like-minded people. You never have to scramble for what to say to them.

You can just respond naturally and tell them all about your beloved canine. You can then graciously ask them if they have a pet, and the conversation goes smoothly afterward.

Visualize What Your Date Will Look Like

We all know that practice makes perfect. And, while you can’t specifically predict what will happen on your date with someone as a senior introvert, by taking a few moments to visualize what might occur, a few things will transpire.

First, you’ll be a lot more comfortable because you’ll have envisioned everything in your head before the date. The second thing is that you’ll be less likely to get caught off-guard because you’ll have already evaluated what could happen on the date, so you’ll be prepared for anything.

And third, you’ll be able to catch any potential problems ahead of time. How do you plan to end your date? Are they dropping you off, or the other way around, or are you driving separately? How will that affect the date? And do you have an exit strategy?

Think about the small things, and you’ll be more comfortable as they happen.

Have Your Extroverted Friends Set You Up

As a senior introvert, besides going online to find your perfect match, you could try using your friends who are extroverted to help you out. After all, they’re probably pros at hosting parties and many other activities.

Become a pillar of their social circle by attending every occasion they invite you to. In fact, ask them if they can invite a few other single seniors to introduce you to them.

Your friends can make the connection as effortless as possible because they know you and can share some fun tidbits about you. If you’re an excellent cook, bringing a go-to dish to every party you attend is a fantastic conversation starter.

Or perhaps you’re a wine lover and can tell the other visitors some exciting facts about the bottle you brought with you.

Develop Your Small Talk Muscles

The rest of the world tends to mistake senior introverts for having social anxiety or not being comfortable speaking, but that’s simply not true. According to experts, introverts have an internal way of processing things.

And meanwhile, extroverts feel the need to talk it out to process their feelings and what they’re thinking. In reality, introverts really do enjoy talking. They just need to find the suitable topics they wish to discuss.

They frequently require more small talk warmups before they can get into deeper conversations with you. They have a privacy instinct, which means they won’t open up to anyone, and surely not on the first date.

Senior Introvert
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Don’t Contemplate Too Much

Generally speaking, introverts tend to have detailed memories because they take the time to take everything in. This can either be a blessing or a curse.

For instance, it’s a blessing in the workplace because introverts observe and listen before drawing conclusions and often come up with practical creative solutions. After a date, however, it can be a curse.

As a senior introvert, you’ll want to re-live every moment, kicking yourself because you think you might have said something foolish or your awkwardness was showing. But you should really give yourself a break.

You’re probably exaggerating and focusing on something you think was wrong rather than the many good things that probably occurred. Try to focus on the positives and what went well instead. This will give you the confidence to pursue a dating life.

If you’re a senior introvert and have any more useful tips you’d like to share with our readers, please feel free to leave us a comment!

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