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10 Reasons Why Your Spouse Might Be Attracted to Younger People

attracted to younger women
Photo by Felix Mizioznikov from Shutterstock

You’ve probably heard of famous love stories like the ones of William Shatner and Elizabeth Shatner or Beyonce and Jay Z. Sometimes, we feel attracted to younger people, and it’s interesting to try and understand why.

I know the general understanding is that younger people are more attractive because of their youth and their looks, but in reality, there are many other underlying reasons. While I wouldn’t normally try to generalize, it is known that, in most cases, men are the ones who date younger people.

Most couples with a big age gap are made up of a male partner and a female partner. And yes, there could be the other way around, too, but for the sake of this conversation, we will take the example of older men and younger women.

So, what is it about younger women that makes men go crazy? Let’s find out why some men are attracted to younger women and if there’s anything to unpack there other than their looks:

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