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Is Your Partner Falling Out of Love? (5 Signs)

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It is the worst thing to start thinking about this. I hope it doesn’t happen to you, but here I am speaking from experience. Not only that, but when I realized this, I also started to see other signs that I hadn’t seen until then. Needless to say, my first marriage was a disaster due to a lot of factors, but realizing he no longer loved me was the first step towards healing and a better future.

Have you been wondering if your partner is falling out of love with you in the last few months?

Did my partner fall out of love with me?” If this has been a question that has been plaguing your thoughts recently, you should not feel bad that it has crossed your mind. After all, if everything had been going well in your relationship, you would not be having these doubts. But if you are not sure if you are overreacting or not, it is a good idea to check for some signs before you jump right into an uncomfortable conversation.

To make sure that you are not grasping at straws, we have gathered some of the biggest red flags when it comes to relationship problems that point toward the possibility that your partner has fallen out of love with you. And if you are not sure that these apply to you 100% but they seem plausible, it is a sign that there may be something going on that you need to address!

Before having a conversation with your partner, make sure you read out the list to find out the most common signs your partner is falling out of love!

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