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7 Surprising Ways Women Unintentionally Push Men Away

Do you think you push men away?

How many times did your husband or boyfriend tell you that he wanted to go fishing or camping with his buddies for a couple of days? Well, he probably loves spending time in nature, and to be honest, they need some boy time as much as you need girl time, but that might not be the whole story.

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but he might want to take some time away from you. Don’t panic, though, because it doesn’t mean he stopped loving you. He just wants to be alone for a while, and that’s perfectly fine. We all need time for ourselves or with people outside of the relationship.

However, while this “men’s time” can be temporary, I’ve talked to dating experts, and they told me that sometimes women do things that push men away. I’ve made some of these mistakes myself, and let me tell you that they almost destroyed my marriage. While I told you several times that my husband and I are very happy, I had times when I was angry, withdrawn, and indifferent. He told me many times that this would drive us apart, but I didn’t listen. We started to fight every few days; we didn’t spend time in the bedroom, and we weren’t happy. We solved all these issues, but it took time and honest communication.

I don’t want you to push men away as I did to my husband, which is why I want to share all of these tips with you. Now that I have your attention, ladies, here are all the things women unintentionally do and push men away!

push men away
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1. You’re judgemental

While you might say that you’re not judgy, everyone is to a certain degree. Everyone makes mistakes and constantly criticizing your partner for past mistakes or behaviors you disapprove of won’t bring you closer.

Making a remark here and there is cute and funny, but always being harsh about something they’ve made is one of the easiest ways to push men away. If your partner has done something serious like cheating, it might be best to reconsider the relationship for your well-being! There’s no need to still be in a relationship and live with this awful feeling.

Otherwise, instead of constantly judging your man, have an honest conversation with him and share all the things you don’t like. Make sure you’re specific and give details, so he has a better understanding of how it makes you feel, and encourage them to do better in the future.

2. Being passive-aggressive

Another behavior that can push men away is being passive-aggressive. I did this many times, and we were almost on the verge of taking a break. Your significant other won’t be happy because it can make him feel frustrated when he doesn’t understand your feelings.

I know you might feel good knowing you made him suffer a bit, but you make yourself suffer even more in the long run. Your special someone will feel hurt, distance himself from you, and even start to avoid you if this is repeated behavior. Tell him you need a few minutes, analyze your thoughts and feelings, and then communicate them. It’s a healthier approach, and you, him, and your relationship deserve it!

push men away
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3. Getting in the way of his goals

Nothing is going to push men away more than getting in the way of their life goals. If he has something he’s passionate about, he will put all of his efforts into turning his dream into reality.

He expects you to support him, to motivate him when he feels like giving up, to help him if you can, and to give him space if he needs it to focus on his soul projects. He wants to do the same for you, but if you make him give up on his goals, he will give up on you. I’m sure this works the same for you too, so support one another! It’s better this way!

4. You don’t give him enough space

Some women want to be with their special someone 24/7, but that can sometimes push men away. Your SO needs space, whether it’s a few hours to focus on his projects or a few days to be with his friends.

He surely likes it when you’re all cuddly and lovey-dovey, but if you’re always needy and need his presence for anything, it won’t do your relationship any good. The more you tell him not to be alone, the more time away from you he’ll crave.

This is why dating experts suggest that both partners engage in activities that fulfill them individually. When you do something for yourself and work on your goals, you’ll feel happier and more confident since you’ve accomplished something for yourself, and that can translate to a happier relationship overall.

Keep reading for more behaviors that push men away!

5. Asking for too many favors

When women ask for too many favors, they can push men away. Listen to me, some men love to be of service and make you happy, but they don’t always want to solve your problems .

They want you to be independent and capable of handling most things on your own. For instance, if your toilet is clogged, you might consider calling a plumber for help and not asking your special someone to come over to take care of your problem for you. Of course, you can ask them for help, and they’ll be happy to do it, but not every single time!

push men away
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6. You fulfill all his needs

While it’s important to be mindful of your partner’s needs and try to help him fulfill them, always saying yes can push men away. Many women think that giving their men everything they ask for will make them more interested and involved in the relationship, but think again.

You don’t have to say yes to your partner every time, especially if you don’t want to or don’t have time for it. He might think you lack self-respect and that you make this relationship your entire personality, and they’ll grow out of it sooner or later. Unless he’s a megalomaniac, he wants a person who isn’t afraid to speak her mind and to disagree when something’s off. Don’t be afraid to say “no.” If he likes you, he’ll be with you because he wants to, not because you’re at his disposal every time.

7. Give him ultimatums

When a relationship reaches a stage where ultimatums are necessary, it’s most likely ending or going to end. When you give someone an ultimatum, you give them a window of time to change for the better. The problem is, even if someone would benefit from changing, they shouldn’t change for you. While this can be a way to make a relationship better, it can push men away and women too.

In the short term, ultimatums might be effective in persuading someone to change their behavior, but unless they want to change in the first place, they might not last. Even worse, if you consistently tell your partner to change for you, resentment will undoubtedly begin to surface. Over time, this can push men away.

To strengthen your relationship and have fun together, try this engaging game. It’s fun and it will ensure you both have a good time. Do you know any other things that push men away? Let us know in the comments! If you enjoyed reading this article and you want to check out something else from Detangle Love, here’s a good post for you: 8 Ways to Tease Your Partner and Make Them Love You More

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