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Do You Know The Top 7 Marriage Sins? Check Them Out Here!

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As a Christian, I always took the time to learn valuable lessons from the Bible for my marriage. You don’t have to believe in Jesus to read advice from a great book that’s teaching you how to behave. I think we can all benefit from reading more about good morals, so in this episode, I want to talk about seven sins that none of us should be guilty of in our own relationships.

Nobody is perfect. We’re all sinners. And there’s no such thing as “perfect stories”. Even at a very young age, we were indirectly taught about bad habits in some of the most infamous stories, like “The Tortoise and the Hare”, where the hare’s habit of being way too confident and lazy eventually leads to his undeniable defeat in the race against the tortoise.

There’s also the well-known story of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”, in which the boy’s a bad habit of lying eventually isolates him from anyone else because no one believed him when he was telling the truth. So when it comes to relationships, especially with your significant other, lots of bad habits might subconsciously appear from both individuals. And unfortunately, sometimes the marks left by these sins might make us feel neglected, resentful, and disconnected from our partner.

In this kind of environment, maintaining a healthy, fulfilling relationship is close to impossible. That’s why we’ve decided to use the deadly sins and demonstrate all the bad habits that might occur in a relationship. But beware that there are way more sins than what you’ll find here!

marriage sins
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Sloth – or how to become TOO comfortable

If too much comfort settles in too fast, you and your partner might stop growing in this relationship. What happens is that you automatically become complacent, and you take each other for granted. It might manifest in many different ways, like neglecting to show your appreciation and affection or even failing to make time for each other.

This kind of behavior is translated into the sin of Sloth because it involves laziness and being neglectful regarding the maintenance and growth of a healthy relationship. Sloths are oftentimes associated with a lack of motivation and effort, but in this particular context, it strictly refers to a certain lack of effort to keep and grow your relationship.

There’s also a lack of appreciation and interest in your partner, where you both fail to make time for each other, or you fail to work on your issues. All of these should be seen as being neglectful to the relationship.

Pride- or how to make fun of your partner in public

Making public jokes that might belittle your loved one in front of others might become a bad habit, especially if your partner seems awfully disapproving of them. Of course, it might have been an accident, it happens to the best of us, but it if starts becoming a habit, it becomes a problem.

This particular habit might come off as incredibly hurtful and embarrassing for your loved one. After all, from their point of view, it might even indicate a certain lack of respect and consideration for how they feel. This type of behavior translates into the sin of Pride because it involves seeking attention and validation in the most unorthodox manner: through belittling and diminishing your partner. Making public jokes at the expense of your partner shows that you’re trying to make yourself feel good, and in the meantime, diminish the image of your partner.

Even more, your actions will automatically boost your self-esteem, and this kind of behavior might gain the approval or even the validation of others. The truth is, you should start being more concerned with how your partner feels about all this, especially given that your behavior is nothing but a form of public humiliation.

Wrath – or how to start a fight over a text

As we’re all aware, starting a fight over a text means escalating a conflict or just a disagreement through text messages, instead of discussing them in person or even over the phone. This might include sending angry or even accusatory messages, making various personal attacks, and even using emojis and sarcasm just to convey hostility. This kind of behavior could be related to the sin of Wrath because it mainly involves expressing deep anger or even frustration in a very detached way.

Wrath can be translated into strong, controlled anger. In this particular matter, the desire to fight over text messages could be interpreted as nothing but a deep expression of anger and frustration. But in reality, this way of expressing yourself might simply come across as extremely hostile and aggressive. Besides that, you show unwillingness to confront the situation. You basically come off as a coward, and it might harm the relationship long-term because it might make your partner feel disrespected and emotionally disconnected from you.

envy sin
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Gluttony – or the support system

Fully relying on your partner for non-stop emotional or financial support and feeling empty and anxious a second after they left the house might show that something’s not quite right. Having an excessive need for your beloved’s presence, support, and validation might also be translated into exaggeration.

In other words, if you feel you’re overly dependent on your partner, it might cause a lot of harm to the relationship. Unfortunately, most of us experienced being in an unhealthy relationship, where one was too dependent and the other one felt it was too much.

Lust – when there’s room to chase

The “room to chase” is known as the desire to pursue a romantic interest outside current relationships, such as seeking physical or emotional gratification through flirting, dating, and even having an affair. This is not just a bad habit – it’s also downward destructive to ANY relationship.

Lust is oftentimes defined as a strong desire for physical intimacy, but it might also imply having an intense desire for exaggerating. This particular behavior is directly linked to the sin of Lust because it involves seeking physical and emotional gratification outside your bond. It’s toxic to the relationship, and it will DEFINITELY make your partner feel extremely betrayed, mistrusted, and emotionally disconnected.

gluttony sin
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Envy – or how to compare your relationship to others

Comparing your bond with others and measuring its success by some fake standards that you’ve set with other people, such as your family and friends, will automatically lead to the end of your current relationship. As far as my experience goes, I’ve learned that the grass isn’t greener on the other side.

Well, when it comes to this, we’re talking about envy. Envy is the one that defines a particular resentful longing caused by someone else’s possessions, qualities, and even luck. This kind of behavior might be related to the sin of Envy because it involves desiring the strengths and advantages of others’ relationships.

If you’re constantly wasting your time being obsessed with someone else’s advantages and relationships, it will send you right to the Land of Dissatisfaction and Resentment. And trust me, it’s ugly in there!

Greed – or how to take control

Controlling everything your partner does shows an excessive, toxic desire for power and control. It’s also a form of selfishness, because you prioritize your needs, not caring about what your partner might actually want. It leads to unwanted feelings of resentment, frustration, and disconnection.

This is the sin of Greed, where one becomes too controlling and starts neglecting the aspects of the relationship. Basically, everything that matters: emotional intimacy, trust, and, of course, mutual support. This type of imbalance is at fault for many failed relationships.

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