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Is Your Partner Still the One for You? Signs to Watch For

Can you answer “Is your partner still the one for you?” in the most honest way possible? 

There is no point in denying that every single relationship has ups and downs, and because we’re all different, it may require a lot of work from both sides. My question is: What do you do when you realize it’s more work than play?

Both having different passions and leading autonomous lives, as well as the occasional fight, are healthy. Some misconceptions are thrown about fairly carelessly regarding relationships and how they function. For instance, believing couples shouldn’t argue, that opposites attract, that sharing interests is essential, and that time apart makes the heart grow fonder.

But when conflicts damage a couple’s fundamental regard for one another, it frequently leads to a gradual loss of resolve to make up. If you are in a relationship right now and you feel like things aren’t working anymore, I want you, after you read this article, to ask yourself if your partner is still the one for you and to answer it as honestly as possible.

partner still the one for you
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Intimacy is no longer present

One of the first signs of incompatibility in a relationship is that you no longer engage in physical intercourse. Physical connection, in all its loving manifestations, is vital for a relationship to last. Hormones that foster love and connection, such as oxytocin, are released when someone touches you.

Suppose you find your significant other attractive, and you are still able to enjoy intimate physical contact without having intercourse. In that case, your relationship likely needs a little pushing in the right direction.

However, you may want to reconsider your relationship or have a serious discussion about it if you see that there is less physical closeness or that it seems forced on either end.

You’re codependent

A huge warning sign of incompatibility is if your relationship is code-pentent. While it’s great to have your other half around all the time, it’s still important to notice if too much is actually too much.

Step aside a bit and ask yourself, “Am I able to do X activities on my own without them being around?” If the answer is yes, then you can still save your relationship and turn it into a healthier one. Relying on your partner for everything is very toxic, and it can affect your personal growth as well.

You don’t have the same intellectual needs

Is your partner still the one for you if you have different intellectual needs? Hmmm…that’s debatable. If you notice that you and your partner have different degrees of interest and curiosity lately, which has made it especially difficult to strengthen your relationship and have serious talks, it may be good to reflect on whether it’s worth fighting for it or not.

If you can’t compromise and have an open discussion to address this, then your significant other isn’t the right fit for you.

Everything is starting to feel like an obligation instead of something fun

In a relationship, there are some things you have to do even if you don’t want to, like going to lunch with your partner’s parents or entertaining their buddies, which you don’t really like that much. However, your partner might not be the perfect one for you longer if you’re performing typical relationship activities—like spending time together or having meaningful conversations—out of responsibility rather than desire.

Noticing that you no longer desire to spend time with your partner and your friends should also make you wonder if there is something wrong. If you end up babysitting your partner when you go out to spend time with your friends instead of having fun, then it’s time to reconsider the relationship and have a serious discussion with them about it.

There is also a lack of trust

Lack of trust is a huge sign of incompatibility in a relationship. While we all come with a bit of baggage from our previous connections, trusting your partner is crucial if you desire a healthy relationship.

Considering this, you should probably end it if you honestly believe that your significant other isn’t being consistent in being honest or hasn’t made an effort to work things out despite your efforts to be more understanding.

Communication is the key to many issues people tend to have in their relationships. However, we are not taught how to express what we feel without making others feel bad. If you also feel that you should learn more about how to communicate properly, what about checking out this book? Communicate Your Feelings (Without Starting a Fight): What to Say and What Not to Say to Your Partner helped a lot of people to respond more assertively, become more confident, and avoid conflict. 

partner still the one for you
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Your ways of spending and saving money differ

This is usually the main reason couples fight. You may want to buy that pair of shoes while your partner insists on saving money. Maybe you have different perspectives when it comes to budgeting and your financial future. It’s crucial that you feel in harmony with each other concerning the money topic. You might not be a good fit for this if you can’t picture the two of you getting to a common point of view.

Your gut is warning you

A major red flag is if you find yourself doubting your partner’s intentions, your shared life, or simply your overall sense of worry all the time. Follow your instincts and listen to your inner voice. It’s up to you if you decide that it’s time to break up or not.

It’s hard to give up on the person you were in love with once, but if things don’t work out, it’s better that both of you be happy with other people who are more compatible.

Your communication is aggressive or confrontational

I can’t stress enough how important communication is in every relationship. But if you and your partner can’t communicate in the same language and you are arguing a lot without even trying to patch things up after the conflicts, it’s a huge red flag.

Constant fights may cause resentment on both ends, which is how people get frustrated in relationships. Of course, it might be quite tempting to let off steam by acting aggressively or confrontationally. And for the moment, this can feel like a breath of fresh air, but over time, this type of behavior destroys mutual respect, trust, and, more importantly, passion.

You can’t picture the two of you together in the future

Imagining a future you two can share as you co-create your life and partnership is a crucial element of healthy relationships. It might be a sign that a relationship is ending if there is a disconnect in your expectations for the future or if you have completely stopped discussing plans for the future.

Now, the moment of truth: Do you identify at least one of these signs in your relationship? If so, can you answer, “Is your partner still the one for you?”

Do you think you can still save your relationship? Check out 7 Ways to Fall Back in Love with Your Partner and Rekindle the Fire.

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