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Do You Have an Inappropriate Friendship With a Married Man? Here Are 6 Signs!

Inappropriate Friendship With A Married Man
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If you think you might have an inappropriate friendship with a married man, you might be right!

Have you formed an inappropriate friendship with a married man or someone in a committed relationship, and you’re wondering if that friendship is fitting?

What’s the correct etiquette for being friends with a married woman or man, and can you even be friends with someone married if you are single? Many married men and women insist that having a best friend of the opposite gender is perfectly fine.

They say that friends of a different gender make better friends because they bring different views to that relationship. But let’s stop and take a look at a few things here. There are no concrete rules for judging when married men and women can hang out or be friends.

It always depends, doesn’t it? But here are 6 telltale signs you might have an inappropriate friendship with a married man.

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