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4 Subtle Signs Your Spouse Takes You for Granted

Is It True That LOVE Lasts Just 3 Years?

Experts say that real love may have a biological expiration date, lasting around 2 or 3 years.

When people fall in love, their brains produce substances like dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin, which create excitement, euphoria, and general well-being. Over time, the brain’s response changes, often causing a significant decrease in the intense feelings of love from the beginning of a relationship.

Studies show that many partners tend to get distant and cold after they have a baby and create a family. Once a pair has successfully bonded and gone through the birth-giving process, it is considered that the main and most important goal has been achieved.

So, those intense emotions may not be as necessary, as they were before, in the next chapter of their lives. The lovers have become a team for life; their relationship is now mainly supported by communication and respect. But is that true?

Subtle Signs, Love
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How do you know if you are taken for granted? 4 Signs Your Spouse Takes You For Granted:

First of all, if you feel your partner doesn’t appreciate you as much as they should… You’re probably right! So, better prepare yourself for what is worse. Below, you can find 4 subtle signs that show your spouse takes you for granted. Have you noticed any of them? If not… Congrats! You’re a lucky one!

1 ) They no longer spend free time with you

It can be confusing and really painful to notice how your spouse avoids spending time with you. First of all, you’ll feel the need to ask yourself, What did I do wrong? And the answer is: You didn’t do anything wrong. Sometimes people feel the need to spend more time by themselves, watching TV, going out with friends, or reading a good book. Spending time alone from time to time isn’t bad at all. Everyone needs it.

When should you worry? Well, you should start worrying when it happens often and it becomes normal for your family to enjoy things separately. You can search for some interesting activities or new hobbies you can create and invite your partner to accept the challenge of discovering yourselves again.

If you make efforts just to make sure things work out in your relationship and your spouse refuses to join you, it is a subtle sign telling you you’re not valued enough.

2 ) Your relationship lacks communication

Subtle Signs, Love
Image by Andrii Zastrozhnov from Shutterstock

Lack of attention can significantly impact the health of a relationship, leading to conflicts, misunderstandings, and a loss of trust. By understanding the causes of tension, communication can be improved, and lovers can rebuild the connection if they want to.

Without speaking clearly, partners can make false assumptions about each other, which is not helping at all. A partner may be dealing with personal issues and doesn’t know how to tell you about them, while you assume he is cheating, for example. You cannot draw conclusions before you make sure you understand the causes of tension and conflict.

If you spoke to your spouse and the reason why your communication is lacking is the loss of interest, it is clearly a sign that something is not working as it should.

3 ) They flirt with others in your presence

Flirting outside the marriage raises significant concerns about respect and trust, leading to destroying a relationship. When a spouse begins flirting with someone else it is clearly a problem because it isn’t normal! Flirting means offering attention and admiration to someone, in this case, outside the relationship. It is hard for the heartbroken spouse who may feel insecure and jealous. In this kind of situation, self-esteem can also be severely impacted.

Once the trust in a relationship has been destroyed it is difficult, almost impossible to recover it. And most importantly, before offering trust we should believe and trust in ourselves which is hard to do when you catch up with your spouse cheating. Such an immature action can impact someone’s life in the long term, which is why everyone should pay more attention to their gestures.

4 ) You are no longer your partner’s priority

They rarely acknowledge the things you do. Even significant efforts will not impress them anymore. If, in the past, your partner used to be present in the things you did and now their attitude has changed, it may be a sign of losing interest. It might indicate that their focus has shifted. They may not ask about your day, forget about important events, or show little enthusiasm for activities you once enjoyed together.

When you are no longer a priority, your spouse may become more impatient and critical. If they no longer provide support in the way they used to, it can indicate a change in their perspective.

Maintaining a healthy relationship requires effort from both partners. If your spouse isn’t investing in the relationship anymore, you should try to understand what is causing his behavior, whether it is a fixable problem or not.

Can you stop being taken for granted? Of course! Just follow these steps:

  • Tell your partner how you feel
  • Establish boundaries
  • Take care of yourself
  • Seek professional assistance

Before making any decisions, you should talk to your partner about how you feel. Your partner might not realize they’re doing something inappropriate and bother you. If there are just minor inconveniences you will surely solve them as soon as you let your spouse know about what upsets you.

Taking care of yourself first and establishing boundaries will help you get through the situation easier. Let your spouse know your limits. If needed, don’t feel ashamed to reach out to a professional. On Amazon, you can find this book that may help you see the bright side of life.

Do you often feel that you aren’t valued enough?

It is hard to acknowledge that your spouse’s perception of you has changed. It can be frustrating, especially if you’ve put a lot of time, energy, and resources into the relationship.

Thinking about the times when you just started dating can make you feel emotional and lose control over your feelings. Knowing that the silly love and gestures from the beginning will never come back and your life will never be the same can be frustrating and hard to accept.

Most of us, when starting a relationship, know that it will be a challenge to make it work in the long term. Adapting to a family lifestyle isn’t as simple as it seems. Living with a different person and creating a life together also means accepting their flaws and their way of being.

How do you and your spouse manage the hard situations?

Subtle Signs, Love
Image by Andrii Zastrozhnov from Shutterstock

It is completely normal to experience highs and lows in your marriage. The key to success is represented by the way hard situations are managed. When a spouse begins to take distance, get flirty with other people, and stop making efforts for the relationship to work out, there is clearly a problem. If you feel you are not understood, that you are unheard, or that you are lonely, don’t hesitate to tell your spouse ASAP about how you feel and what exactly makes you sad.

But what do we do when the person we love the most doesn’t value ourselves anymore? It is a heartbreaking situation, but it must be faced as soon as the problems start to show. No one should ever accept being badly treated and unrespected.

If you start to question your partner’s love and commitment, first speak about your thoughts, and then do whatever feels right for you. Try to find a way to save the relationship, or distance yourself and accept that the marriage may be over. But… don’t be sad! You should never compromise yourself for someone who doesn’t value you as much as they should.

Before you leave, check out the 7 ways to fall back in love with your partner and rekindle the fire. Maybe it will inspire you and help you gain more attention from your spouse! Also, feel free to write us in the comments if you have other suggestions about how we can get through the lows in our relationships.


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