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Is Your Spouse Still Attracted to You? (10 Signs They’re NOT)

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Love is a very complicated thing. Sometimes it might be harder to tell if someone is actually in love with you or they’re just pretending for their own secret intentions. When it comes to relationships, it’s highly important to be able to trust each other.

If you feel that your partner is faking their love for you, then it might be the right time to question your bond. If any of the signs sound slightly familiar to you, it could be the time for you to have an honest conversation! So let’s discuss ten signs that might lead to the fact that your partner isn’t REALLY that into you!

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  1. 50 years married, I wish I had read this last year
    Take heed young lovers, this was how my hubby was, guess what he had an affair. So keep this list handy.

    Never too old to learn

    1. Sorry to hear that Patsy. I was wondering if you are from Compton . I was a little 2-3 yr old girl and I had a friend named Patsy. Could it be you?

  2. I lost my husband last year, and with his death went our beautiful marriage of over 52 years. I am saddened to read about others who have not had the blessing of having been married to a wonderful man. I miss my husband every minute of every day. He was a remarkable man with a heart that belonged completely to me, and mine to him.

    1. I lived with these examples for a long time at one point he did tell me he was no longer in love with me when we changed our situation and was supposed to take time to be working on it we traveled from campground to Campground posting and it was good for the first two and a half years and then all the sudden all but a couple of these signs were happening and when I finally put my foot down he couldn’t put his shoes on fast enough to get the hell out of there pay attention to the signs women they are there I’m not brokenhearted anymore because not being loved and feeling like you’re alone sucks and now I’m by myself but don’t feel alone like I did with him

    2. I lost my husband too quite a few few years ago. I’ve been almost 30. Trust me you will never find another one you can’t trust people know they’re liars cheaters so no when they’re gone they’re gone when they’re a good person you’ll never find another one.

  3. 36 years of marriage, I should have kept my wits and never fallen to her treachery as she blackmailed me into remarrying her even though I wanted to stay as friends. Living with a narcissist and being gaslighted by her. Now I have been separated from her not legally, she refuses to divorce me, even though she tells me that she did but never received the paperwork. I am stuck being married to her with no reculection of the date of the second marriage

  4. I think that just because you don’t have sex doesn’t mean your husband is not attracted to you! I am very attracted to my Husband, but he has self-esteem and body issues since he’s gained a lot of weight. I tell him that it doesn’t bother me, but he feels very self-conscious and won’t even let me see him naked! However, he does loves me a lot, and shows me a lot of respect and love in other ways. Plus, I’ve gone thru menopause, and he’s going thru manopause! Both of our sex drives have taken a dive. Yes, sex is important, but it’s not the only thing. Respecting your loved ones wished and boundaries and just letting them no that no matter what you look like, you love them anyway! My Husband is overweight, but it doesn’t bother me.

  5. This information is essential in establishing a worthwhile relationship and a very loving one. It touch on normal basis of how humans react to each other’s and the opposite sex (or even same sex scenarios) has views on their own standards to be disrespected in a relationship. It also goes that “hidden agendas is many and often occuring without notice until you’re actually get hurt 🤕 in the end. To heed and advice to do your own “soul searching” before your so-called “soulmate” become a “👿 in disguise “….thank you

  6. You are just here creating the least enviable marriage records in the world where nearly 2 out of 3 marriages fail within their first 5 years. Have you ever wondered why marriages in other parts of the world , especially in the non advanced societies have much better records than the US marriages – NO ONE SPYING ON THEIR CLOSEST MATES. One day in the near future you would simply succeeded in destroying all marriages. No wonder all other non thinkable alternative type marriages are making huge waves in your world

  7. My wife walked out after 40 years. I can see several of these signs now. She is still nice to me when she needs something or wants something. But other times she treats me like she did when we were together. I now see why she had no problem with me working out of town. She left just days after i announced i was fixing to start working locally.

  8. My ex always was steering at other men,it was sad to me so
    I broke my ten year relationship she was only in favor of her daughter which I ended up falling falling in love with her and viceversa but she refused my love for obvious reasons , I ended up lonely and sad ,my advisor the mother of my previous family past away on cancer last year after the best relationship when she was needing my support !!, gross story
    I still need understanding ; I am a senior young guy !. thanks for watching like CNN

  9. I’ve been married 27 yrs. 15 yrs ago my wife began saying I love you but I’m not in love with you. At that time, I had no idea what she meant. When I looked up the meaning of the phrase, I was totally shocked. Sure enough, a few years later I discovered she was having an affair an it had been going on for 9 months. We have children, she is well respected in the medical community. Because of who the person was that she has been meeting regularly for sex- it made the situation more difficult for me. When I first confronted her, she denied any wrongdoing. Her gaslighting tactics were weighing down on me. She informed me that she didn’t have to put up with my abuse and false accusations against her. She told me that she was going to divorce me if the accusations didn’t stop. That everyone would finally see how crazy I was. She also told me that I had better start treating her better if I wanted to stay married. Telling me actions speak louder than words! We are at 5 yrs since D day. I’m so sick of tired of all the BS that comes with a spouse who is not mad at themselves for cheating. There only mad bc they got caught. I can tell you that the first fine signs you mentioned in the article are the 5 characteristics that are steering the marriage today. My wife never followed. Any suggestions from a counselor? She refuses to do anything that would help a Marriage and pause the way there have been so many strange and explainable things that happen in around this household the last 5 years and when I ask her about some of these situations that have her prints all over them, she gets defensive, or she ignores me or she gaslight me. If she isn’t using one of those tactics, you better believe she is shifting blame on me. I have learned so much about my wife and what she is capable of doing without feeling any remorse. I don’t trust her, I don’t believe in her. Yet I love her and I can’t seem to do what’s best for me – and walk away while there is still time left to rediscover life and it’s possibilities. Thank you for publishing this article. I needed to read this in the worst way. No it’s up to me to do the right thing. It’s going to be hard.

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