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These 8 Superstitions Might Change Your Love Life

Photo by TungCheung from Shutterstock

Some superstitions can be pretty bizarre. However, when it comes to the ones related to our love lives, they can be even stranger. Knocking on wood is one thing, but ripping flowers apart and fighting over wedding bouquets is another.

Sure, nowadays fewer and fewer people take love superstitions as gospel. But this doesn’t mean that we cannot turn to the comfort (or stress) of these old tales. So why do we still give random objects and acts a romantic meaning? And why do these superstitions frequently place the responsibility for worrying about love prospects on women?

To explore those questions, we’ve chosen some of the most well-known superstitions about romance, love, and marriage. Read on to learn more about them, and make sure to take each one with the appropriate amount of salt!

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