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5 Cruel Things Women Do to Their Partner, According to Men

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Have you ever wondered what are the cruel things women do to their partners even if they do not realize it?

A lot of people hyperfocus on what men have done to their partners, especially focusing on cheating, yet not a lot of people pay attention to the cruel things women do to their partners as well. This is not to say that either gender is more prone to being cruel to their partner, as this is a thing that every human is capable of, but rather that each of us can do a lot of bad and even cruel things to those we love, even if we are not aware of the things we do.

Sometimes, people are aware of what they are doing to their partners and just do not care about the anguish they are causing because they believe that the end justifies the means. What’s more, men generally end up not complaining about the things that they find cruel and annoying to their partners because they do not want to be seen as complaining. It is impossible, however, to not be bothered by certain things.

To help you understand how your partner’s mind works and how certain things you do may end up upsetting them, we have gathered some of the cruel things women do to their partners as mentioned by men who found them upsetting.

Have you ever heard of these cruel things women do to their partners? Have you ever done any of these cruel things women do without even realizing it? Do you agree that these actions are cruel? Let us know your opinion in the comments!

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9 Responses

  1. I will never trust a woman again just because of this bad character trait most of them have. I’m not saying that all women are cheaters, but literally all the women that I’ve ever dated or been married to have cheated. Some were ever so sneaky and some so obvious that they just didn’t care what I thought. And all of them have lied through their teeth to my face about it and denied it. Never again. The sad part is that once you have a long string of bad women you never can get full trust in anyone who may turn out to be faithful. But I’ve never seen it. Even some of my best friends wives have hit on me and one of my own brothers wives wanted to run away with me. They just show what kind of scum they really are.

  2. For most men we are territorial to the max. And our woman we chose to spend our life with we allow in the inner circle of our heart. If she flirts or is abnormally friendly with other men then she is not only testing the waters, but she has demonstrated she has already disconnected from her man in her heart. If she shows that kind of routine hugging, kissing, or just extended arm and arm moments with male friends, know this is a RED FLAG for 99% of the men out there. Women will just pass it off as you are just insecure, while the truth is you are territorial and have put up boundaries that you set in you own heart to prevent pain and insecurity. If you date someone who is prone to this and you are even the least bit uncomfortable, its time to put her in the friend zone and leave her alone. She will only hurt you in the long run. No woman is worth that.

  3. Ignoring a man will only drive him away. Once you start that process and he is annoyed with your head game, you will lose him. And rightly so. No man wants to be ghosted and treated like he is low on your priority list. If you are in a relationship then you are part of your team. And it is to both party’s benefit that each make the other their priority. There is an old saying, “If you love your spouse you love yourself.” I know that some men are cheaters, as are some women. And I’m not saying that you need to give anymore attention to that one. But head games on your spouse will only back fire on you and you will just drive them away. Women have their games, but men after years of trial and error learn women who play like that are just immature and aren’t worth the time or money to invest in.

  4. I always enjoy your site and this article about women is very informative and a good guide to less experienced men.
    There is one thing men should be aware of. We guys are supposed to be the stronger ones. However, men suffer more from a lost relationship than women. Men take this very personally and hard. They won´t talk with other men about this. They suffer in private and it takes a while for them to get back into the dating game of fear it may happen again.

  5. Yeah it’s ok for her to think about other men or even flirt with them but if you did it they would think it’s wrong and hold it against you! And my stepdad told me something that he wasn’t wrong about…. even if you both drank the exact same amount, your drunk and she’s not!! And no matter who said or did what, you’re always wrong and she’s always right!! And never be honest about how much money you have or make….cuz then she starts getting ideas about how much of your money oughta be her money!!! Yes a lot of guys will cheat but women are way more devious, heartless and cruel !!

  6. just thinking is ok, it’s acting on those thoughts that is the wrong thing to do, I don’t expect my partner to act like h’s gone blind or has never been in an intimate relationship with a woman before he met me, I assume rightly pr wrongly that he has had a life that included encounters with other people & some of them female , I’m just not that insecure I mean, if you want to go, go I was alone before I met you & I’ll be again for however long it takes t5o meet someone else after you’re gone I’m an adult I know how to entertain myself & I also feel there are worst ways to hurt & betray me than mere sexual infidelity but, that’s just me I have never in my life wanted to be with someone who didn’t want me as well & it’s too late start such nonsense at this late stage in the game so, follow your bliss

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