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10 Cruel Things Men Do to Their Partner, According to Women

Here are the cruel things men do to their partners!

Men, like women, can exhibit hurtful behaviors in romantic relationships. Despite societal stereotypes and expectations, both genders are capable of negative reactions.

With the context of the gender dynamic changing, some individuals misuse the progress made by the feminist movement. They may form groups and agree on a demeanor that is deemed acceptable for men in relationships, leading to a concerning pattern of discrimination against women. These actions can sometimes be psychologically and emotionally damaging for the women involved.

Like female partners, men can also be downright nasty and do awful things to their significant others. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 cruel things men do to their partners. Check this out!

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1. Treating partners as placeholders

Continuing a romantic relationship despite losing interest or seeking someone else can be hurtful to the existing partner, leading to confusion and emotional turmoil.

According to experts, treating partners as placeholders is when you maintain a relationship for convenience or because you’re scared to be alone. In other words, men who do that to their partners aren’t in their relationship because of genuine affection or interest.

This can result in emotional distress for the man. Because she’s being treated as a placeholder, she may sense a lack of genuine commitment and feelings. It can also lead to a sense of being unimportant and undervalued in the relationship. It’s definitely one of the worst and most cruel things men do to their partners.

2. Disparaging comments in public

An emerging pattern present in the media right now portrays men as incompetent, contrasting them with their female partners, who are depicted as flawless and intelligent. But this doesn’t mean that vice versa doesn’t apply. This representation may result in real-life instances where men publicly shame and belittle their female partners.

According to women, this is one of the most awful and cruel things men do to their significant others. According to experts, men sometimes engage in this behavior to show their dominance and power in a relationship.

3. Employing emotional manipulation

Just because some women do that in their romantic relationships doesn’t mean that men can’t do the same. In fact, the women we’ve spoken with agree that this is by far one of the most cruel things men do in relationships.

Manipulating another person’s feelings to achieve personal goals is harmful behavior, regardless of gender. Using emotional manipulation in such a scenario makes the harm done to the partner worse. Tactics like guilt-tripping, gaslighting, and employing emotional blackmail to keep the other in the relationship can further deteriorate the mental and emotional well-being of the individual being manipulated.

Similar to other cruel things men do to their partners, this behavior is really harmful, as it creates a toxic dynamic, undermines trust, and can have lasting psychological effects on the manipulated one. It’s essential for healthy relationships to be built on honesty, genuine affection, and mutual respect rather than insincere or manipulative intentions.

4. Ignoring communication attempts

When a man shares his contact information but fails to respond or provides a fake number, it can be frustrating and disappointing. The women we’ve spoken with said that they prefer men refusing to give them their phone number rather than doing that and not answering afterward. In their opinion, this can be added to the list of cruel things men do to women.

Ignoring communication attempts, especially after sharing contact information, isn’t nice at all and can hurt the woman’s trust. It’s a behavior that can erode faith in the integrity of future communications, making it hard to establish or maintain a meaningful connection.

Plus, providing a fake phone number not only wastes the effort and time of the woman trying to connect but also reflects a lack of respect and dishonesty for others.

Read on to discover other cruel things men do to women!

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5. Using physical violence

Whether it’s about a man or a woman, physical aggression is never acceptable in any relationship. This isn’t something that is justifiable, regardless of the gender of the perpetrator or victim. It’s important to condemn and address such actions for the sake of both parties’ safety and well-being.

This is by far one of the most cruel things men do to their partners. It’s essential to foster healthy relationships based on understanding, communication, and respect, where both partners treat each other with consideration and kindness.

Reach out for help if you’re a victim, and keep in mind that there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

6. Using intimacy as a bargaining tool

A distressingly common practice used by some men is withholding intimacy, something profoundly essential to women (as it’s for men too), as a strategy to achieve personal goals or to punish their partners for perceived wrongdoings.

According to women, this is one of the most cruel things men do, and they agree that it’s ultimately one of the reasons why the relationship ends. Considering how important intimacy is in a relationship, using it as a tool for retribution or manipulation is undeniably hurtful.

7. Lack of upfront relationship disclosure

Imagine having a nice interaction with an attractive man, only to find out after investing effort and time that he is already in a committed relationship. Or is it committed if he is intentionally flirting with other women?

While not the worst offense, it can be frustrating to learn about his relationship status after assuming he is available, especially when exchanging compliments and enjoying the conversation. Most women agree that this is one of the most cruel things men do.

8. Provoking jealousy through flirtation

In various scenarios, men may purposefully flirt with other women while their partners are there to incite jealousy, possibly after a disagreement, due to feeling undervalued, or simply to witness their partner’s discomfort.

Not only is this type of behavior immature, but it’s also manipulative, as it seeks to generate insecurity within the relationship and manipulate the feelings of the partner. The women we talked to agreed that this is one of the most cruel things men do, pointing out that this is frequently a sign that the man is insecure as well. Nevertheless, this isn’t an excuse to hurt someone else’s feelings.

Speaking of manipulation, here’s a book that can help you overcome this type of behavior.

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9. Making up emotional “tests” for her

Often, this unkind behavior exhibited by some men is accompanied by the phrase “if you genuinely cared about me,” which is a significant influencing factor for men. So they are faced with a tough call: do what he asks in order to keep things peaceful, or maintain their original plans at the risk of jeopardizing the relationship.

It’s a challenging situation, and to be honest, regardless of gender, it’s a petty and irksome act that is unfortunately quite prevalent.

10. Emotional testing

Last but not least on the list of cruel things men do to women is when they test their partners. Picture being ready for a night out with the girls when he all of a sudden requests that you change your plans to be with him instead, giving no specific reason.

He may be hinting that your love for him is mirrored in your willingness to prioritize him over your pre-existing plans. This type of emotional manipulation, testing a partner’s devotion through coercion or guilt, is unkind and petty.

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