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7 Signs You Should File for Divorce Right NOW

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7. They’re not your go-to person

That’s the most important sign of this entire list, in my opinion, so carefully read it and then analyze your relationship for an answer. Who do you call when you have exciting news or when you feel bad and want someone to cheer you up? Or when you find something incredible in a store and want to hear someone else’s opinion?

Your spouse should be the first person you tell all those things to, whether it’s something wonderful or not. When neither of you wants to share important moments, both good and bad, that’s a sign that you’re not connected to each other anymore.

Furthermore, that disconnection can lead to being lonely in the marriage, and unfortunately, that often leads to divorce. What you can do first is ask yourself how you feel and whether you want your relationship to grow or not.

If you find that you love your partner and want to reconcile, be honest with them and come up with ways to bring back the spark. But if you think that you’ll be better off by yourself, a divorce might not be a bad idea.

If you have a lot of questions but don’t know where to start, check out this book, because it will guide you through the process. Until next time, here’s a good article for you: Should Couples Fight About These 4 Things? YES- Here’s Why!

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