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7 Signs You Should File for Divorce Right NOW

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6. Your relationship seems real only on social media

I’m pretty sure that you already know that social media isn’t real and that those images and videos you see are only things people want to share with the world, which doesn’t mean they’re true.

All these platforms manufacture highly edited versions of people’s lives, making others think that they have it all together and that they have figured life out. If somewhere in your mind you think about divorce but don’t want to admit it, you might use social media platforms to convince yourself that your relationship is great and there’s no need to complain.

When you post over and over again about how happy you are and how well things between you two are going, it’s a sign of oversharing and actually hiding something in real life.

You don’t want to face the fact that you’re growing apart from one another, so you try to cover up the truth with posts and comments that show the world how happy you are.

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