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Most Men HATE It When Women Wear These 14 Things

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As women have more options than ever regarding clothing and accessories, it would be interesting to analyze things from men’s perspectives. Have you ever wondered what they think of women’s fashion options? I know the general belief is that men don’t care what you’re wearing as long as they don’t have to wait for you, but in reality, they are VERY opinionated.

Well, we’ve managed to stumble upon some of these opinions, and now we can share them with you! Surprisingly, the range of things men have strong opinions about is wider than you thought, so prepare. From revealing clothes to funny eyeglasses, here are all the fashion items that men hate:

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12 Responses

  1. AND because men don’t like these clothing choices, what, we shouldn’t wear them. Think again. The day a woman dresses for a man is not happening. Screw that. Who cares what “they” like or don’t like. I dress how I want and that’s it.
    And who says they dress how we’d want anyway. Most cannot put together two things if they came together.

    1. I am a jeans and tennis shoes kind of person. I haven’t worn a dress or high heels since I was in my teens, and now I am a Baby Boomer. I like comfort.

  2. Ah fashion! Almost as bad as the housing trends of making everything gray! Some of these things most men I know don’t “hate”.
    One for sure we do hate are jumpers! Those are hideous! But high heels and tight clothing? Really? Most men I know enjoy that! It’s all depending on who YOU asked and where. Try again!

  3. Seriously, who cares!!! Old enough (and young enough) to wear what makes me feel good. Who needs (or wants) a man who judges you on your clothes. They can like (or dislike) what they want – freedom of thought, just keep it to yourself! My confidence does not need anyone’s approval.

  4. Just WHAT is fashion, anyhow? It is the epitome of the dastardly wasteful “planned obsolescence” ploy—A device to manipulate women to ditch their clothes and buy new wardrobes!

    Whenever I enter a thrift store, I am appalled at the wastefulness I see—racks and shelves overloaded with women’s shoes, hand bags and clothing, clothing, clothing!! Most of it will end up in the dumpster.

    Meanwhile, in the third world, many good people have NO shoes, and wear their clothes until they fall off! In FACT, there are people in Africa who are SO poor—they have NO clothes at all! They are ashamed of that and hide naked in the jungle! Now isn’t that A REALLY SAD SITUATION??

    I could never be attracted to these overindulgent greedy women; caught in the racket of constantly buying and ditching clothing. In my opinion, a woman can be mighty attractive wearing simple well fitting modest clothing on a constant basis. And just a few pair of comfortable simple shoes should be adequate. It also shows consideration to the less fortunate women in the world. Selfishness comes across as hideously ugly to me.

    This timely missive compliments of Feral Tomm

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