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10 Things Women Want in Bed but Won’t Tell You

things women want in bed
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4. Compliments

One of the most important things women want in bed (and in a relationship in general) is to be complimented. But doesn’t everyone want to be complimented? It makes us feel good and appreciated, so don’t shy away from saying beautiful things.

If your partner made an effort to create a romantic atmosphere for you, whether it’s lighting candles, dressing up for the special moment, or cooking you a fantastic meal before dessert, compliment her, tell her how lucky you are that she’s with you, and don’t forget to say that she looks nice and you can’t wait to have fun between the sheets. She wants this type of behavior from you, so why not make her happy?

5. Try different things

There are many things women want in bed but might not tell you, so if you have no idea how to spice up your romantic activity, here’s something to remember: try new things.

Just like men, a woman can reach her physical “happiness” in many ways, so why not try different things to get the best results? Besides that, a few changes can be beneficial for your romantic connection, so having fun in a different place, in a different way, and with different things might be exactly the thing you were both missing.

6. Tease her

A little bit of teasing never hurt anybody, and it can even make the entire activity feel more passionate and intense. Let’s say that you’re both watching a movie, and a romantic session together wasn’t exactly what she had in mind.

One of the things women want in bed is the element of surprise, so give her that with a side of teasing, and there’ll be fireworks, believe me. Try to send her hints that you want something, then back off. See how she answers, and then start again. That’s something women want, but they won’t tell you.

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