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10 Things Women Want in Bed but Won’t Tell You

things women want in bed
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7. Take care of their needs

Even though some women don’t reach the top of the mountain during your special time together, it doesn’t mean that they don’t feel good while it lasts. However, one of the things they want in bed is for you to pay some attention to their needs.

Make sure they feel good too, whether at the beginning of your time together or at the end. They’ll appreciate it, and they’ll cherish those romantic moments more.

PS: You can use whatever method you want; just go slow and build up from there, and combine the previous tips to reach your goal! Your partner will love it!

8. Cuddling after

Do you know what other things women want in bed? They would love to cuddle with you for a few minutes after those special moments end. Don’t just roll over and sleep or get up from the bed to watch a game or make a snack, because that’s not going to make them feel good and appreciated.

Hug them, kiss them again, and just hold them tight. You don’t even need to talk; just a few simple and romantic moments together will be just enough for her to feel close and connected to you.

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