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10 Things Women Want in Bed but Won’t Tell You

Do you know what are the things women want in bed?

Bedroom time is something special and unique for every single couple, regardless of their orientation. It’s an opportunity to connect with one another on a deeper and more physical level; it’s great to relieve stress and anxiety, and we all know that the afterglow is one of the best things ever.

Even though it might seem pretty straightforward for many people, especially couples, to know what each other would love to receive in the bedroom, it’s more complicated than it seems.

For instance, when my husband and I were dating, we had a hard time getting to know each other more romantically and physically. I was too shy to tell him what I wanted, and I thought that keeping my mouth shut and letting him discover me would be better.

It wasn’t, because my husband didn’t know where to start either, so when we realized that the relationship was getting serious and we were rather comfortable with one another, we started telling each other more about our bedroom expectations.

I know that women can be hard to please, so if you want to know more about the things women want in bed, I’m going to share everything with you. Since I don’t shy away from my husband, I won’t shy away from you either, so let’s get this party started!

PS: If you follow my advice and do all these things women want in bed, they will make sure to treat you right! So get ready for something steamy and s**y!

things women want in bed
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1. Going slow

One of the most important things women want in bed is for you to move slowly. You probably know that women take longer than men to get in the mood, so why rush a good thing?

The slower you move, the more passionate everything will be, and when you feel that they can’t wait any longer, that’s when you can speed up. While it might not be true for every single woman in the world, moving slowly, kissing them every step of the way, and making sure that they feel good and cared for is going to be mind-blowing in the end.

2. Kissing everywhere

Another one of those important things women want in bed but won’t tell you is that they want to be kissed. A LOT! If you have no idea how to make your partner get frisky with you, try giving them a slow and gentle kiss. It will lighten the mood and be the start of a wonderful and romantic adventure between the sheets.

While they might not directly tell you, kissing is one of the things women want in bed. This one goes hand in hand with the previous thing, so take your time, and give their special places the attention they need and you’ll enjoy the results.

3. Saying their names

This is a must if you want your partner to be over the moon with you. Women love it when they feel appreciated for who they are and what they do, and if you say their names during those special moments, they’ll feel happy and loved and will get even more involved in what’s happening.

So if you want to make your partner happy and see a true waterfall coming to life (if you know what I mean), say her name, and you won’t regret it.

things women want in bed
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4. Compliments

One of the most important things women want in bed (and in a relationship in general) is to be complimented. But doesn’t everyone want to be complimented? It makes us feel good and appreciated, so don’t shy away from saying beautiful things.

If your partner made an effort to create a romantic atmosphere for you, whether it’s lighting candles, dressing up for the special moment, or cooking you a fantastic meal before dessert, compliment her, tell her how lucky you are that she’s with you, and don’t forget to say that she looks nice and you can’t wait to have fun between the sheets. She wants this type of behavior from you, so why not make her happy?

5. Try different things

There are many things women want in bed but might not tell you, so if you have no idea how to spice up your romantic activity, here’s something to remember: try new things.

Just like men, a woman can reach her physical “happiness” in many ways, so why not try different things to get the best results? Besides that, a few changes can be beneficial for your romantic connection, so having fun in a different place, in a different way, and with different things might be exactly the thing you were both missing.

6. Tease her

A little bit of teasing never hurt anybody, and it can even make the entire activity feel more passionate and intense. Let’s say that you’re both watching a movie, and a romantic session together wasn’t exactly what she had in mind.

One of the things women want in bed is the element of surprise, so give her that with a side of teasing, and there’ll be fireworks, believe me. Try to send her hints that you want something, then back off. See how she answers, and then start again. That’s something women want, but they won’t tell you.

things women want in bed
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7. Take care of their needs

Even though some women don’t reach the top of the mountain during your special time together, it doesn’t mean that they don’t feel good while it lasts. However, one of the things they want in bed is for you to pay some attention to their needs.

Make sure they feel good too, whether at the beginning of your time together or at the end. They’ll appreciate it, and they’ll cherish those romantic moments more.

PS: You can use whatever method you want; just go slow and build up from there, and combine the previous tips to reach your goal! Your partner will love it!

8. Cuddling after

Do you know what other things women want in bed? They would love to cuddle with you for a few minutes after those special moments end. Don’t just roll over and sleep or get up from the bed to watch a game or make a snack, because that’s not going to make them feel good and appreciated.

Hug them, kiss them again, and just hold them tight. You don’t even need to talk; just a few simple and romantic moments together will be just enough for her to feel close and connected to you.

9. Special talk

As we’ve already discussed, women take a little longer to get in the mood, so why not give them some help? Another one of these important things women want in bed is for you to talk to them in a special way.

It will make them feel good and ready for action, and maybe it will encourage them to talk like that too. If you’ve never done it, you should know that it is very liberating, and it can get very blurry but wonderful.

10. Take control

We’re almost done with these things women want in bed (if you’d love part two of this article, or if you want to read what men would want in bed, leave a comment below and we’ll take care of it), but we still have something to tell you: take control.

Of course, it’s fun and exciting when women take control and decide what those romantic moments will look like, but if you want to surprise her like only you know how, be the boss. You’ll both enjoy it, and the afterglow will be priceless!

If you want to spice up your love life, here’s a fantastic game to put you both in the mood. Do you know any other things women want in bed? Leave them in the comments!

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