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Am I a Bad Wife for Thinking About Other Men When He’s Away? Vote Here!

thinking about other men
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4. Flirting with other people

When I was 15 years old, I discovered what flirting was, and it was so exciting to me that I started doing it with almost every guy I was talking to. You might say that it was a bit early for this kind of behavior to kick in, but I had fun, and it made me feel empowered and interesting.

Well, fast forward many, many years, and I still like to flirt here and there, and I’m so used to it that it feels like second nature. Is flirting with someone else considered cheating?

I’m not thinking about other men; I just find flirting funny and stress-free. I see many couples doing this, and they don’t seem bothered. Do you or your partner flirt with other people? Tell me in the comments, because I’m curious about this one.

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