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Am I a Bad Wife for Thinking About Other Men When He’s Away? Vote Here!

thinking about other men
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6. Paying more attention to your appearance

I know that seeking validation from others isn’t exactly recommended, but it can give you a boost of confidence because everyone appreciates when other people notice and compliment their good looks, right?

When you notice yourself thinking about other men, you might see that you want to add a little extra attention to your appearance, whether that means taking extra care of your hair, putting on makeup, dressing differently, or any other thing you might want to put more effort into.

While the first thing that might’ve compelled you to dress differently was the fact that you’re sometimes thinking about other men, I’m pretty sure that your partner will definitely appreciate you taking extra care of yourself.

At the end of the day, is thinking about other men bad, or is it natural for our minds to wander around here and there every once in a while? Some people say that it’s natural, while others say it’s micro-cheating. Don’t forget to vote on the second page of this article because I have a huge dilemma and I might not be the only one in this position.

Sometimes it’s not easy to communicate with your partner about the things that bother you or about admitting that sometimes you find yourself thinking about other men.

Whatever your relationship problem is, I know a book that is wonderful in helping you with managing your emotions. I’ve been married for 20 years, but I still come back to this book when things between me and my husband feel tense. Trust me, it’s a good one and is called “Communicate Your Feelings (without starting a fight): What to Say and What Not to Say to Your Partner (Mental & Emotional Wellness)“. You can find it on Amazon at a discount price, so don’t miss this offer!

Until next time, here’s a fantastic article for you: Relationships 5 Cruel Things Women Do to Their Partner, According to Men!

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