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7 Quality Time Tips for a Stronger Connection With Your Partner

These quality time tips can help you make your partner feel loved!

One of the love languages Dr. Gary Champman describes in his book is quality time. By the way, you can get the book here if you’re interested in reading it (we truly recommend you do that). Basically, it helps to understand the way people prefer to express and receive love.

Having powerful chemistry and getting along with your significant other is great, but it doesn’t automatically mean you experience love in the same ways—and this is where love languages come in.

Once you know your loved one’s love language, you can start to figure out how to show them love in the way they need, which isn’t always going to be the same as the way you want to be loved.

So, what exactly is the quality time love language, how can it help you create a good relationship, and what are some quality time tips? We’ve tackled all this and more below! Check this out!

Quality-time love language: a quick overview

If your significant other’s love language is quality time, it means they feel the most appreciated and loved when you give them your full, undivided attention. Knowing that can help you better understand how to connect with them and think of quality time tips to put this into practice.

For instance, if your loved one enjoys sharing new experiences with you more than receiving physical gifts, is an excellent listener and always gives you their undivided attention, isn’t as susceptible to distractions as others, and always makes time for you and their loved ones, even when they’re not physically with them, it means they communicate love in terms of quality time.

Now, let’s see some quality time tips that will help you make your significant other feel appreciated and loved!

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1. Start a project together

Working on something with your loved one isn’t only satisfying but also a great way to spend quality time together. It doesn’t have to be something big to count as something. You can think of an activity as small as starting a puzzle, or you can choose a project as big as painting your kitchen cabinets.

There’s a bevy of options out there! Just make sure you pick something that both of you enjoy doing.

This is one of the most effective quality time tips because it helps you two think like a team. When you have instructions to follow or a shared goal to work towards, you need to put your heads together so you get the thing done. To someone who values quality time, that shared focus is like candy!

2. Plan a recurring date night

If your significant other thrives on spending time together, they will love the idea of having a lovely date at the same time every week. It doesn’t have to be the same activity every time. Switch it up with different activities like eating out, going for a walk, cooking at home, and seeing a top-rated romance movie.

In fact, the specifics of the activity itself aren’t actually the most important part. What matters is that you make a schedule and stick to it. Of all the quality time tips we can think of, this is one of the best ways to show your loved one you enjoy spending time with them.

3. Put your phone down

We’ve all heard the dating advice that we should stop scrolling, put down our phones, and be more present with our loved ones. But, are you actually doing it? It’s especially essential to spend less time on your smartphone if your significant other’s love language is quality time.

They cherish not only physically being with you but also feeling that you are present with them. Doing a crossword or scrolling through news headlines next to each other doesn’t qualify as spending time together. So, one of the best quality time tips is to catch up with social media later and talk to your partner instead. They will love you for it.

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4. Establish a morning routine

People who value spending meaningful, focused time with their partner also appreciate it when their significant others put in quality time to make them happy. One of the most effective quality time tips to make your loved one feel appreciated is to create a consistent morning ritual.

If you’re looking for some ideas to show them your love, send a good morning text before work to make them smile. Or, set out a mug for their morning coffee and leave them a flirty love note nearby.

Whether you’re just casually dating or you’re in a serious relationship, you can appeal to their love language with these tiny yet meaningful gestures.

Read on to discover other quality time tips!

5. Do chores together

This might not seem like a cool date idea for some, but at least try it! For someone who values quality time with their significant others, doing chores together can be a wonderful way to help them feel loved.

So, add this to your list of quality time tips! Whether it’s getting the grocery shopping done, doing some DIY at home, or cleaning the house, just spending time together is a great chance to connect, regardless of the activity.

6. Don’t cancel plans

Remember, your significant other speaks the language of spending time together. Once you understand this, you should know that often this love language translates as not taking kindly to canceled plans.

You may think that canceling plans isn’t a big deal, but this applies to you, not to your partner either. Furthermore, someone whose love language is quality time may not like it, even when you have a legitimate reason to reschedule and/or you give them advance notice.

Keep in mind that when you make plans together, that means a lot to them. In other words, don’t commit until you’re completely sure you can make it. If you do have to cancel, be sure to do so respectfully and delicately.

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7. Set aside time to be together

Life can get pretty hectic sometimes. But one of the best and most effective quality time tips that we can share with you is to always find time to be with your significant other. Of course, on especially busy days, this may only take five minutes.

It’s easy to overlook the importance of that when you have plenty of other things on your mind, but don’t discredit the need of your partner for love.

Even setting aside just five minutes to sit and talk to each other is really important for those whose love language is quality time. This is your opportunity to connect on a deeper level, so ensure that you make time for this every day.


You don’t have to plan the perfect romantic date or come up with the most creative ideas to make your partner happy. With these quality time tips from above, you just have to try and let your significant other see that you’re making efforts to communicate using their love language.

The fact that you care enough to take the time to learn their love language and are willing to give them your full, undivided attention will show them you care.

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