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Ever Wondered What Men Secretly Love? Here’s the Answer!

Have you ever wondered what men secretly love? I have all the answers for you!

Love can be a tricky game, but guess what? Everything is better, easier, and more fun once you know the rules. Just like women’s desires, men’s wishes can sometimes be hard to read. While a love puzzle can be an exciting experience for both of you, it might be nice to know exactly what your partner expects from you.

Speaking of that, men secretly love multiple things, but they won’t tell you directly because they expect you to figure them out yourself. So, whether you’re at the beginning of a lovely adventure or you’re in a long-term relationship, this article is what you need for a tiny love buzz. Without further ado, here’s what men secretly love but might not reveal to you.

men secretly love
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1. Random texts

Have you ever noticed a man picking up his phone the second it beeped, only to have the biggest smile on his face afterward? That might be his favorite girl. A simple text from the woman he likes can make his day.

For some reason, these random texts might mean more to guys than we know, as men secretly love them. Your attention and your curiosity towards him make him feel desired and appreciated, and a surprise text can make those butterflies kick in, so don’t neglect it, even if you know he’s busy. You can send him a cute little message saying that you hope he has a great day, and you can also add a kissing or hug emoji. It will make him feel better, trust me!

2. Your first move

Even though we all know that men are hunters and they like chasing, it’s always fun to mix things up and keep them on their toes. He might be the one always to plan dates, text, or call, but let him take a step back for a little while, and you do the hard work. Plan a surprise date for him, call him to make sure he gets home safe, and show him how much you want him in the bedroom. The sky is the limit here, so there are no excuses.

If you know he’s been under a lot of stress lately and you’d both love to relax, grab a blanket, prep some tiny and delicious sandwiches, grab a bottle of wine, water, some fruits, crackers, and cream cheese, and go on a date in the park. You can enjoy some much-needed time in nature, and you also have the chance to catch up and spend a wonderful day together.

Men secretly love it when their partners surprise them with dates and other romantic gestures, so why not show him how much he means to you? This will make him feel special and appreciated, and it will make your relationship even more special.

men secretly love
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3. Being needed

Okay, this can be a tricky one, but men secretly love when their partners need them. Nature created guys to be problem solvers, and the minute you tell them that something is bothering you, they’ll come up with a solution.

While you can take care of your problems all by yourself, it’s nice to let him get involved and help you, whether it’s something big or small. This triggers his hero instinct, letting him know that he can help and provide for you, and whether he admits it or not, he sometimes craves it.

A man who’s head over heels for you will love to be considered your hero, so he won’t miss the chance to show you how great he is. However, I told you that this can be tricky, so make sure you don’t overdo it.

As much as he wants to be there for you and assist you with everything, he also wants to know that you’re perfectly okay to handle things on your own, so the moral of the story here is that you have to choose your battles.

4. A hint of jealousy

Did you know that a healthy hint of jealousy can actually make your relationship better? While too much of it can lead to disasters, a hint of jealousy and flirting can make you seem even more attractive and, therefore, make your partner like you even more.

Acting a tad jealous (read again, a tad) or upset is one of the things men secretly love because it reassures them that your feelings are real. However, make sure you keep it under control because too much isn’t attractive and can be harmful.

TIP: You don’t have to act jealous when he’s talking to someone else, especially a colleague or a friend, because you know that you’re the only one important to him. However, if he’s watching a movie or playing a game on his smartphone, you can act a tad jealous that he doesn’t spend his time with you, press stop, give him a hug and a kiss, and then let him do his thing.

Make sure you don’t pull him away from an important project, because just like you, he’s passionate about his interests. If you don’t respect his work and schedule, you might give off the impression that you’re not respectful.

As I’ve previously said, make sure you choose your moments and don’t feel compelled to try these things to see how your man reacts. At the end of the day, you’re the one who knows him better than anyone, so have fun reading this article, and don’t take anything too seriously!

men secretly love
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5. Common passions

There’s nothing more attractive than a couple having common passions. The majority of men have multiple passions, and when they notice that their beloved partner has the same interest, you’d better believe it’s going to be fireworks.

Men secretly love this because they want to talk to someone who’s just as excited about something as they are, but they might not tell you this in case you have different interests. While for some people this isn’t a deal-breaker, for others it is, so it depends on every couple.

However, even if you like different things, another thing men secretly love is when you seem interested in their work, projects, and passions. You ask them questions, you ask them to show you a piece of their work, you’re willing to learn more about it, and so on.

If you’re dating a musician, for instance, you could tell him how much you love it when he sings a specific song, or you could ask him to teach you how to play. These are all simple things you could do to make your relationship more meaningful and to show your partner how much you care!

6. Your rant

This might come as a surprise to many of us, but according to my sources, some men secretly love when their partners rant about something that has been bothering them. It might seem weird, but as long as you don’t complain about them (that’s a whole different story, and we can’t talk about it in a different article if you’d like), they want to get involved and to know what you think, how you are as a person, what you like, and what you hate.

He might also enjoy listening to your talk, and he might even make jokes to show you that he listened and that you can take it a little less seriously too. This should work both ways, but, long story short, a rant can sometimes bring two people closer, as disturbing as it might sound.

Do you know any other things men secretly love? Let us know in the comments below! If you have any requests for what you’d like to read from us next, feel free to ask, and we’ll deliver. If you find this article helpful or funny and you’d like to check out something else from Detangle Love, here’s a good post for you: 8 Taboo Relationship Practices That Can Actually Benefit Your Union

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