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5 Sings Your Partner Will Never Commit

Your partner will never commit? Read on and find out all about it!

You and your partner get along incredibly well, but there is something that doesn’t feel right. Even if you spend most of your time together and, in theory, things seem to go pretty well, there is something like an invisible obstacle that keeps your relationship from growing. Maybe your partner will never commit, and this is what you are sensing.

Psychologists estimate that around 20–30% of adults in the United States exhibit signs of commitment phobia, a fear of entering into serious, long-term relationships. And this fear can manifest in a lot of different ways. This is why it is important to know the signs that a partner will never commit.

So, what about your partner?

partner will never commit
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1. They don’t want you to meet their family

Generally, when you want to be together with a person and build a future together, there is a time when you will meet their family. Someone’s family is a big part of their life, and because of this, it is better to know them for better or worse.

If you’ve already been dating for a while and nothing like this happens, or at least is suggested, this might be a sign that your partner will never commit. If they keep avoiding this topic, leave them alone and try to open up the discussion in another manner. Maybe they have some reasons why they are avoiding this, and they can explain it to you.

There is also a chance that they are not ready yet, so you don’t have to worry. Try to talk it out and see what the truth is.

2. Other people and things are more important

The way your partner spends their time can tell you a lot about how they feel about you. What we are trying to say is that it is all about priorities. Do they want to spend time with you, or do they prefer to do anything else?

If they always have a busy schedule and never make time for you, this might be a sign that your partner will never commit. Let’s say that you have your baggage prepared and that you and your significant other are ready to leave for a weekend getaway. You were expecting this for some time, but they get a last-minute call from a friend who needs some help, and they decide that it is better to postpone the trip.

This might not sound that bad in the first place, but it is a big red flag. If this keeps happening and your partner makes their friends, family, and work a priority over you, it is time to start worrying about the future of the relationship.

Commitment is a two-way street, so if one of the partners makes the other feel like they are not a priority, this will damage the relationship. If you constantly show them that they hold a significant place in your life and they never reciprocate, this is a clear sign that your partner will never commit.

3. They never make plans that include you

Have you ever noticed that your partner talks about their future plans with a lot of excitement and they are happy to share all this information with you, even though you are never part of the picture?

For example, if your significant other tells you about how they plan to go on a trip to Europe next summer, but they are talking about a solo adventure and never mention inviting you or anything like this, it might be a sign your partner will never commit.

Remember, not everything should be a couple’s adventure, but if they constantly keep excluding you from any discussion of this nature, this can easily signal a hesitation to commit. When someone sees you as their long-term partner, they naturally include you in their plans and in their vision of the future. They will start discussing some things using “we” instead of “me,” and when this is not happening, it is clear that your partner will never commit.

Here’s the thing: when someone makes you a priority and includes you in their plans, it is a signal that they are there for the long run, but if they talk about the future as if they are talking about a solo adventure, they might not be quite ready for a future by your side.

4. When you try to get closer, they withdraw

Ah, the old intimacy problem that is haunting most of the relationships that have this dynamic of a chaser that is trying to get close to the one who feels like they should run away. Maybe you just had one of the deepest conversations with your partner and you were feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, and then, all of a sudden, they just pulled away and disappeared for a couple of days. What just happened?

Maybe this is a signal that your partner will never commit. The way they deal with serious matters can tell you a lot about them, and this is a clear example of that.

Intimacy is a key part of any healthy relationship. It is all about feeling close to one another and sharing your feelings openly. When this is not possible, it is impossible to build trust, and without trust, the foundation of your relationship is missing.

When you want to commit, this implies vulnerability. You want to let someone see your true self and allow them to stick around. Your partner will never commit if they are not ready to expose the real version of themselves to you, and they keep running away from intimacy.

partner will never commit
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5. They change the subject when you are talking about the future

Each time you try to have a conversation about the future, your partner rapidly dodges any questions. Does this sound familiar? This can easily get awkward and annoying, and you should always remember that talking about where things are headed is a normal part of any healthy relationship.

You should not feel ashamed for asking these questions, and if they are not able to respond to you in a frank manner, it can be a sign your partner will never commit. Steering clear of these discussions is an avoidant behavior, and if doing this is one of their traits, it might be a red flag.

Your partner acting like a deer caught in headlights each time you ask, “Where do you see us going?” is not a good sign, but we also want to mention that there are people who are truly nervous about these serious talks. But when any conversation about the future turns into a dodgeball game, it might be time to pay some attention to this.

Here is the thing: when someone is ready to commit, they will openly talk about the future, even if that means telling you they don’t feel ready to make any plans right now. This is a healthy approach, and it can help you understand each other better and build a stronger foundation for your relationship.

Open communication is crucial, and if your significant other keeps changing the subject when you are trying to discuss some serious matters, it might be an indicator that your partner will never commit.

When your partner will never commit, this can indicate that they have an avoidant attachment style. If you want to learn more about this, the following might be a good read: Avoidant Attachment Recovery: Break Free from Avoidant Habits to Build Secure and Long Term Relationships

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