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Do Opposites Really Attract? 6 Experts’ Opinions HERE

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You just met someone who is completely different from you, but you can still sense some chemistry between you two? Congratulations, because you are among the lucky ones! According to most studies, two different people can complete each other and be very happy together in a long-term relationship. Amazing, right?

In today’s article, we will show you the benefits of dating your opposite! Be ready to be blown away.

“Two steps forward, two steps back/ We come together because opposites attract.”

These well-known lyrics from Paula Abdul’s song “Opposites Attract” had such an impact on our youth that they also influenced our way of looking at relationships. And to be honest, when it’s put so nicely, it’s hard not to fall for this concept. For instance, if you and your partner are both strong characters in relationships, you’ll undoubtedly disagree on relatively easy issues like where to dine on any given date night.

According to experts, many crucial relationship factors, notably personality traits, needs, and preferences, fit considerably better when they are opposite or complementary than when they are identical.

If you’re not sure how a relationship between opposites can work, you should read this article because we’ve compiled a list of some benefits of dating your opposite, all according to psychologists and relationship experts. And who knows, maybe by the end of it you will also change your mind about this topic…

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Why do we initially attract our opposite?

Have you even been in a situation when you started noticing a spark between you and someone who’s completely different? I suppose if the answer is “yes,” then you instantly thought why. Let us explain for you.

Initially, it may be attractive to be opposites since the other person seems fresh and interesting. The main factors here are physical attraction and a desire for intimacy. If you find that you also have things in common, this could also be an indication of a healthy long-term relationship. In truth, this concept of opposites attracting is intriguing and appealing to many couples, even though it may seem difficult.

1. Dating our opposites may keep the relationship stable

This is one of the benefits of dating our opposites, according to experts. Let’s say you have a calm disposition by nature, but your partner is more high-strung. This disparity could appear to be problematic or be a major source of misconceptions. But having two people with such radically different personalities in a relationship might be advantageous.

It’s amazing to see how your personalities contrast but also complement one another at the same time, suggesting that there may be a healthy balance that keeps the partnership steady.

2. You will learn how to communicate better

Two opposite characters are likely to communicate differently, and if you want to have a partner that’s 100% different, it’s very important to have good communication skills to understand each other. And while this may seem easy, it is also crucial to work towards it by getting better and better at expressing your feelings and emotions.

In a relationship with two opposites, it is meaningful to make sure you understand what your partner is trying to communicate, and whenever you’re not sure about it, ask as many questions as possible. If you are a person who’s more open and direct with their feelings, don’t try to be different; be honest with your partner every time.

If you tend to be a little more reserved, realize that your partner might be confused by your aloofness and try to be more honest with them. Your relationship will progress if you take the time to understand the ways that you both communicate differently.

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3. You’ll always learn things from each other

Routine is easy to become bored with. The same things every day without even a slight change can get us moody and without any motivation to do something. But when you choose a partner that is completely the opposite of your character, you will be challenged a lot! And trust me, you’re going to love it. Starting with new discoveries like music, movies, or TV shows, there’s always something new to notice; you won’t have time to get bored.

When you meet someone who is your polar opposite, you’ll realize that they think very differently than you do, which will help you learn and grow in life in an exciting way. Seeing your partner do things their way may be educational in a variety of ways, including how they handle conflicts, communicate with others, and even clean their home.

By being open-minded to new ideas and borrowing some of each other’s habits, you can all get rid of your own negative ones from the past. What are your thoughts on opposites attracting? Have you been in a similar situation before? Tell us in the comments.

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4. Compromising is going to be your best friend

Compromise should be the number one priority in any relationship, whether the partners are usually on the same page or not. When two polar opposites date, it can be both enjoyable and difficult at times. Yet, if you search for the underlying lessons you are both learning, you could start to feel that the challenging material is actually worthwhile.

In order to respect both of your needs and preferences, dating someone who is your opposite, for instance, will “exercise your compromising muscle.” No matter how long your relationship with the opposite person lasts, developing the ability to compromise will benefit you both personally and professionally. It will also make you a more empathetic person in general.

5. You’ll become a more sympathetic person

We already came to the conclusion that dating polar opposites is actually a good thing, according to experts. Both of you can influence each other in a positive way in order to become the best versions of yourselves. And that’s amazing! Another benefit of opposites attracting is sympathy.

Empathy is extremely important in life. Those with empathy are nicer, more understanding, and have stronger connections with those around them. Understanding diverse views is essential for developing empathy, and dating someone who is the complete opposite of you will enable you to achieve that.

Let’s imagine that you are a woman from a large city who is dating a farmer, or that you are an atheist man dating a Christian woman. If you hadn’t been with this person, there is no way you could have gained as much insight into their opinions and experiences.

There are many methods to meet people who are completely opposites, but adding a touch of intimacy and romanticism will deepen your bond. And if you understand the viewpoint of your partner, you’ll be better able to comprehend a wide range of other viewpoints. After some time, you’ll find that you start to sound more emphatic.

6. You will never get bored!

One of the main perks of dating someone with a completely opposite character is that you will never get bored. Because you are two completely different people (though you may have some things in common), you will be constantly discovering new things. Your relationship will never be bland, and you will never be one of those couples that complain about losing their spark.

However, nobody can guarantee 100% that opposites attract, and every single couple like that will definitely have a great future together. But it’s worth a try! Some people will discover that they are utterly different and that their mindsets can’t “live” together, while others will be pleasantly surprised by their differences and will love learning from each other’s experiences.

The things that will ultimately keep you together are mutual trust, respect, care, and, you know, having a thing for each other. No matter how significantly different you are, if you can pull that off, you’re meant to be together!

If you enjoyed reading this, don’t forget to share your opinions in the comments section down below! And don’t close the page until you’ve read this article, too! I promise you’re going to love it.

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