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Is Your Spouse Texting Someone Else? Click Here to Know!

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How to find out if your partner is texting somebody else?

Are there any signs that you can easily spot? Is there a way to find out if they are texting someone else?

There are some things that can tell you if your partner is texting another person, and we are going to discover them right now.

Your partner has been acting suspiciously lately, and you’re not sure why. Maybe they are tired or upset, or—and we know that you don’t want to think about it, but it has already crossed your mind—they might be cheating.

You have this gut feeling that something is not right about their behavior or your relationship. You’re really curious about what’s causing you to feel this way. There might be nothing to worry about, but how can you know for sure?

Sometimes, when people are having an affair outside of their actual relationship, they might be texting the other person a lot. So, if you see your partner acting strangely around their phone or doing some things that they’ve never done before, this could be a sign that something is happening.

Stay with us and read more about the telltale signs that can indicate your partner is texting someone else.

They are anxious when their phone is not around them

You and your spouse are watching TV; you are laughing; everything is perfect. At some point, your partner says that they want to go to the kitchen to grab a beer and make a sandwich.

You tell them to also make a sandwich for you. They get up from the couch, and something that has never happened before is occurring right now in front of your eyes. They take their phone with them.

Usually, they would have left the phone there. Why would they need it anyway? But this time that is not the case.

They hide when they are texting

Another sign to watch out for when trying to find out if your spouse is cheating or not is if they are trying to hide from you when they are chatting with someone on their phone.

We know and understand that texting is a private activity, and no one has the right to look into your phone to see who you are chatting with. But if you observe that your partner seems a little jumpy when you are around them while they are texting, something might not be ok.

What are their motivations for hiding? Maybe they think that this is bothering you, and they don’t want you to know what they are doing. You can never be sure.

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They are constantly texting

We all check our phones from time to time, respond to text messages, or even have a full conversation with someone we haven’t texted in a while. It is normal. Maybe it’s work or a family member. We all have a chance to get caught up in some conversations.

The red flag appears when you see that your loved one is constantly on their phone, texting for hours and hours, and sometimes even days at a time.

Let’s say that you two are having an important conversation, and they are texting while you are talking. This is not something that usually happens, so it can raise a few question marks.

They are always distracted

As we said before, if they are always distracted and seem to be constantly thinking about something else and also bury their faces in their phones, this might be a clear indicator that they are talking to somebody else.

You ask them something, and they don’t know how to answer the question. They ask you to repeat it because they didn’t catch that. You tell them that it is obvious that they don’t know what you asked them because they were on their phone, and they tell you that is not because of that.

If this is happening often in your relationship, keep an eye open, and don’t be surprised when things are not working out.

You have no presence on their social media

They post photos or stories; they tag their friends and relatives, but never you. You’re finally going on that much-anticipated vacation. You are going to see new places and have great adventures. They take pictures of all of it, but they don’t post any pictures of you together or even mention you in any of their posts.

This might be a little bit strange, especially if they used to do that before and now just suddenly stopped.

They are not spending time with you anymore

When your spouse returned home from work, they usually enjoyed spending time with you. It was your time together. But this is not the case anymore. Now, they prefer to stay alone and spend an unusual amount of time on their phones.

It is normal for everyone to have a little bit of space and not spend their entire time together as a couple. Even more, we would say that this is healthy for every relationship. But when this happens in a different way than it did before and your “together time” gets replaced by hours spent on the phone by your partner, there is definitely something going on there.

They address you using a wrong name

Well, this is kind of awkward… and it can happen from time to time to anyone. There is no need to worry if your spouse calls you by the wrong name once. But if this is paired with other signs that they might be cheating, this can easily turn out to be a huge red flag.

Your partner sleeps with their phone under the pillow

It is true that there are some people out there who do this. But if your spouse has never done this before and you have also observed that he spends more time on his phone now, this might come off as a little bit odd.

It might look like they are trying to hide something from you. Why would they sleep with their phone under the pillow otherwise? Also, if they wake up at night to go to the bathroom and take the phone that used to be under the pillow with them, this is even more suspicious.

Photo by pathdoc at Shutterstock

If you ask them something, they get defensive

Let’s say that you go out and have dinner at that new fancy restaurant. It is your anniversary. What a happy time. Unfortunately, your partner is texting someone. A few minutes pass by, and they are still texting. You ask them something, and they ignore you because, you guessed it, they are still texting.

You decide that the time has come to say something about it. When hearing that you think it is not ok for them to text constantly while you two are out for dinner, your spouse gets really defensive and tells you that there is nothing wrong with that and they are not actually staying on their phone that much.

They seem to be really entertained while texting

Probably you already know what we are talking about. That moment when you are texting with someone you like or maybe a good friend and you get totally engaged in the conversation.

You no longer hear when someone is calling you; you lose the notion of time and just smile at that phone. If you see your partner acting like this for a longer period of time, maybe you should try to talk with them about what is happening.

All of these signs are subjective, and they don’t have to apply to every relationship. If you suspect that something has changed or that your partner is acting strangely, talk to them about it and figure out what is going on.

If you’ve been cheated on by your partner and you want to learn more about what happened to you, this book might help you.

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