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If Your Spouse Does THIS, He’s Not Into You Anymore!

Author’s Note:

This article will give you some great insight into signs you might have missed in your marriage. But I believe that true beauty comes from the inside. So even if you come to the conclusion that your mate isn’t all that into you anymore, try working on better communication and fixing your relationship. After all, our features change as we age. But you shouldn’t just throw a decades-old relationship down the drain simply based on looks!

Does your spouse still find you attractive? Let’s find out!

Remember your wedding day when everything was butterflies and roses? That occasion is probably one of the most magical moments in our lives.

But now that you’re on the other side of that wedding, whether we’re talking about 5 years or 40, something feels off, and you’ve found yourself wondering if love is enough.

Self-doubt begins to take over, and you begin to feel like your spouse isn’t paying attention to you like before. Maybe there’s something that’s bothering your partner, but he or she doesn’t want to bother you with it.

A healthy marriage is one where both partners know that they can openly talk to each other about their problems. You shouldn’t jump to conclusions. If he or she isn’t interested anymore, you’ll have to work on your marriage or even consider divorcing.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s first find out if there’s really anything to be worried about. Keep reading to learn about 6 signs your spouse is no longer attracted to you.

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Your Bedroom Life Has Become Non-Existent

Once you become more comfortable in a relationship, the regularity of your bedroom life begins to slow down gradually. This is entirely normal.

But you should be worried if your intimate life has come to a complete standstill and you haven’t had any kind of intimacy with your spouse for a more extended period of time.

If your significant other hasn’t initiated coupling with you in what seems like a very long time, it can make you feel unwanted and lower your self-esteem. So you must openly speak to your spouse about what’s going on. Intimacy can stop in a relationship for various reasons.

But most of the time, partners are honest with each other and speak to each other to get to the root of the issue. Even though you’ve been married for a long time, you might become nervous talking to your other half about this subject. But you need to speak up.

Intimacy is something in a relationship that could slow down due to stress in other areas of life, age, an illness, or children being home. But, if your partner is also showing several other signs on our list, it is possible that they may not find you attractive anymore.

There’s No More Healthy Communication

A healthy marriage can’t exist if there’s no healthy communication. You should realize that proper communication isn’t just about ordinary things and everyday obligations. Naturally, you and your spouse should still discuss what you want to eat for dinner.

But this shouldn’t be the only thing you talk about. If your partner’s not interested in having those deep, meaningful conversations with you anymore, it might be because he’s lost interest.

Ask yourself the following questions: When was the last time you had a serious discussion with your spouse? Has he or she only been discussing everyday things with you? If you can’t come up with a clear answer, there might be an issue in your marriage.

Maybe your significant other used to say funny things just to impress you, but now he doesn’t even seem to be trying anymore. It may be a sign that your spouse no longer finds you attractive, so he doesn’t feel the need to impress or amuse you.

You Never Spend Time Together

A person who doesn’t find his souse attractive anymore might avoid spending time at home. This person will spend most of their time away to avoid having any issues.

Another reason many people do that is in the hope that as long as their out, their spouse won’t notice the elephant in the room. They could come up with lots of excuses not to be home. They might have started spending more time with coworkers.

There could also be a reasonable explanation for what’s happening. So you shouldn’t panic as soon as your spouse wants to hang out with friends. But the big question is how much time do they spend out of the home.

If the answer is: almost never, there’s something seriously wrong. Maybe your spouse doesn’t find you attractive anymore, or there’s some other underlying issue their trying to avoid facing. Either way, when they’re rarely home, an issue does exist.

Your spouse needs to tell you about it because when you got married, you didn’t sign up for living alone.

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There’s Been A Lot Of Distance Lately

When your spouse hugs you, you should feel the love’s warmth and be reassured that they care about you. But if they always feel absent, cold, or distant, it shows that they might be pulling away from you. There shouldn’t be any emotional distance between a loving couple.

So this is a big problem in any marriage. Your significant other might be acting less attentive and harsher than they used to. This could be due to stress from the outside world. But it could also be one of the signs that your spouse doesn’t find you attractive anymore.

Either way, when your partner seems distant, you should figure out what’s really going on.

Constantly Flirts With Others

If you notice that your spouse is constantly flirting with others or spends a lot of time looking at other people and not paying attention to you, this is a red flag. The two of you have chosen to be committed and together for life.

So, neither of you should be flirting with others in the first place. Flirting isn’t acceptable, and it’s not innocent when he’s not paying you any attention or making you feel loved.

This behavior lowers your self-confidence and sense of security in the relationship, and you don’t deserve that. As soon as you start feeling uncomfortable, you should talk to your spouse immediately to figure out what they’re doing.

Not everyone has a talent for just instantly picking up on our emotions. So your significant other could simply assume that you already know they only have eyes for you and not even realize they’re doing anything that would upset you.

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You’re Always Fighting

Arguing in a relationship is healthy and normal. We already know that all relationships go through their rough patches of being good but also being extra tricky. Clearly, there will be some disagreements at some point within the relationship.

And that’s normal just as long as these fights don’t occur too often and you deal with them in a rational way. But, if you’ve noticed that you and your spouse have been fighting a lot, it may be because of some deeper, underlying issues.

Obviously, these arguments don’t necessarily have to be related to your partner’s attraction to you. Yet they could be because your significant other isn’t feeling any interest towards you anymore and doesn’t know how to put it into words.

Suppose your loved one gets incredibly snappy whenever you confront them about the lack of intimacy or physical affection. In that case, this could also be an indicator of them losing attraction for you and not knowing how to tell you the right way.

If you feel that your relationship is worth saving, couples therapy might be a good path for you and your spouse. But ultimately, you need to make the best choice for your own well-being.

Amazon has a great workbook that can help you out. Check out: Couples Therapy Workbook: 30 Guided Conversations to Re-Connect Relationships

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