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Donald & Melania Trump Gave Us 5 Tips on Marriage


Donald and Melania Trump are one of the most popular couples in the world, and many people look up to them. But how close are they, and what do they think about love and relationships? Can we learn something from their romantic connection? Let’s find out together!

…What do you think about the Trump family’s most famous couple, Donald and Melania?

Melania and Donald Trump are 2 of the most powerful people in the world. They’re always seen together on special occasions; they appear elegant and smiling, and they’re believed to be a power couple. But is that true?

Some sources say that one of the most memorable parts of the politician’s career happened on January 20th, during Inauguration Day, when his wife seemed to have a sudden and deep frown, which was captured in a GIF that went viral around the world.

People immediately assumed that Melania wasn’t happy and that she only stayed by her partner’s side because she was in the public eye. They said that she wasn’t able to leave her husband’s side, which led to the quick rise of the hashtag #FreeMelania.

The remarks were made against the background of many women accusing Donald Trump of assaulting them, something that both have strongly denied throughout his campaign.

All in all, no one can know for sure what is happening in their own marriage. We were curious to know what they think about each other and about their relationship and the way they deal with issues. We’ve come across a few statements they made about each other throughout the years, and this is what we’ve discovered:

Donald and Melania Trump
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Finding the one

It’s not easy to be in a relationship when every single move you make is in the public eye. Both of the partners are people who have media presences: Melania is a beautiful woman who used to be a model, and Donald is a politician who’s appreciated by millions of people.

As you can imagine, things can get pretty bad for them, especially if the tabloids write weird things about them. Speaking of that, everybody was curious to discover how the pair managed to stay together and find happiness.

In an interview with Barbara Walters and ABC 20/20 on November 21st, 2015, Melania Trump was asked whether she feared for the future of her marriage.

The former supermodel stated that she needs to be secure in her own identity to be with a guy like her spouse. She added that she had to learn how to live on her own 2 feet without depending on her partner too much.

About each other

On March 2nd, 2016, journalist Greta Van Susteren asked Melania what her thoughts were on her partner. She didn’t take much time to reply, and she quickly stated that her husband is indeed a leader, a man who has an amazing mind and an incredible heart.

Mr. Trump wasn’t as romantic as his wife was many years later when this question came up. In 2004, he said that his partner is amazing between the sheets. He added that although she might not like the fact that he shared this private information, it’s not an exaggeration.

In 2005, during one of the shows called “Larry King Live,” the politician defended Melania from claims that she would misuse her access to his wealthy riches. Nothing has ever been taken advantage of by her. She is not the kind to exclaim, “I have to get it!” at a gorgeous display at a Fifth Avenue or Madison Avenue store. Our former president stated that she simply does not care for such things.

About fights

Of course, as strong as a relationship is, there’s a big possibility that disagreements are going to happen. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Everyone fights, regardless of how much they love and respect each other.

In 2016, during a shoot she had for Harper’s Bazaar magazine, she was asked about the way she deals with the fights between her and Donald. We totally love what Mrs. Trump answered, and to be honest, we couldn’t agree more.

The former supermodel stated that she had her arguments with her partner, but she understands that these things are natural in a relationship and she doesn’t need to worry about that because it’s a sign of a happy couple. She doesn’t consider herself a person who always says yes, but when she doesn’t agree with something, she tells her husband exactly what she thinks.

But men have selective hearing, and sometimes they hear, and sometimes they don’t. 1 of the best pieces of advice Melania has ever given was that you still have to take charge of your own life, regardless of who you’re married to. Mrs. Trump added that she had no intention of altering his personality, and the same thing goes for her husband.

Donald and Melania Trump
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What did Donald Trump say when he was asked the same question?

Before he was entitled to be the president of our beautiful country, Donald was a politician who was deeply in love with his 3rd wife, Melania. Given the fact that she wasn’t his 1st spouse, everyone was curious to discover how things were going between them and how they managed to stay together for such a long time.

The politician stated that they simply get along and know how to deal with one another. None of them is forcing the other to change. Just like Melania once said, they’re both quite independent and can make their own decisions. The former first lady added that although she doesn’t always agree with her husband, she recognizes that his perspective is the standard for him.

Melania is not afraid to say exactly what she’s thinking, and she’s not a radical person who always thinks in yeses and noes. She likes to express her thoughts and opinions, and she believes that this is one of the things that her spouse likes most about her.

Curiosities, secrets, and truths

There are many things that we don’t know about the Trump family. Some people assume that Melania is not happy being by her husband’s side, while others say that she prefers to seem indifferent rather than truly showing what she’s thinking.

Some of their former employees stated that the couple’s life might seem complicated and a bit weird for people, but for them, it works perfectly fine. And if we’re being honest, this is what matters, right?

For instance, the sources said that when Trump makes Melania angry, she doesn’t yell, cry, or complain. She prefers to remain silent and walk out of the room. She simply disappears somewhere in the house without telling him how long she’ll give him the silent treatment.

The former model knows exactly how to make her husband mad because Donald Trump absolutely hates it when his beautiful wife is not around him at different events. If she’s incredibly angry, she refuses to get in the same car with her spouse, and she prefers to remain home, regardless of how upset her partner will be.

It seems that this was one of the things she did immediately after Trump was elected president of the United States. They had to go somewhere, but she refused to get in the car. Upset about his wife’s behavior, the then-leader of the country preferred to cancel the meeting rather than go without his beloved spouse.

Another thing that people said about them during their tenure at the White House was the fact that the couple slept in different rooms. The reason was that they were both busy with their own careers and didn’t want to disrupt one another.

For instance, if Mr. Trump was out of town due to his duties as a politician and Melania was home, she would still keep up with his speeches and watch them on TV. Moreover, she would be the first person to call after a meeting or interview. That’s because he trusts her and he knows how smart his partner is.

It’s believed that Donald Trump doesn’t have a lot of people in whom he can put his faith, but he knows that he can always count on his wife when he needs it. If you want to know more about the woman who was the first lady of our country for 4 years, check out this book!

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