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10 Clear Signs You Have a Loyal Partner

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One of the things I appreciate the most about my partner is his loyalty. I have to admit, I’ve never had a partner like him before. I’m saying this also because one of my ex-partners cheated on me, so I know what it feels like. After that episode, I knew that loyalty was very important to me. But what are the signs that show you your partner is loyal? Let’s find out!

Trust is the most important factor that holds a relationship together. Women are known to have a gut feeling about this kind of thing, and while some pay attention to these feelings, others fail to recognize the signs that bind their relationship together.

The best feeling is knowing that you have a loyal partner who won’t break your trust (and your heart). When it comes to romantic relationships, loyalty and trust are the two aspects that are non-negotiable. But you can’t always rely on your instinct for it.

Here are 10 signs that will help you tell if you have a loyal partner!

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1. Honesty comes easy for your partner

Your partner values honesty, and that’s something you can easily see through their actions. She or he openly communicates with you about their needs and trusts you enough to state their desires and intentions without worrying about how they may impact the relationship. This allows your significant other to freely talk about what’s really on their mind.

A loyal partner doesn’t resort to white lies whenever you ask them if something’s wrong or whether they like something or not. Being able to openly communicate with your partner has a positive effect on other aspects of your relationship, paving the way toward a trustworthy foundation.

2. Your partner sticks around during the bad moments

We all want to have an easy and healthy relationship with the one we love. But in most cases, love comes with responsibilities and things that need to be handled. As a result, what leads some people astray is the desire for an easier couple’s life.

Miscommunication, distance, and misunderstandings can all wear down connections. The next scenario happens pretty often: a partner meets someone new who doesn’t share the background of issues, so it’s tempting to jump the fence.

If your loved one is willing to stick around when things get tough, then you have a loyal partner.

3. Your partner treats the relationship as a priority

Your relationship is important enough to your partner that she or he wants to grow with it. Loyalty isn’t just about choosing your lover and honoring the commitment you share. It is frequently measured and tested against one’s commitment to oneself.

When things get tough, does your partner take the easy way out, or do they soldier on with you? You see, a loyal partner does more than just be faithful and turn away from infidelity. If your loved one doesn’t run away from having difficult conversations and takes time off their day to listen to you and work on issues with you, you know you have a loyal partner.

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4. Your partner is upfront about their past relationships

According to experts, security in a couple’s life begins with transparency. When you know some things about your partner’s past involvement with other people, there’s little room for jealousy or doubt.

You don’t have to be concerned about your other half’s coworkers or those who may flirt with them because you understand how important you are in your partner’s life. He or she is happy to introduce you to other people in their life and helps you feel secure by providing answers to questions you may have.

Jealousy isn’t that bad. In fact, it’s normal to feel it from time to time. If your significant other addresses this topic by telling you more about these relationships and listening to your concerns, then you have a loyal partner.

5. Your partner upholds and respects boundaries

It’s normal to feel insecure sometimes while in a romantic relationship. Even if you have the ideal partner who never gives you reason to doubt, you can’t help but ask yourself, when given the opportunity to find the truth, whether it’s just one giant ruse or actually true.

But a loving, respectful, and loyal partner doesn’t give in to those temptations. They know how important setting boundaries is, whatever those boundaries may be. We all need them and the understanding that we can openly share our lives with someone who respects and acknowledges our boundaries.

So when you leave your computer or phone unlocked in front of your partner, you don’t have to worry that they will go snooping through it, which may be one of the best things you can hope for in a romantic relationship.

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6. Your partner is aware of your weaknesses and temptations

No one is perfect. No matter how much your loved one flatters you, you’re just a man or a woman with your own flaws, temptations, and weaknesses.

Sure, it may be easy to hide all your flaws when you first start dating someone, but it’s hopeless to cover those things that are wrong about you when you start moving forward in your relationship with someone who sees every issue you may have.

But a loyal partner won’t let it ruin the relationship. They will come with the understanding that you obviously have your own vices and imperfections that you need to work on. Instead of ostracizing you and your flaws, a loyal partner will help you come to terms with those things about you and get through them to become the best version of yourself. This will obviously help the relationship too.

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7. Your partner includes you in all parts of their life

If you genuinely love someone, there’s nothing in your life you wouldn’t want to share with them. They become a part of everything you plan and do because they make everything better, funnier, and happier.

So when your partner seems to always want to take time for themselves and “get away”, you have to wonder, “Am I truly the one who makes him or her happy?” But when you have a loving, loyal partner, you never have to worry about things like this.

Your loved one can’t even imagine planning a huge milestone in her life or going on a trip without you. A loyal partner is loyal in all aspects of their life. They don’t separate your relationship from the rest of their lives, because they love you and decide that you’re the one.

8. Your partner isn’t quick to feel jealousy

A loyal partner is a secure partner. You and your loved one have gone through the tribulations and trials of “other people”, and you’ve made it together. Neither of you feels like you need to worry about your loved one messing around with someone else just because you’re out of sight. Why?

Because a loyal partner knows that they would never give you reasons to worry, simply because they know you’ll never give them anything to worry about.

While there may be a limit to just how much your partner is willing to see before becoming jealous, you will never be in the dog’s house just because you had a simple conversation with an attractive person.

9. Your partner is not afraid to show you off

When someone is proud of their partner, they will show them off. If your loved one does that, then you’re pretty lucky. If your partner takes every opportunity to make sure that their social circle meets you, interacts with you, and knows how much they love you, then she or he is a keeper.

A loyal partner has no strange reasons or excuses when it comes to her social media; they have no hang-ups with posting pictures of you two together. In other words, a partner like this truly loves you and wants to have a long-term relationship with you. That’s why they want to let the whole world know your love for each other.

10. Your partner keeps their word

This is a quality that some people strive to display only at the beginning of a romantic relationship. After a while, it disappears, leaving the other person disappointed.

If your loved one keeps their word and you can rely on the truthfulness of what they say, then you have a loyal partner. In other aspects of your couple’s life, you know you can trust your significant other because they have a history of being honest and accountable.

When they promise you something, they follow through with action. When they mess up, they hold themselves accountable.

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