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9 Excuses Cheating Men Use The Most, According to Studies

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What is one of the worst excuses you’ve ever heard from a cheating man? 

Unfortunately for most men, women are “gifted” with the sixth sense, and because of that, they can “smell” from a mile away when something is not right. Even if most men use good excuses when they leave the house to simply go to a shopping routine, women will feel something is fishy.

According to various relationship experts, 40% of all men cheat on their wives at least once in their lives. And the bad thing is that these statistics haven’t changed quite a lot since 1950, when the percentage was 50%. This is quite worrying!

Why are they cheating? Well, the “excuses” can be plenty, but most of them include boredom and the fact that their wife changed her behavior. Whatever the reason, these cheaters are giving a bad reputation to all men. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why relationships don’t work anymore…

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    1. 1 he a liar, thief, lazy, if he had a good woman, he treat her bad and he can not see himself, he not growed up yet, he falls down, and don’t know how to get up, there no communication no reconizeing who and what he has or who he is but once they split up won’t except responsibility

    2. Don’t you know? They’re just following their heart. Women ALWAYS have another man before they break-up with the one they’re with at the time. And they’ll even tell they love you the night before they leave your ass. lol

    1. i would say with your response that it is women who cheat the most but not all women cheat and the same for men yes some cheat but not all men cheat just sometimes instead of being honest about being unhappy or whatever the reason may be most of the time that is the choice to cheat in hopes to never get caught. i have been cheated on before myself and the reason my ex-husband did was because i miscarried two children and instead of being there for me he chose to constantly be away and cheating on me with his now wife.

  1. Us women have to keep in mind the “date” rape drug is used on men too. Some women can be ruthless manipulators. You can find that some of your own friends are just plain bitches. I never did a study of any sort but I do think men cheat more than woman. We try so hard to look our best by staying at a decent weight, use make-up, we try everything that Cosmo magazine tells us to do. We are always looking for new ways to keep our man interested and happy. Men don’t try that hard. If you gain weight they will let you know. If they gain weight then it’s okay.

  2. My ex husband went on a work trip and I just had a gut feeling that he saw someone when he was there. This was back in the 70’s and I opened his brief case and found a letter that said miss your hugs and kisses. I waited for the phone bill to come and see if there were phone calls from where he went on business trip. What I found was quite a few calls on there so I called the number and a woman answered the phone and I told her who I was and she started crying she said she was sorry she didn’t know he was married. I told her I understand and for her not to feel bad. I confronted my ex when he got home and he said they were just friends. I caught him cheating again and he decided to divorce me. He than decided after I found someone else and the divorce wasn’t final yet, that he wanted to get back together but he had one condition that he could see other women. I laughed and told him you can’t have your cake and eat if too. That let me have closure and realize that he wasn’t going to change.

  3. My wife cheated on me and she tried to use the excuse that I wasn’t paying attention to her and I was too busy with work. All that is a lie she just wanted to be with other men. If someone cheats on you they don’t love you so don’t let them convince you that it was your fault. I’ve learned not to trust any women after that. The only women a man can trust is his mother who will always tell you how things really are. Other then that your girlfriend your lover your wife it don’t matter you can’t trust them and if you feel something is up with them there surely is. So for men it’s not worth being faithful to women because you can be caring, respectful, honest, and faithful to them but it doesn’t guarantee that they will be the same with you.

    1. I’m sorry you feel like that, I have been married to my husband since the 1980’s. And my cousin felt like you do, he died lonely with liver failure a young man 56. I know that my husband has always been faithful, and I have never been with anyone and I never want to be. My parents and his parents. Were both married over 50 years each, if people have the foundation’s and examples what its like to have a marriage from their families? And here is the most important part and you may discount it or laugh, I hope not. You both have to have the same faith, and believe in JESUS CHRIST. That’s not easy, but that is what makes it work. It’s about the foundation’s, its what,we agree to, when we say our VOWS.

      1. I like this! Thank you for the reminder for our relationship. 51 years, we’re had some hills and valleys, but God has kept us together.

      2. Congratulations. If my first husband had not died from cancer, we would have still be married and happy with each other now. None of us ever cheated and we communicated with each other and tried to always find ways to love and please each other.

      3. Bravo, my husband and I have been married since 1987 and are still married, neither has cheated and neither of us has ever wanted to. We to had parents who were faithful to each other. We had good examples of what a marriage is, yes we disagree sometimes, but we love each other and would never hurt the other in that way. I know how much it would hurt me and I would never want to hurt my husband that way. And yes Jesus is in our lives.

      4. I pray my children have this type of everlasting marriage. If both husband and wife are sincere and faithful to each other, It keeps both of you longer life

    2. I agree. My wife cheated on me. She said I wasn’t paying her any attention for 6 months. I got locked out of work, and came back home. Found him and her in our bedroom, with him trying to hide on the floor on my side of the bed. He was lucky that I let him get his clothes. They was lucky that I was CALM and told him to get out. We are still together, but I still have trust issues. I have all my life been paranoid, and hard to trust folks. I have even as a kid kept my guard up, even with my parents. Anytime I let my guard down, that when stuff happens, so now I live with my guard fully up at all times. One question, why are all stories, movies, and articles about men cheating? Women cheat just as much. I’m from 1966 generation, I have never cheated on any of the ladies I been with, but I notice this generation talk about cheating like it is nothing, but common to do. I live being paranoid of everything.

    3. I went through the exact same thing, except with a lot of gaslighting. Told I was paranoid, that we had an open marriage, that we would still be friends. I told her to go straight to hell.

  4. Good relationships are built on TRUST as much as anything else. When trust is broken, it is very hard to return to “life as it was” before the affair. The one who cheats has to demonstrate that he/she is trustworthy and their life is an open book. Very often it takes appointment with a marriage and family therapist to patch things. And then there is forgiveness, no good marriage is ever possible without the willingness to forgive. Unless, of course,, the “offender” continues the same behavior over and over.

    1. You are so right about Trust. It is truly the foundation for any good and ongoing relationship. After discovering more than one lie and deception on various matters in my marriage, for which I took time to investigate instead of launching into potentially unfounded accusations, my husband asked for another chance. With so much information in hand, I surprised even myself by responding, “The Trust has been shattered and without Trust there is nothing.”

    2. My husband cheated and I forgave him, yet he continued and did not want to show me he was faithful because he wasn’t. I am in the process of the divorce right now. He has not changed and did not want to go for counselling until he realized I was not going to bother to sponsor him. Now he just does not care about me, he is more concerned about his lover’s feelings over mine, so I decided to remove myself from the equation. What else can I do? I will not stay in a relationship where I am treated like a side chick.

  5. My first husband was a major cheater. He was 10 years older than me and I was a younger, naive, girl who believed everything he told me. He came up with some whoppers of excuses to cheat on me. At the time, I believed him, but, now being much older and wiser, I have to laugh at myself now for being so stupid in believing those whoppers he came up with. From “Guy’s night out” with his friends every Friday, to feeling sorry for a girl who had an abortion and needed a friend, to being chosen by his group of friends to get close to a girl who cleaned house for an old man who didn’t believe in banks and kept his money in his house so that he could find out where in the house this old man stashed his money so his friends…not him could rob this old man…that was a major whopper! He had to go to an all-night poker game with his friends, to me actually catching him with other women and then he coming up with another excuse why he was with them. I even got a call in the middle of the night from a husband who told me that his estranged wife was with my husband at that very moment and he gave me the address where they were at. I got dressed and drove over there and caught him red-handed! He had the audacity to tell me that he was there to tell her to leave him alone because he was married to me and loved me very much. Yeah, right. He even moved me to another State so he can get away from his friends and we could start out new again. The only thing, I found out by looking under his floor mat of his car that his girlfriend was sending him cards and he had moved her to the new State and city we moved to “to start new”. It was never ending. I finally smartened up and told him to hit the road and never looked back.
    My second husband was a completely different story, but still another cheater. This time though, it wasn’t other women, but another man that he worked with. I couldn’t compete with that and agreed to stay with him while he moved into the guest room. We pretended to be the happy couple in front of his family because he was afraid that his dad and brothers would never understand that he was gay. After living that way for 6 months, I finally told him that I needed to get on with my life, so we got a divorce, but remained friends.
    However, the worse cheater was my best friend from 7th grade. We lost contact for about 10 years and in that time, she married and had three children. She started having an affair with one of her husband’s business associates and got pregnant by him, but never told her husband who the father really was. She was also cheating on him with some guy who delivered oxygen to the dentist office where she worked. She told me all of this after we reconnected our friendship. I was single and she joined me when I would go out. I always asked her if it was okay with her husband and she always said, yes. It wasn’t long before she would jump into bed with men she met while out with me. She even had the nerve to ask me for the keys to my apartment so she could take some random stranger to my apartment while I stayed with my boyfriend at the bar we were at. She screwed my husband’s boss, two guys that were business associates of mine and many other men that I counted to 13 different men and some of them more than once. She was a real loosely-goosey! When her husband caught her with another man that I didn’t even know, nor, was she with me, I got the blame. My husband didn’t like her and that was the last straw. I ended our friendship.
    So, it’s not just men who cheat, it’s women too.

  6. I discovered my husband was cheating on me after his father passed away. Actually I just had a gut feeling but puushed it away because I didnt think he would do that. DO NOT EVER DO THAT!! My father-in- law passed in Aug/2000. In May of 2015 I realized my husband was being unfaithful, not with just women, but men as well. He traveled every month to Washington state to check on the management of a mobile home park that was inherited from his father’s passing. I was never allowed to go because I had to stay with the kids and he needed his space each mobth. I started feeling sonething wasn’t right when he started working out more and dressing in tighter clothing AND was purchasing bright colored underwear (red, yellow, orange, etc…) when all he had ever worn was the white or black. He even came home with a pair of blue and white striped. I hired a PI but got nothing because he was only hired to monitor his comings and going of the hotel. But I knew sonething wasn’t right when I discovered he had been surfing CL in the msm section😳 WTF?? I took it upon myself to do my own investigating and discovered that one afternoon he left the house, he met up with a man immediately when he got to the hotel. Additionally, one time he gave me a story about some woman banging on his door at 10 or 11 at night saying that he had done something like not paid her (evidently she was a sex worker?) and she wanted her money. He called management and they came up and took care of it. I found he was telling me things that had happened after the fact and many times he would be lying and not even realize what he was doing by telling me those things. I think his intent was to make me believe something else just incase something arose out of those incidents and I would believe him because he had already told me. I was way to nieve for those 15 yrs. To this day, we are barely still married, but never know from one day to to the next whether he is going to take up the habit again. We are in our 60’s so we recently (4yrs ago) purchased a 2nd home. It was a choice of Palm Springs (large gay community) or Las Vegas (sin city). So, we live in LV a few months out of the year and my concerns are on high alert… ALWAYS!! Why do I live this way…..because it is easier at my age to not have to battle over our estate, start over financially, and I am not opening myself up to another cheater!! I have been with this man since I was 15yrs old. I know what he is capable of and I know his habits. I am not looking for another man that will (may) take up the few years I have left in life wondering if he is going to cheat on me or not. I know this one will and I just need to be prepared for the worst. However, if or when it happens again…..I AM DONE! I have 4 grandchildren that will keep me busy loving them and he can live his disgusting life on his own. Funny thing is, he tells me he woukd get married again if something were to happen to me or our marriage. I looked at him with a look of disbelief and asked him “WHY”?

  7. I was the good guy who loved his family, involved with my family and church. I took the children to church when she didn’t feel well. I later found out that she met other men while I was at church with my children. Best advise I can give anyone… If he or she cheats they don’t love you enough. Fill their car up with gas and go get some ass and don’t look back. Russell

  8. My husband cheated on me. I retaliated by cheating on him and then confronting him and telling him what I did. It’s the best thing I ever did because we now have an “open” marriage and I’m really enjoying getting to know other men.

  9. WAIT A MINUTE!! Is your spiel about bigamy? Polygamy? How is it that “your husband”= “they”?? Ohh, a problem with English proficiency??

    Here we go again—you Spiritless heathens who bumble along with no guidelines—just “doing what you feel like”—and then crying about the results!! WAKE UP!!

    Isn’t it about time you ditch this sorrowful world of wickedness and move up to God’s World of Joy? We have laws against fornication and adultery, and We are centered on Love! Of course—you may have to redirect your Free Will into more rewarding directions. Worth it? YOU BET!!

    My Free Will “dragged me over the rocks” most of my life. I was in an endless maze and kept crashing into the dead ends. Everything my Free Will led me to ended up in sorrow, disappointment, and pain. It was like I was fumbling around in a dark cave, Then I glimpsed a tiny faint light.

    As I moved toward it, it became brighter and Brighter, and BRIGHTER! Then I realized, I had found my way out of the dark cave—made it through the maze!!

    YOU CAN DO THAT TOO! But FIRST you have to remove the wickedness and evil that torment and torture you. How to do THAT?? Let me get you started—“Oh Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, our loving Savior, I humble myself before you, and beg of you to remove me from the evil and wickedness of this world, including (but not necessarily limited to) the following—
    * Predators
    * Parasites
    * Propagandists
    * Opportunists
    * Greedsters
    * Manipulators
    * Drug Crazed
    * Criminally Insane
    * Miscreants
    * Sex Maniacs
    * Sundry Other Demoniacs

    This timely missive gratis— from your favorite Sage, Feral Tomm! “YOU ARE WELCOME!”

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