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Is Your Ex Missing You? 10 Psychic or Spiritual Signs That Confirm It

Experts share 10 signs your ex misses you!

You went through a breakup, but you sense that your ex is pining for you as you have a deeper connection with her or him. Perhaps they’re hoping for a reunion.

While there’s no scientific evidence, some psychic and spiritual signs your ex misses you could be true. Some of these signs can be strong, while others could be easy to overlook. If you’re someone who believes in spirituality, you may be considering mystical cues.

For example, when reeling through such scenarios, you could be smiling or getting goosebumps. Whatever it is, though, you may want to know more about it. With a little patience and open-mindedness, you’ll start to recognize the signs.

Here are 10 signs your ex misses you! (However, keep in mind that you shouldn’t rely solely on them, as sometimes it could be a fallacy.)

signs your ex misses you
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1. You might get hiccups

The explanation for getting hiccups may be that you’ve drank too much, eaten too much spicy food, swallowed air while chewing, or experienced excitement or anxiety. However, what about when you get hiccups without such triggers?

It may be one of the signs your ex misses you. It’s actually an old saying that if you’re experiencing that, then a loved one is remembering you. Perhaps your ex wants you back. While this may not be the case, you may want to pay attention to other indicators. This being said, keep reading to discover more signs your ex misses you.

2. You may dream of them

Many people believe that dreams are one of the ways to get in touch (metaphorically, of course) with realms beyond your own. Dreaming about your ex-partner may not only mean that you miss them so much, but it could also indicate that they are missing you subconsciously.

If this happens often and you have recurring dreams of your ex, it could indicate that they want to reconnect with you, so they’re trying to reach you without realizing it. So you two get back together in a world that doesn’t exist because both miss each other so much.

This is one of the most common signs your ex misses you, so you may want to pay attention when this happens.

3. You may feel the urge to meet them

A breakup means you have parted ways. You’re here; she or he is somewhere else. So how do you explain that urge to be with them? Sure, you may be longing for them because you two had a strong connection, and that’s normal. But there’s more…

If you’ve constantly been thinking about them and hope to meet or see them, you may be experiencing one of the signs your ex misses you as much as you miss them. You both may be rethinking your call to break up. However, if you have a strong urge to be with them, you may need to gather your thoughts and decide if getting back together is really an option.

4. You may smile (without realizing)

Do you often get asked, “Why are you smiling?” or “What’s so funny?” If that’s so, think about it. Were you in your bubble? You may be doing it without even realizing it. Whether it’s during a meeting, when buying groceries, or when trying to fall asleep, it may be one of the signs your ex misses you.

It can indicate that they are yearning for you with a feeling of love and warmth that makes you happy and cozy. Your body just reacts to it.

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5. You may run into them in the strangest of places

Although you both avoid each other by not talking or running into each other at your regular hangout spots, what if you meet with them in the most unexpected places or situations?

It’s believed that when two individuals are connected, they can end up together at the same place at the same time. You may think this is a coincidence, but your heart will know it’s not. Most often, this is one of the signs your ex misses you, so the love for each other brings you together one way or another.

Bumping into each other could be an indicator that your ex regrets ending things between you two and is thinking of running into you.

6. You may feel touched

Have you heard about clairsentience? It’s a feeling of physical touch. It’s a French word, and in English it would translate as a “clear feeling.” Some people may feel the psychic energy of goosebumps, pricking on the skin, or being touched.

You may ignore this feeling once, but if you’re experiencing it often, it may be one of the signs your ex misses you. Perhaps they’re longing for you.

7. You may hear their name too often

Do you keep hearing your ex-partner’s name out of nowhere? Sure, it may happen once, and that can be a coincidence, but what if this occurs more than once?

It may be one of the signs your ex misses you. Wherever you go, be it a restaurant, a grocery store, or even on the TV, you keep hearing their name. The interesting thing is when your ex’s name isn’t common.

When this happens, it may mean that you both are somehow connected and your ex is experiencing the same feeling for you.

8. You’re surrounded by repetitive numbers

Have you been noticing certain numbers lately? Don’t panic. If you come across repetitive numbers quite often, it may be a potential psychic sign waiting for you to decode it.

For example, if you see numbers like 11 or 555 randomly, it could be one of the signs your ex misses you. This could be seen as a symbolic call for you to re-enter your ex’s life. Moreover, seeing the number 12:12 could indicate their current feelings of emptiness and loneliness, suggesting a desire to reconnect with you.

Keep in mind that such an interpretation has no scientific evidence and may depend on individual perspectives.

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9. They may find your stuff

This is one of the most powerful signs your ex misses you. If they tell you that they’ve found some of the stuff you’ve left at their place, then it could indicate that they are pining for you and are attempting to get back to you.

If your ex reaches out to you to say you still have things left at their place and the interaction turns into a whole conversation where both of you share what’s been happening lately in each other’s lives, that’s a clear sign both of you want the same thing: to get back together.

10. You may experience mood swings

If you’re experiencing random mood swings and nostalgia, your soul might try to reconnect with your ex, indicating a telepathic link between you two. It is said that when two souls are deeply connected, they share emotions and are attached physically.

The best way to know if the reason for your mood swings is one of the signs your ex misses you or something else is to notice if your erratic feelings are related to the thoughts revolving around your ex.

Remember that sometimes these signs may not actually mean anything; you just have to listen to your guts and pay attention to signs your ex-partner may send to you. If you’ve concluded that you two are done for good, it’s important to give yourself time to heal. Here’s a journal where you can write your thoughts and move beyond your breakup.

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