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9 Signs that Show You’re the Perfect Couple

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I love seeing happy couples walking hand in hand on the street and looking genuinely happy because it’s amazing how two souls can connect at such an intense level! And when you’re with the right person, you will feel that from every single pore. If right now you are in a relationship but you can’t really tell if they’re the one or not, this article is going to answer all your questions. Be ready to be amazed!

What is the secret recipe of a perfect couple? 

You’re super happy, and you have a lot of butterflies in your stomach! You’re in love, and that’s wonderful. This is probably one of the best feelings on earth to know that someone out there was made for you, and all you want to do is spend more and more time together. And few people can experience real love nowadays in a world where everybody comes into a relationship with a lot of trauma bonding from the previous ones.

It’s not easy to live and breathe with someone in the same house, but if it’s the right person, these things won’t come as a hassle; on the contrary, everything will go smoothly. How can you tell for sure that your significant other is your perfect match? Read on, because luckily science has all the answers for us.

1. You limit your social media use

Everybody is somehow dependent on social media. It’s either because of work, news, hobbies, or simply connecting with friends from abroad. But overdoing this activity might hurt your relationship, especially if what you see there affects you and your partner and one of you becomes jealous or frustrated. In fact, one recent study shows that people who tend to use social media more than once a day (jokes on us because we all do that, especially when we’re bored) are likely to report conflicts and negative feelings that somehow are going to break loose later on in our relationships.

That’s why it’s important to limit your social media use and try to spend more time together, because this is basically the only way to connect properly. You can play board games, walk, explore new cities and countries, and give yourselves time to get to know each other better.

Furthermore, it’s also important to not overshare things about your relationship with other people or even on social media. Keeping a low profile will also help you maintain a good and stable relationship.

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2. You feel safe together

Another major sign that shows you’re the perfect couple is that both of you can share secrets and feel safe doing so. You can also bring up past traumas in discussion without fear of being judged. Believe it or not, but a healthy relationship is always based on honesty, free talk, and trust. If you feel safe being vulnerable with your significant other, it’s a good sign that you’re actually meant to be together.

3. Both of you are positive people

We all have bad days; that’s not unusual, but somehow, if your partner makes you feel safe and happy when you get home after a long day, that’s all that matters. It is very important to know how to make the other person smile when they have had a stressful day.

According to various studies, if one of the partners has a higher level of positivity and good vibes, it can significantly change the mood of the other person too. And these are the kinds of couples that don’t argue that much either. Optimistic emotions are fundamental to any healthy relationship because they prevent the negative ones that usually shut us down.

…psst! I guess I haven’t stressed enough the fact that every relationship requires a lot of work. Even those happy-looking couples probably worked a lot to reach that level of confidence and happiness in their relationship. For more keys that will help you unlock the door to a healthy relationship, check out this book.

4. Your couple is always in balance

The balance between the two of you, even if one of you is a little more outgoing and the other a little more reserved, is incredibly fulfilling. When one person has one set of strengths, the other person may have the opposite set of strengths, and that’s amazing because weaknesses are reduced when combined.

If you can recognize this sign in your day-to-day couple life, then consider yourself a lucky person because you definitely have the relationship of your dreams!

5. You discuss your feelings instead of holding them back

While you might feel bad about the most recent argument you had with your significant other, a study suggests that it might really be the vital bond that ends up keeping your relationship together. In fact, the whole “forgive and forget” adage may unintentionally result in resentments that persist and almost always surface later in a relationship. Early conflict resolution training makes it easier to communicate your feelings to your partner and work through conflicting viewpoints.

Nobody said you should argue daily, but once you solve a conflict by speaking your mind, you will never encounter the same issue again. So the next time you have a different opinion regarding something in your relationship, don’t be scared to express it and argue (respectfully, of course, without harsh words or offensive replies).

 6. You encourage your partner to follow their goals

Since childhood, we have all had high hopes and even higher expectations about life. And when we grow up, we tend to forget them because we are trapped in everyday life and chores. However, when you’re in a relationship with someone who loves you and you’re also feeling loved, it’s important to let them follow their dreams.

If they tell you about a certain thing that they used to love but were always afraid to try, be by their side and encourage them to do it. In fact, volunteer to help them do it! This way they will feel even more motivated, and no matter what, you will be there to support their plans and ideas.

At the beginning of a year or soon after your birthdays, set your goals. And these goals can be done together as a couple or separately, because it’s vital to also spend some time alone, no matter how much you love each other. That’s a healthy way of living.

Do you recognize this sign in your couple life? Tell us in the comments!

7. You and your partner hold separate interests

The best romantic relationships are had by those who are able to preserve their interests while not blaming their lover for not sharing them. In other words, you both support one another as they pursue their passions independently. While having fun and doing things together is beneficial for every couple, spending time apart focusing on your goals and hobbies is also healthy.

Can you imagine a husband and wife who only talk to each other? Are these the people who give up their separate friendships and hobbies to form an odd-couple blob? That’s so unhealthy for both of them. Just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean you can neglect your separate passions or friends. It’s important to not lose yourself in the process since a good pair’s life is always based on respect and trust.

Let yourself and your partner do separate things as well!

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8. Working on the relationship takes two people

You will still face obstacles like any couple does, despite all the signs that show you are intended to be together. The distinction is that both of you will want to put in an honest effort to work through those issues so that you can emerge stronger and healthier as a result. Anything on your mind can be discussed with your partner at any time. In fact, that’s what will help you understand each other’s point of view and know what to expect in the future.

However, if you’re both willing to work on your relationship, even if it won’t always be a smooth road, nothing will stand between the two of you because you’re stronger together.

9. You feel happy and supported

Once the honeymoon is over, ask yourself this question: Am I really happy in this relationship? If the answer is yes, then you’re definitely in a good place. Feeling drained and unhappy in a relationship usually leads to health issues over the years.

For example, a study from 2015 showed that adults over the age of 60 who were in an unhealthy relationship for more than 5 years ended up having anxiety issues. On the other side of the road are those who had a strong and powerful relationship that helped them maintain a good life without any major health issues.

Are you lucky to be part of a healthy and happy couple? Tell us in the comments.

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