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6 Telltale Signs of a Happy and Long-Lasting Marriage

Do you know the signs of a long-lasting marriage?

Will your marriage last for many years to come? This is a question many of us have, and considering that 39% of those aged 65 to 74 are getting a divorce, according to the latest statistics, this question makes even more sense. So, are you part of a long-lasting marriage? Read on, and we hope that you will find the answer to this.

Nowadays, it is not that easy to believe in the classical fairytale of love forever, and a simple “I do” does not guarantee that you and your partner will be together until the end of time. Things just don’t work like that, and you know this so well.

But some signs indicate you have a long-lasting marriage, and we are here to tell you all about them. See if your relationship is divorce-proof and built to last!

long-lasting marriage
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1. You have a life outside of marriage

Do you know those people who once got married are now a single entity and do everything together? You probably know them, but most importantly, are you one of them or not? The answer to this question can help you determine if you have a long-lasting marriage.

Generally, if you are in a healthy marriage, you will feel secure enough to go a little bit outside of this routine and explore interests that have nothing to do with your partner. This is completely fine, and being independent and having your own identity separated from the marriage is a clear sign that you have a long-lasting marriage.

This doesn’t mean that having shared hobbies with your partner is wrong. However, engaging in some solo activities will help both of you maintain a stronger bond for a longer time.

So go on and spend time with your partner as much as you want, but never forget that you are a separate person who can have their own hobbies and identity.

2. Effective money management as a couple

Ugh, money. This is what makes a lot of couples argue and even split up. But if you and your spouse are great at managing money together, you have to know that this is an excellent sign. This indicates a long-lasting marriage and that you probably get along pretty well in general.

If you two are able to communicate effectively about finances and your spending habits match, you will probably have a fantastic future together. Being aware of how money flows in a household is not an easy task, and being able to manage this with ease as a couple indicates incredible communication skills and patience. These are two things that cannot be missed in a long-lasting marriage.

Try to be as up-front as possible about finances, and even if this is not an easy topic, doing this will help in the long run. Separate the financial tasks between the two of you, and this will simplify things enough that you will be able to manage everything more efficiently.

3. You both invest in the relationship

One easy way to determine if you are in a long-lasting marriage is to look at your relationship, if both of you are equally invested, this is a clear sign that your marriage is most probably divorce-proof.

Being involved means that you try to make things better, communicate your needs, be honest, and, when needed, make compromises for the safety of the relationship.

It is essential to invest in your marriage because if that is the person you want to spend your life with, this is the only way to transform your marriage into a long-lasting marriage. And when both spouses invest in this relationship, you can know for sure that things are going to be okay.

This dedication will help you get to know each other better and will also make your bond stronger than ever, adding a sense of security and familiarity. So, if both partners are trying to do whatever it takes to keep the marriage alive, this means that the battle is half-won.

4. You don’t avoid conflict

Looking at our current culture, it seems that everybody is trying to avoid conflict. But is this a healthy behavior? Should you let this become a habit? We want to answer these questions with a strong no.

Both relationship experiences and psychology tell us that conflict is a normal part of any relationship. Yes, even people who get along great in general will have conflicts in their relationships. This just happens, and the best approach is to take care of any conflict as soon as it appears.

If you and your loved one are confronting conflict together instead of running away from it, it is clear that you have a long-lasting marriage. This is one of the main indicators of how long a relationship or marriage will last. If the couple tends to hide from conflict and never talk about it again, this is not a good sign.

But keep in mind that not avoiding conflict is not the same as fighting over and over again with no resolution. When you want a long-lasting marriage, you need to argue, debate, and try to find a middle ground and understand each other better.

5. You appreciate each other

Sometimes life can be stressful, and you might feel like nothing makes sense. But one sign of a long-lasting marriage is if you and your partner are treating each other with grace and kindness.

Even if you or they go through difficult times, being nice to your partner should always be a priority. Try to understand each other and be grateful that you have one another.

Maybe this doesn’t sound as important as other entries on this list, but believe us when we tell you that this is also one of the signs of a long-lasting marriage. As much as you can, try not to react from a place of anger and frustration.

long-lasting marriage
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6. You’re friends

If you and your partner are good friends, this is probably the biggest sign that you are in a long-lasting marriage. Do you love spending time together and having lots of fun? Can you trust your friend with everything, and are you open to talking about any problem? Are they your No. 1 confident? If your answer is yes to most of these questions, it is clear that you two are best friends, and the chances of breaking apart are slim.

Those butterflies you feel in your gut at the beginning of the relationship will disappear, but the chemistry and friendship between you and your spouse will remain there, and it will make the marriage last for years to come.

Friendship demands mutual confidence, transparency, and support, and guess what? All of the above are also required for a loving relationship to develop.

Do you feel like you are in a long-lasting marriage? Tell us your secret in the comment section!

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