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9 High Divorce Rate States You Might Want to Avoid

The results are in, folks!… Here are the high divorce rate states you probably shouldn’t live in if you’re in love!

Taking the journey of love is exciting. But understanding the landscape is equally important. When it comes to matrimony, certain regions in our beautiful country bear witness to higher divorce rates, serving as cautionary tales for those considering the vows of marriage.

Detangle Love has decided to delve into the intricacies of matrimony in 9 high divorce rate states. These areas, marked by diverse lifestyles and unique societal dynamics, unfortunately, experience a higher frequency of marital dissolution.

So join us as we uncover the factors influencing the marital fabric in these high divorce rate states, shedding light on the intricacies that may impact your own journey of love and commitment.

Understanding the patterns can be vital in making informed decisions on where to live with your spouse and how to make a resilient and enduring partnership.

High Divorce Rate State
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High Divorce Rate State: Wyoming

Rate: 3.8

With one of the worst job markets across all of our 50 states, according to a 2019 study performed by WalletHub, it isn’t easy to keep a union financially strong and sound in Wyoming.

It can be understandable, though. Keeping your love strong when you aren’t able to put food on the table can put a lot of unwanted pressure on a relationship.

High Divorce Rate State: Oklahoma

Rate: 3.8

For a long time now, this state has been among the top states in the United States with the highest divorce rates. And, back in 1999, Governor Keating came up with an idea to lower the divorce rates in the state.

But, the initiative was ditched in 2002 after its leaders deemed it unattainable and idealistic. Poverty was at the top of the list among the leading motivations of divorce set by the endeavor. To combat this issue, Oklahoma allocated $70 million toward the objectives.

Yet despite all these efforts, the state still has these problems. In 1990, it had its highest divorce rate of 7.7 divorces among every 1,000 couples. A possible reason for this is that getting a divorce in this state is relatively simple.

For instance, the state has something called uncontested divorce. This is when both parties have settled on all the matters concerning the divorce, including child support. In this case, getting a divorce is relatively clear.

Another possibility for a dissolution of marriage is if a married couple files for divorce on the grounds of incompatibility. Besides the reasons above, the high divorce rates may have been caused by young people getting married too soon.

Research shows that plenty of couples get married in their early twenties in this state. This aspect could be the reason why the levels of infidelity in the state are also very high.

According to 2010 data from the National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey, almost 49% of women and about 40% of men have been victimized or abused in marriage.

High Divorce Rate State: Idaho

Rate: 3.8

Idaho’s 3.8 divorce rate could have something to do with the fact that the state also has one of the highest marriage rates in the country, much like Oklahoma and Utah.

The more folks you have married in your state, the higher your chances of divorce become, right? Were YOU aware of this matter?

High Divorce Rate State: Alaska

Rate: 3.7

Maybe the reason why calling it quits is so common in Alaska, where the divorce rate is 3.7, is because it’s pretty easy to get a divorce in the state, CheatSheet states. There aren’t any minimum residency-duration requirements for couples, though one spouse must be a resident.

And it only takes 30 days to process, not to mention it costs $150 to file. Also, the state divides property equaly, this includes pets. In fact, in 2017, this state amended its laws to become the first state to view pets as children if a couple were to file for divorce.

High Divorce Rate State
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High Divorce Rate State: Utah

Rate: 3.8

Like a few other states on this list, Utah also has a high divorce rate. Its marriage rates have been much bigger than the rest of the US average rates in the past 30 years, which is at least one rational contributing factor to its high divorce rates.

After all, you can’t have one without the other, can you?

High Divorce Rate State: Arkansas

Rate: 4.1

While Arkansans is another one of those states that may be getting married earlier than the rest of the US, that doesn’t mean those marriages are made to last long.

And even though the state makes the list of the high divorce rate states, it’s actually quite challenging to get a dissolution of marriage in the state. For instance, there’s an 18-month period of living apart for the couple before they can get a divorce.

If they happen to begin living together again, then the timeline begins all over again. A contributing factor to the high divorce rates would be low happiness levels. In fact, the state is among the least happiest in the US.

Also, most people end up getting married at a very young age. On a related note, Arkansas also has some of the highest numbers of individuals who get married more than once.

High Divorce Rate State: Florida

Rate: 3.6

Financial woes are frequently a catalyst for divorce, and The Sunshine State is one of the worst when it comes to paying: According to a 2019 study from, Florida residents need to work 84.5 hours a week if they want to afford a one-bedroom apartment.

So it doesn’t surprise us to see this state with a 3.6 divorce rate on this list.

High Divorce Rate State: Alabama

Rate: 3.7

Unfortunately, the cards are stacked against this state, which has a 3.7 divorce rate.

According to US News and a World Report study from 2019, the state is in 49th place overall, meaning it ranks low for economy, health care, education, opportunity, infrastructure, and fiscal stability, among other areas.

We’re not surprised it’s hard to maintain a loving marriage in a state where everything’s a struggle.

High Divorce Rate State
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High Divorce Rate State: Nevada

Rate: 4.4

The state of Nevada is on this list because of the renowned city of Las Vegas. Even though divorce rates have dropped considerably in recent years compared to the 90s and early 2000s, they were still high in 2016.

The most obvious reason the city has some of the highest rates is the incredibly high number of impulsive marriages. That’s why the city has earned itself the nickname “Marriage Capital of the World.”

And getting a marriage license is indeed extraordinarily cheap and easy compared to other states. Therefore, it’s not unreasonable to assume that not all marriages are wanted ones. As such, most folks seek to terminate their marriages.

Another factor is the ease with which a marriage can be ended in the state. Since the 30s, the state has been famous among people wanting a quick and relatively easy divorce.

The law that made getting married easy was passed in 1931, which was also the same time that gambling was legalized. Basically, the law allows couples to get divorced as long as they have lived in this high divorce rate state for at least six weeks.

Under this law, there are 9 grounds for terminating a marriage. This includes neglect of a partner, conviction of a felony, adultery, extreme mental cruelty, insanity, desertion, and living apart for at least 3 years.

Besides that, a couple doesn’t have a waiting period after filing for divorce. As soon as the judge is in, he or she can issue a final judgment.

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Do you live in one of these high divorce rate states? Please feel free to share your own experiences with this topic. Meanwhile, Detangle Love highly recommends you also read: Want to Save Your Broken Marriage? Start With These Expert-Approved Tips

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